Sunday, October 07, 2007

Who is your inner person?

I had an interesting conversation with the hippest woman I know a few months ago. Chelsea is a top-tier fashion stylist working with notables as Pink, Christina Aguilara, Janet Jackson are just to name a few. To meet Chelsea you know that she has been gifted with more style and creativity than most of us dream of having in our little pinky toe [seriously] Chelsea would also be described as punk-rock-ish; dark hair, fair skin [naturally] a few tattoos including the large script of "girl puff" across her back in script. She has always leaned a little toward the avant gard [one halloween when answering the door to hand out candy --a child asked her what she was dressed as--she was her funky self that evening]. So we were having lunch talking about fashionable things and she admitted that she got JCrew catalogs and saved them. Her girlfriend asked her one day why she saved them since she obviously was not shopping there and she said it was "to feed her inner preppy". We laughed about it, mostly because if I could pick one storet to blow 5k at it probably would be JCrew. They just have done a REALLY good job in the last couple of years with making great quality wardrobe staples.

I thought a lot about that conversation for the past few months. It was such a PERFECT description of describing one's self. We all have inner people to us, sometimes we get to dress our characters sometimes they just lie hidden.

I have two inner people. My super athlete that really would like to be a long distance runner and triathlete and my punk rocker self that would like to look like Kat Von D from L.A. Ink. I have attempted to let these two characters come through - in my many years. I have spent hours working out, lifting weights, a feeble attempt at collegate sports/rowing and I have had a couple of ridiculous funky outfits that have gone out in public as well as my punk-rock-self.

As much as I would like to say I am those people I'm not. If I could be a runner I would, but the hardware in my spine just won't allow me to do so. I do some yoga, some walking, a tiny bit of swimming, and on occassion will spend some time on a spin bike. That's about it. My weight stays the same, I will never have Madonna's arms or run a marathon I just am not that ambitious. It takes so much effort and I'm really lazy.

My punk-rock self [this is a very loose term] has had some nice music moments: Knocked into a pit at a White Zombie concert, watching Pearl Jam open for Nirvana and the Chili Peppers, meeting Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, watching a girl punch a guy out at a small show [best concert moment ever], Iggy Pop, Sound Garden and Henry Rollins to name a few of my concert going experiences. I can hold my own at music events and sometimes travel solo if I really want to see someone -but no tattoos [ I just can't find one that would hold my interest forever -yet]

What I am is, pretty damn classic - Think Jackie O and Audrey with a bit of funky wrapped in. If could have a matching handbag and shoes with a 3/4 lenghth coat on every day I would. I would wear matching gloves if I didn't think people would really stare. I appreciate a perfectly hemmed pair of pants and a perfect little black dress, I *heart* slingback heels, I am Charlotte from Sex and The City...though wish I was Carrie.[Although, I have seemed to replicate Mr. Big, Jazz guy and Aiden -via Carrie. I'm sticking with Aiden for the long haul though!]

So who is your inner person? and how do you feed her? Lately my feedings are reruns of SATC, Kat on LA Ink and issues of Patagonia. My inner girl is normally happy with those but it does really look like a lot of fun to be Kat.

images via: Patagonia, LA Ink

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