Monday, December 31, 2007

Tooting my own horn: 2007 The year in review

I don't know about you but I can't seem to manage to send out Christmas Cards to save my life. I don't have any creative juice left in me and I don't have children so it always seems a waste to me to send something out - there just doesn't seem to be anything of note to update people with. I began thinking about it after I got one of those cards recently "what we did this year" letters included. My housemate and I laughed that we should send one out that talks about getting drunk off our ass and waking up naked in someone's that would be a notable letter to get! I don't have any tales to tell that were THAT interesting but I did partake in a few cocktails and managed to "get my sexy back" on more than one occasion.

Mostly my accomplishments were creative things that I've worked on, it seems like for years, but for some reason came to be in 2007. The saying that "timing is everything" is true and I'm glad that they didn't come earlier as I had thought they would have. Maturity has allowed me to see and experiece them differently.

So here they are in no particular order:

• I got to spend time with my nieces and nephews which is always a treat for me. They are all such neat kids. I get to spoil them rotten which I love and then take them back when we both start to have melt downs. [Hunter age 6 pictured above]

• My photography is going well. This is something I never thought I would be interested in. I hated dark rooms in school and overall it's an expensive hobby. My digital camera [NIkon D80] has turned this around for me and learning to see differently has been such a treat. I've actually had a couple paying clients which has been so odd for me but so much fun. I definitely love to shoot children...mostly because they don't get self conscious and they don't care that I don't know what I'm doing. [Kira age 5 pictured above]

• My writing for Apartment Therapy Los Angeles continued which has been such an amazing learning experience about the web and blogging. Last April we were one of five blogs listed in Time Magazine's 100 Design Influencers edition.

• I started a small business based on some children's clothes that I make. I have a store in Newport Beach, CA that carries them and am working on developing it a bit more this year. You can see more if you're interested over at my baby site. Stay tuned for more information on this in the next month or so!

• Some travel to NYC last spring, Key West, earlier this month and an upcoming trip to Boston has kept me on a few airplanes this year. Though it's all been work or family related it's nice to see new areas when you can.

• I got my first freelance jobs as a stylist and a casting director this year. It's great fun to do projects outside of my 9-5 in this area. [our model for the day getting ready in the makeup chair]

• Probably my biggest news of the year which I haven't revealed much about till now is that I had a greeting card company approach me this summer about some work that they found from a submission I sent them over three years ago [they just found it!] I just inked the contract with them this morning and you'll soon find my small set of cards with Madison Park Greetings later in January. Oddly, Jack Cards who emailed me after I wrote about them here on the site is also planning on carrying them when they are released.

This project is so exciting and rewarding for me on so many levels. In what feels like my past life, I owned a small greeting card company with a dear friend of mine. At the height of our business we were in 4 states and on our way to the National Stationery Show in NYC. Life got in the way and our business fell by the way-side when 9-5 work moved my business partner out of state. I can't do the art and the selling so I let it go, knowing that some day it would work out for me. It did and now my work will be featured with Madison Park Greetings under their main heading but also as a licensed artist which means that "Richie Designs" will be featured on the back of the cards as well. I'll also be represented at the National Stationery Show in NYC that happens each May with their booth. I'm so proud to be associated with this company who reps two of my favorite artists: KOCO and Roger LaBorde.

Lastly, all the amazing and neat friendships that I've been privy too through blogging has been such a huge treat for me! I had no idea the online community would be so great. It's nice to know all of you appreciate humorous tales of PMS, high heel lust and recounts of funny tales of everyday life.

Here's to 2008! May it be better and richer than 2007.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I'm out of computer range for a while visiting family...I hope Santa brings you lots of nice treats
be back next week - I'm sure with tales to tell.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The difference between men and women

We finally got around to buying a Xmas tree on Monday night and returned home to find out my landlord had thrown away my stand after I left it in the storage area last year. Apparently there is a run on stands this year and 10 phone calls later ... there is not a stand to be found in the Long Beach area. This is the conversation that occured as we were trying to find a solution.

Me: I have a pretty tin bucket in the garage we could fill it with bricks and sand to support the tree.
Chris: It won't be big enough. This one will work [pointing to a ugly white plastic bucket]
Me: No, we can't use that.
Chris: Why not, we can put it in the bucket and lean it against the wall
Me: Lean it against the wall? Might as well call it Happy Ghetto Xmas.... I would rather leave it outside.
Chris: Ok well, we don't really have a choice do we?
Me: That's not going to happen.

[I later was able to borrow one from my neighbor and xmas crisis was avoided]

A plastic bucket? Lean it against the wall? would a woman ever even CONSIDER such a thing?

photo via flickr

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho

I'm Off to Key West for work be back next week with exciting tales and photos

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Love this shirt but confused

I continue to think about this shirt from JCrew as a potential holiday office party option but I'm confused. There are buttons and button loops but they never show it closed. I suspect closed up, it may look a little Adam and the Ants 1982-ish so they continue the non-button option. Don't get me wrong I like it a lot, it's very Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth which I'm soooo down with. It's definitely an option.

The item I bought last year for my office xmas dinner has not been worn since. A lovely little pintucked women's tuxedo shirt. It's a great garment I just can't figure out how to wear it to the grocery store or on an ordinary day, hence the hesitation with said shirt above. Where does one wear taffeta after the fact? I'm still pondering and hoping whatever it is I end up with goes on super sale by the time the party rolls around.

Only prereq for the said item is it has to go with the Louboutins. but hey... what doesn't really?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

This is really lovely

This laptop case is really lovely. From a group in London called Violet May it has all the makings of something perfect. Lovely snakeskin leather, Tiffany blue satin on the inside. A little garter belt for your laptop...what else could you possibly want? Oh ... maybe not to have the price tag be $970 for starters. 

Monday, December 03, 2007

She sooooooo copied my haircut

First Victoria Beckham copied my A-Line hair cut and after everyone and their dog had it I chopped it off. Just as I'm getting use to having bangs and liking rolls up Katie Holmes with my do'. When I saw this last week, I immediately called my good friend and hairdresser and threatened her life if she started giving everyone bangs. She agreed to tell people they "won't look good on you" I mean really...the links one has to go to stay slightly original around here puleezeee people!

All things aside, she's very cute. I like it a lot better than her other cut.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Robert Reader : Etsy Artist

I'm just mad for this photographer that I found last month and wrote about at AT:LA he sent us a link to his new images today so I jumped on the chance to plug him again. Robert Reader Etsy artist Isofoto.

It's something about the old washed out Poloroids and the mixing of quirky images together. Hello? the orange car, the shoes, the red chair are just stupid good [did I just use the word stupid to describe something good?]. And I have a weird thing for capturing water and pools [don't ask I have no idea why]. Check out his other work, I especially love the fact that he mattes and frames the art in his photo samples so you can see the preportions and framing ideas - Brilliant!

I did a full write up on him for Thursday's AT:LA if you are also a reader of that site and realize it's up there too. That one is full of nice grammar and hopefully good spelling for all those cranky people who care about that stuff. :) sorry you folks get the cheap seats and the 15 year old's slang.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm a big sucker for a holiday parade

I'm the cheesiest of cheese balls when it comes to the holidays. I love parades! This Saturday the local Belmont Shore Parade in Long Beach is happening and I'm looking forward to it. Friends and I meet up at one of our homes for cocktails and then bundle up to walk down.

It's something about the marching bands, floats and the kiddies it always makes me sentimental. I guess it reminds me of being a kid and thermos' of hot chocolate, graham crackers and Santa. All the same great fun but now we've just added a bit of a grown up kick to our beverages. Luckily one of our friends has a child still in a stroller, who knew it made such a great bar on wheels. Kidding! ... well kind of.

image via blamfoto/flickr

Monday, November 26, 2007

Gift Mania

I think I've become one of those cranky aunties. I love buying my nieces and nephews treats at the holidays and their birthdays but I just hate giving in to the plastic crap, the video games and all that stuff. I want to give them good toys that have longevity that perhaps might develop a part of their little beans that may have been resting. I think it started last year for my nephew's birthday when I just couldn't give him another toy and bought him books instead. I know mine was the gift thrown to the side when the frenzy began, but I also know he reads it regularly before bed with mom or dad and that he knows "what the moral of the story is".

So I will be cranky auntie again this xmas as well. When I got a catalog last week of gifts from Restoration Hardware it was just my speed. This weekend I picked up the boys 6-10 yrs containers of marbles. When was the last time you saw kids play marbles? They were always like little gems to me when I was little and winning them from each other was so fun. A couple of the older kids will get hypotrochoid art sets [which are so cool I want one too] There are some Slinky's to be had, as well as a set of cards to play crazy 8's, old maid and rummy. I suspect they'll again be thrown to the side but I also suspect that once the crazies of the holidays stop that they will take their Slinky's out and play with them. Hummm....I think a book or two should be had as well -they can't have too much fun!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's kinda like...

"It's kinda like going to a party and you think you're looking pretty ok, when you hear a group of women near you [who think you can't hear] talk about how fat your ass is."

"Oh my gawd, I think that's one of the most horrible things I've heard in a long time."

Me, explaining being thrown under the bus over at AT:LA last week to my girlfriend...

I've recovered for the most part from that incident but wowzie...what a blow to the ego. Thanks for all your encouraging words below by the way it's very sweet.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

oh yah...I almost forgot

** update - I pulled the post just a few minutes ago due to some comments about my "atrocious writing style"..I don't know whether I'm just really tired or perhaps I am a really bad writer and I can't see it. Not a good mix with my PMS right now.
how's that for a start to a holiday weekend for you?

you should really check out this home tour that will be going up Wed about 10:30 at Apartment Therapy LA. My blogger friend Jen let me come over and take a zillion pics of her home which is a fantastic Cliff May modern here in Long Beach.

I feel bad that my flash skills suck and I don't have a wide enough lens to really have done her place justice. She and her hubby have a great eye [I suspect it's mostly her doing] and those homes just have the most fantastic layout. Thanks Jen!

Anna Kuperberg never disappoints

Photographer Anna Kuperberg never disappoints me. I don't know that I've ever been as obsessed about one photographer's work as I am hers [I check her blog weekly when she posts]. Her work is always alive, emotional, vibrant and just perfectly captures those moments of real life. You can see more images from this wedding at her blog site [she also has her regular site and her fine art site if you need more]. It's worth clicking over. That wedding looked spectacular-straight out of a magazine!

Since I work with a lot of photographers with my 9-5 it will be a difficult day when I have to explain why I've hired Anna over my friends that I've known for years to photograph my own wedding. She is seriously fantastic at her job.

Monday, November 19, 2007

You know how when...

You are PMSing and anyone who looks at you wrong, drives too slow or is just breathing is annoying? And you know how you try and do anything in the cruical 48hrs of peak PMS how it never works?...say like try and code a really detailed story for Apartment Therapy and it's not working? And how on those days you would like to rip your computer out of the wall and throw it off your second story balcony all the while doing the snoopy dance saying "There take that you f*ing bastard"

That's about where I am at the moment.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Could this be the answer?

Could this be the answer to my obsession to having a banquette in my kitchen? I'll have to get out the tape measure to double check. Not like I have $1200 hanging out at the moment to squelch this annoying idea of mine but a girl can dream.

No way! I totally get to have another meltdown buddy

a little side note to explain some of this incase you're new to the blog. my long time b-friend is in a medical program to become a physican asst. Currently we're 2.5 years into a 4-5 year program. Most days I'm ok with things as they are but at 38 it's not like I've got years to spare around the kid thing. I average about a meltdown every 3-4 months. He and I both know it now so we just deal with it as it comes up and I soon return to my normal state.

Me: I feel like I'm heading toward another meltdown soon.
Him: Thats ok honey I've gotten use to them.
Him: But wait, you just had a melt down a couple weeks ago!
Me: That didn't count - that was exterior forces which I can't control. [see Oct post things I can recommend]
Him: No way, you used up your meltdown for this semester. We both can't have a melt down- and advanced organic chemistry is sending me to a meltdown.
Me: No way! I totally get to have another meltdown buddy - don't even thing you're getting out of that one.

image via flickr

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jack brilliance

I don't know how they've managed to do this but Jack Cards on line is possibly one of the most brilliant ideas ever and I'm pissed I didn't think of it myself.

Imagine being able to see just the best greeting cards in your favorite store, pick a card out for each of your upcoming birthdays [wedding or baby shower] and Jack Cards will send you the card a few days before the event, address the envelope for you and stamp it...all you have to do is write your sentiment and pop it in the mail.

My girlfriend has already bought two and said she's not sure how they afford to do it all with the small price tags they have for each piece.

You can buy per piece or register you're entire life so you never forget an event or birthday again. Mighty damn smart for the man who can never remember or the busy gal who can't get out to the store.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The dinner party

Lovely dinner party with friends this weekend. I had the opportunity to test drive some new Angela Adams trays, which I'm covering atAT:LA this week . Trays are fun and add some color to a festive event. Check in on AT Tuesday about 10:30 for the full story.

On the menu sat night:

Asparagus Risotto with baby broccoli and roasted chicken. It sound super glamorous but it actually was all short cut versions from Trader Joes.

2 packs of Asparagus Risotto [in the freezer section]
1 package of fresh asparagus [tips only]
1 package of baby broccoli [tips only]
1 shallot
1/2 of already sliced crimini mushrooms
1 pre cooked herb roasted chicken

Sauté shallot in olive oil, add fresh asparagus, mushrooms and baby broccoli tips. Soften veggies till al dente.
de-bone chicken set aside.
Follow recipe for risotto...bit of water heat until cooked [about 10 min]
Add chicken and sautéed veggies

Top with Parmesan cheese

Bake bread [TJ's par baked bread] for 10-15 min

Chow down.

Friday, November 09, 2007

It's for Meth users who like Versace - Cavalli launches at H&M

Today in NYC a product was launched. You would think that something driving people to such hysteria would be free food, free gas something IMPORTANT. But no, it's all about the king of cheese-ball leopard print or another appropiate description of "It's for meth users who like Versace."

reporting from the front lines:
"It's totally fucking insane. People are fighting, screaming. People are just grabbing anything. It's all gone already. Roberto is standing on a staircase watching it all... All these gay guys swooped in while we were grabbing at stuff, and one of them yelled at this woman, 'Bitch if you grab that, I'm going to fucking cut you."

Roberto Cavalli launches at H&M via Gawker

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sixteen Candles and the search for Jake Ryan

Today, I quiet possibly read the most brilliant, most important article ever written by the Washington Post.

In highschool, I had this photo cut out and taped to the box that held all my makeup. I got to look at it every morning and dream that my Jake Ryan would finally ditch the cheerleader and realize I was his dream girl. It never happened. I finally realize that I'm not alone. And although I haven't thought about this man in years I'm so thrilled that other women still do.

from the Washington Post written by Hank Steuver

I forwarded this article to some girlfriends today, one of which lives in Wilkes-Barre, PA with Michael Schoeffling. I have told her that it should be her current life's work to find him...especially since she is in the process of buying a house and may need bids from construction people. I'll forward the camera phone photo as soon as possible. She also wrote "Jake Ryan is the reason I'm not married today".

My other girlfriend who I jokingly sent the same story too and highlighted the bit about women our age naming their boys Jake [her son's name is in fact, Jake] I thought she would get a laugh out of it and she completely cop'd to naming her son after him -much to her husband's horror as she said he found out a few months after he was born of this fact.

I think someone should check into this issue. I mean, this seems to me like a national epidemic...we were "lead to believe" this person exsisted in our very formative dating years. We are all mentally scarred from it. I'll completly stand up and testify for this woman's litigation.

"Thanks for bringing this [Jake Ryan's nonexistence] to my attention," e-mails Penny Britell, 35, who works as a producer at CBS News in Washington."It reminded me that my lawsuit against John Hughes, Michael Schoeffling ('Jake'), and Universal Studios (collectively, 'the parties of the second part') is still in limbo whilst the Supreme Court decides whether to hear the case, which seeks unlimited damages for the permanent emotional disability incurred as a result of seeing aforementioned film and consequently believing such perfect men existed."

thanks to Scented Glossy Magazines for the lead to the story...I am forever grateful

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Not a lot to say when you're in pain

I've managed to hurt myself AGAIN this time with the very demanding job of sleeping. I guess I slept wrong on my neck or something. Have been having great difficulty turning my head...and last night had to scoop my head up with my hand off the pillow too much pain to lift my OWN HEAD.

I think they use to take people like me out into the forest and shoot them to put them out of thier misery. Lord help me when I get old[er] than I am. I'm so over this.

I'll probably be out of commish for a couple days with ice packs and vicoden if you need me.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Memories of Redwings

My guy told me late last week that he really wanted these new boots being offered by JCrew made by Redwing Boots. He wanted me to go down and pick them up for him since he had to work over the weekend.

I sort of raised an eyebrow about the boots. I mean they're HEARTY boots meant for outdoors and twigs and dirt and stuff and here we are toodling between freeways. He was very excited about them and I couldn't object too much I mean it is JCrew [they wouldn't stear me wrong]. He ended up having the day off so we went down to pick them up.

A couple of things happened. About 3 different guys came up to ask him about the boots reinforcing the "manlyness" of his purchase which he was very excited about and two, I remembered while he was trying them on that my grandfather wore very similar Redwing boots years ago. With these two things, I set my personal preferences aside [they do look nice on him] and let him have his way.

Chris never got to meet my grandfather but he was a really great man. I have often said that they would have been great friends and fishing buddies if he were still alive, and to be honest I think my grandfather had something to do with me meeting Chris, lets just say Grandpa came to me in a dream and when I asked him if he liked Chris he told me that he picked him for me. His comment to me in my dream was something like "how do you think you ended up in a flyfishing shop in the first place". I can't really argue with the dream because the set of circumstances that lead me to Chris could never be duplicated in a million years and only my grandfather would have picked that location for me to meet my sweetheart.

It donned on me remembering Grandpa's Redwings this weekend and thinking about what a great person he was with his family and work that I've managed to find a man equally as great in heart and spirit as he was. To be honest, I didn't think that was even possible. I didn't think men came built like that anymore.

Thanks Grandpa - but now he wants a flannel shirt to go along with them...How about getting him into some of your wingtips next time?

Friday, November 02, 2007

Somewhere between Joey and Tennille

Today I figured it out. With my new "bangs" I feel somewhere between Joey Ramone and Tennille from "Captain and Tennille".

I had forgot all about my little "muskrat love" fascination back in the 70's till just now. I wanted to be a combination of her and Dorthy Hamill when I was 6, I also wanted pierced ears and long fingernails but my mom said I was too young to have any of them. When I was little all I wanted to be was 16 and glamorous like them, or my older babysitter.

I couldn't help but track her down. How fantastic is this!!! Gawd I love You Tube.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

This is smart thinking

A chandelier made from wine glasses. The stem wear is meant to be used and then rehung. It's available in a 16 or a 40 version [76 too but only in black] $379.00 for the 40 glass version.

I wonder how it would look though if you started using them for drinking? probably would take the romance out of it. Great space saver if you have limited space.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Damn JCrew

Damn JCrew! why must you continue to make the cutest, most stylie clothes around. You torment me.

Seriously, they are doing such a great job lately. The Ballerina dress [silver I would pair with a yellow sling black and yellow enamel bracelets/ black cardigan perhaps?]. Perfect little jackets and sweaters [I think it might be time for me to own a cashmere sweater I mean, come-on, a staple right?]. This pretty little ruffled top has been used throughout their catalog to style up sweaters and coats with just a peek of ruffle poking out. YUM!!! where's my sugar daddy when I need him? 5k anyone?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Things I can highly recommend ...

• I highly recommend not running into two Ex's in the same week [or the same 24 hrs as my occassion occured]. One is plenty enough to put you into an emotional tailspin.

• I can recommend not running into one whom you could have avoided [since you got a phone call warning you of his appearance/but attempting to be an adult, brave and get it over with after 6 yrs of not seeing this person] then force yourself to be kind to this person because you feel like it's your duty. Some things are just way over [what was the SATC line? "we are so over, we need another word for over"]. This one my friends... was legally, officially over and I can say without hesitation that complete apathy and some disgust has set in.

• I can, though, recommend large amounts of medication to get through such an occasion.

• I highly suggest, if, said large amounts of medication are consumed, that you then don't allow your hairdresser to talk you into a new hair-do under said medication and emotional distress, as well as being under the influence of a full moon and on your period. [a "bang" situation has occured from said appointment]

• I can recommend calling the ex that you still think kindly of, to tell him so. We had a nice conversation despite it being emotional.

That my friends are some things to file away in your back pocket to do and not to do, while under the influence of a full moon, your period and drugs.

image via flickr

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sia concert, El Rey Theater Los Angeles

image via flickr.

Sia show last night was a ton of fun. I always forget how much I like to go see good music until I get to a good show. Sia has such a magical voice it's smoky and deep but her personality is almost as if she's a big elf, all happy on stage and acting like she's 5.

I've seen and been part of some odd happenings at shows but last night was definitely one for the books. The El Rey is mostly standing only with the exception of rows of chairs on either side of the building. Because of my recent back problems my friend and I grabbed two chairs in the beginning and I wore my lesbian clogs [not that there's anything wrong with that] just in case we had to stand.

Before the show began the couple next to my friend and I struck up a conversation. I thought she was a little buzzed but didn't think too much about her enthusiasm.

I toddled off to the bathroom and came back to this woman kissing my friends forearms [her way of admiring her tattoos there]. It was a bit startling but crazier things have happened and my friend didn't seem alarmed. Now at this point the place is full and seats are prime real estate, I must also mention that they are bolted to the wall so you can't pick up a chair to turn yourself away from offending neighbors.

So the conversation continues and it begins to be obvious to me that she's obviously high on "X"and is LOVING everything and everyone [for the non-familiar out there "X" /or "E" is suppose to make you lovey-dovey really touchy-feely everything is more beautiful and wonderful/so I've heard ]. Granted, the girl was beautiful so it wasn't too obnoxious.

Fast forward to the show beginning and we all stand up on our chairs and she and I loose our footing and sort of crash into each other I apologize and she starts saying how sorry she is and she hugs me then grabs my face and kisses me straight on the lips!

So I lean over to my friend and tell her that 'she just kissed me straight on the lips!' and we both have sort of a wide-eyed look and then just laugh. I lean back over to my friend and say "you know... it's my lesbian clogs...they are THAT hot". We just exploded with laughter.

Anyway...back to the music....If you would like to listen to a live studio of her new CD due out early next year you can hear it from the Radio show Morning Becomes Electic. Her new CD will be called "Some People Have Real Problems" my fav "you have been loved" is really lovely.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The fire orange sky of LA

The sky is so hazy and merky in Los Angeles right now. Think good thoughts for all of the effected people. It's hot here 90ish and dry and you can't open any windows because of the powdery film lands on everything [it still seeps into the windows]. I really shouldn't complain I'm healthy and safe.

It's taking a tole on my asthma I'm tired...

Monday, October 22, 2007

I have link love to share

That lovely post last week titled "right now" needs a proper shout out as I found her again today. Alyson from Unruly Things. This must be a regular post she does, but changes the variables...She had a new one up to inspire me and hopefully you as well.

Where are you right now? do you need to check in with yourself?

Right Now:
I feel really behind schedule with some work I need to do. I'm procrastinating here instead.

I'm Hoping:
That I don't hate the new logo I've developed for myself in 6 months, like I always do.

I'm Anticipating:
Not a good anticipation unfortuntely...A bunch of work at the office in the next few days.

I'm Frustrated:
with said logo I'm working on.

I'm Tasting:
just finished an egg beater omlet for dinner with turkey pastrami and a little cheese. easy & fast.

I'm Wearing:
my rattiest 501's with a hole in the knee a thermal tshirt my hair tied back in a bandana. I'm either completely dressed to the nines or a total slob, I haven't quite mastered the inbetween.

I'm Really Loving:
My new "sensible" heels that I've forced myself into wearing. I'm calling them my smart heels they look very "smart and chic" to me even though I had to pack them full of stuff so my foot won't fall out [narrow] and the website Decorno: if decor is your porn [which is such a fab name]

I'm Wishing: for two things....
that the winds go away in So Cal because the fires are so incredibly out of control - as well, that everyone makes it safely out of their homes if they need to. I hope they don't have to leave...or that any more do.

a really nice vacation after all this freelance is done. I'm starting to overload again.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rave: Kaenon Sunglasses

I should first start this post with saying a little bit about my sunglass usage. I should say that I'm not down with the 300$ Gucci glasses, I mean they're attractive and all but I just don't need the double GG's bad enough, plus I like to throw my glasses in my bag without thinking much about it. I mean how different can plastic get really? My 25$ pair from Target are fine, I'm not devistated if I leave them somewhere, scratch them or sit on them.

A few months ago I got some sunglasses for a styling project. A good friend of mine is the Creative Director for Kaenon Sunglasses and he's been talking about their polarized lenses forever. Ok sure, polarized, ok, why would I need those driving around the city...blah blah blah. Anyway, he loaned me a good handful + for the shoot and let me keep a pair to test drive for myself.

I noticed clarity and variations in glass [other cars] right away which wasn't sending me over the moon intially but I gotta tell ya that I tried to wear a pair of my cheapies the other day and I thought I was going to go blind. Seriously, the polarized thing IS TO DIE FOR!

I started researching polarized lenses after that because I wanted to know more, apparently polarized lenses have historically been designated for sports and especially water sports, it helps the deflect glare. They are also recommended to light sensitive people because they help block UV guess what other benefit they for those crow's feet that are marchin' across your face in record time [oh, you know it's true!]. I don't know why fashion mags aren't talking about this along side the $100+ tubs of goo [Hello? Vogue/Elle].

Along side the polarized lens following the sports market, they historically have been uglier-than-ass, as well as making some people a little motion sick because of the way the lens is built. Kaenon has figured out a way to avoid that somehow and this coming from someone who got motion sick from Google Earth last week [really].

So my tip of the day are the frames shown above called Delite which are so SUPER cute. Needless to say I use my little protective baggie on these puppies now and I truly would be devistated if I lost them. The Delite's are more dollars than I would normally spend on a pair of glasses [$199] but now that I've worn these lenses - I get it.

top photo via Kaenon

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anya Hindmarch

I don't think I've talked about Anya Hindmarch yet have I? I think about this woman a lot. She has set out to torture me in nearly every month's fashion magazines for the past 6 months...and I mean ALL of them.

This boot has stopped me in my tracks so many times - even in friggin' Oprah. Each time I think to myself OmG that's the boot, that's the one I have to have...I go straight for the liner notes and there she is AGAIN!!!!

Apparently this woman who I think I've discovered is quite notable -Accessory designer of the year & her famed "I'm not a plastic bag" - reusable tote that had stampeeds of people entering stores blah blah blah. Great everyone else loves her too -whatelse is new.

I still want that bag dammit and those boots! $945 for the Lautner Bag and the boots a measly $895 please already I normally drop that kinda cash before breakfast. Yah right!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

right now

I can't recall what groovy site I saw this on recently [sorry no link love] but loved the idea and kept a sticky note of the questions.

Right Now...
I'm thrilled: I can't talk about it yet till the ink is dry but it's been a long time dream of mine-which involves the National Stationery Show.

I don't miss: my evil step-dad [a very long story], being a poor student, not knowing who I am as a person [due to the first one]

I'm planning: New creative endevors. A trip to Paris next fall.

I'm listening to: Just heard Missy Higgins this AM on Morning Becomes Electic...want more. Still listening to Ray LaMontagne, Rachael Yamagata years after the fact.

I'm looking forward to:
The Sia show next week I'm going to.

I'm wanting: A new bed, a new couch, and a lovely custom banquette for my kitchen...none of it will happen soon. my boyfriend to get his acceptance letter to Physican Asst school [it's due next month]

Also Loving this post about photographer Nicola Kuperus today on AT: NY via AT:Chicago

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What happens when you don't pay attention

I went to an event a week ago Saturday...8 days ago...and of course I was nervous about being at this event as everyone is uber successful 'scrubbed clean' as one party go-er described them to be. So I brought out my cutest outfit that of course looked like I wasn't trying too hard including a pair of heels similar to the ones above. Now considering my back issues [see lovely xray below] you would think I would opt for something a bit more sane, but no my inner critic comes out and convinces me I would be nothing without a grand heel so I caved. I stood in these heels on concrete for a few hours. heels+ concrete =bad, bad, bad news.

flash forward a few hrs post party, where I knew I was going to be in some pain and I woke up to being sore but nothing out of my ordinary morning- walked to breakfast - then proceeded to work at my desk for a few hours and by the time 4pm rolled around I was barely able to walk.

my week went something like this: chiro appt/ pain killers, massage [and not the fun kind] + chiro appt / pain killers, acupuncture appt/ pain killers, another chiro appt/ pain killers, another acupuncture appt, and tomorrow am another not fun massage appt. I'm only at about 80% better. I am still in constant pain. Did I mention the lesbian clogs I was forced to wear everyday? [not that there's anything wrong with that] my fashion sense had to accomodate this fiasco for a full week.

My downfall was standing. I can wear a heel when I walk into an event or space and immediately sit down. I cannot stand. the metal in my spine screams at me to pay attention -I didn't mention the cocktails that probably dulled this "paying attention part".

I hate when my body screams at me and I have to listen. So now I don't have an option and I won't be duplicating this most expensive week ever - ever again. If you tally it up, since my insurance didn't pay for any of it except the meds of course, those were the most expensive pair of heels ever. My 20$ clearance rack super finds just took on Louboutin status.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

You must go look at this house

Simple, modern farm house featured over at Design Sponge's Guest Blog today.

This corner photo group is making me crazy it's SO GOOD!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Artist Matte Stephens

I don't normally double post things I do over at Apartment Therapy but this guy's work is too cute to pass up. Matte Stephens [who I love his double name meaning] has a fab Etsy shop with price points from 20-200$.

My fav this big haired girl here and this really lovely print called "do-nothing" which I should learn from. Think I'm going to ask for the big hair'd girl print for xmas wouldn't it be smashing in the bathroom?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Laura Bennett dress to sell on QVC

According to a very funny site called Project Rungay [Project Rungay's tag line is They Sew, We Rip] Laura Bennett's line will be featured on QVC early next year.

Recently Laura Bennett from Bravo's Project Runway was featured on Tim Gunn's Guide to Style where she gave away a lovely matte jersey dress. Today I saw a little tid bit about it and it seems as if QVC has picked up her line. Reportedly it will be sometime in Feb 08 when she goes on to sell. Looking at this little number will make me a first time QVC shopper.

According to Laura:

This dress is actually two dresses sewn together. The double fabric allows it to drape beautifully without clinging or riding up. It also helps to hide any lines from undergarments, so the look is always smooth and sleek. The addition of the second layer gives the dress a luxurious weight that hangs just right. Plus, there are no bulky seams. The seams are carefully placed for flattery and comfort and the side seams are slightly toward the back for the slimmest possible silhouette.

Although this dress was thought out and developed by me over many years, it is deceptively simple. You can take this dress from casual to dressy or from the office to a night out, just by changing your accessories. This is truly the perfect little dress."

The pictured photo is Laura's personal dress and the actual neckline is not that low. The real one is bra-friendly. It should be available for just under $100.

really looking forward to it. For more details you can read the full story here

Crazy Sexy Cancer

I got a chance to see this show Crazy Sexy Cancer last night that I've heard quite a bit about lately and all the flurry about the show is very well deserved.

"On Valentine's Day 2003, 31-year-old actress/photographer Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer. Weeks later, she began filming her story. Turning a seemingly tragic situation into a creative expression, Kris revealed her intimate thoughts, struggles and fears before the camera, sharing her story of survival with courage, strength, and lots of humor. "

While I was watching the show I was talking to my b-friend on the phone, and telling him about the program he said "oh gawd that sounds like it's horribly depressing" but it wasn't it was uplifting actually. As Kris describes in one part that "cancer has not kept her down but has propelled her into living her fullest." Because really if you think about it, In the end we are all dying really...shouldn't we all be living to our fullest?

highly recommend the show if you can catch it. I think I heard something about a book as well.

Monday, October 08, 2007

How yummy is this?

The Company Store's 2 ply 100% cashmere. I'd like one of each color please [you know for different rooms, change colors with my mood]

but eeesh $229!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Who is your inner person?

I had an interesting conversation with the hippest woman I know a few months ago. Chelsea is a top-tier fashion stylist working with notables as Pink, Christina Aguilara, Janet Jackson are just to name a few. To meet Chelsea you know that she has been gifted with more style and creativity than most of us dream of having in our little pinky toe [seriously] Chelsea would also be described as punk-rock-ish; dark hair, fair skin [naturally] a few tattoos including the large script of "girl puff" across her back in script. She has always leaned a little toward the avant gard [one halloween when answering the door to hand out candy --a child asked her what she was dressed as--she was her funky self that evening]. So we were having lunch talking about fashionable things and she admitted that she got JCrew catalogs and saved them. Her girlfriend asked her one day why she saved them since she obviously was not shopping there and she said it was "to feed her inner preppy". We laughed about it, mostly because if I could pick one storet to blow 5k at it probably would be JCrew. They just have done a REALLY good job in the last couple of years with making great quality wardrobe staples.

I thought a lot about that conversation for the past few months. It was such a PERFECT description of describing one's self. We all have inner people to us, sometimes we get to dress our characters sometimes they just lie hidden.

I have two inner people. My super athlete that really would like to be a long distance runner and triathlete and my punk rocker self that would like to look like Kat Von D from L.A. Ink. I have attempted to let these two characters come through - in my many years. I have spent hours working out, lifting weights, a feeble attempt at collegate sports/rowing and I have had a couple of ridiculous funky outfits that have gone out in public as well as my punk-rock-self.

As much as I would like to say I am those people I'm not. If I could be a runner I would, but the hardware in my spine just won't allow me to do so. I do some yoga, some walking, a tiny bit of swimming, and on occassion will spend some time on a spin bike. That's about it. My weight stays the same, I will never have Madonna's arms or run a marathon I just am not that ambitious. It takes so much effort and I'm really lazy.

My punk-rock self [this is a very loose term] has had some nice music moments: Knocked into a pit at a White Zombie concert, watching Pearl Jam open for Nirvana and the Chili Peppers, meeting Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, watching a girl punch a guy out at a small show [best concert moment ever], Iggy Pop, Sound Garden and Henry Rollins to name a few of my concert going experiences. I can hold my own at music events and sometimes travel solo if I really want to see someone -but no tattoos [ I just can't find one that would hold my interest forever -yet]

What I am is, pretty damn classic - Think Jackie O and Audrey with a bit of funky wrapped in. If could have a matching handbag and shoes with a 3/4 lenghth coat on every day I would. I would wear matching gloves if I didn't think people would really stare. I appreciate a perfectly hemmed pair of pants and a perfect little black dress, I *heart* slingback heels, I am Charlotte from Sex and The City...though wish I was Carrie.[Although, I have seemed to replicate Mr. Big, Jazz guy and Aiden -via Carrie. I'm sticking with Aiden for the long haul though!]

So who is your inner person? and how do you feed her? Lately my feedings are reruns of SATC, Kat on LA Ink and issues of Patagonia. My inner girl is normally happy with those but it does really look like a lot of fun to be Kat.

images via: Patagonia, LA Ink

One of the most perfect songs ever

Pink Moon by Nick Drake. There was a documentary playing this weekend in LA about Nick Drake that I couldn't make it to which made me think of posting him.

If you're not familiar Nick is one of those "musician's musician". He made a few recordings in the 70's but suffered from acute shyness and mental illness. He ended up taking his life early but his music has definitely lived on with cult like status. Most of his stuff has a sad air to it but this song is perfectly pretty and quiet.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I feel like this

cute new tee from if you've never been by to visit, is the most brilliant tshirt website ever. This one is called the Runnin' Rhino by Allan Faustino

sizes run small if you likey!

I'm buried with freelance this week folks posting will be light all week!