Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A perfect "Frienmy" treat

The bit of silence the past couple of days came from these lovely little bits of love. If you have a frienmy or Ex that you would like to "sock it to" this holiday season I have got the perfect thing. Sweethearts candy, the iconic candy for Valentine's Day has produced a sugar-free version this year. Upon finding it at Target Sunday morning I did a bit of the snoopy dance I was so happy.

If I haven't mentioned it before I'm a sugar FIEND. I avoid it now for health reasons and because I become "Oprah with a bag of potato chips" and don't stop till whatever is open is gone. I blame the obsessive-compulsive behavior on the drug and alcoholic folks in my family [sorry mom, mostly your side]. Peanut M&Ms are my heroin and I quit them a number of years ago.

Anyway back to my tale. So I buy the old 4 pack of Valentine sugar-free candies and skip to the register, I eat a box on the car ride home [pluuezze you know you would too]. Tummy gets a little grumbly but I had to do something that afternoon that was a little nerve wracking so I attributed it to that. I eat lunch, I do my nerve wracking thing, I eat another box of sugar free candies - I mean it's Sunday for Gawd sakes!

I can tell you...It was the second box that really sent me over the edge.

It lead to a late afternoon, evening and night of what could be the most horrific gas and explosive diarrhea of my life. No lie. I had to call in sick on Monday A.M it kept me up all night. I swear, these things should come with the same warning as Olestra and it's "anal leakage" side effect. I actually checked the remaining boxes after the fact for a disclaimer, none listed my friends.

I can highly recommend not eating them - just suck it up and eat the sugar, or purchase for a lovely Frienmy and watch the LOVE unfold.

Friday, January 25, 2008

A little nugget of love to leave you for the weekend

This is dedicated to the girls over at Girl Gone Child Some how I think
they might find humor in this as much as I do.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

08' is kickin' my ass already

[ via flickr: because even super hero's get their ass kicked sometimes]

I've been trying to figure out something witty and fun to write about the past couple days and not a whole lot of fun and witty things are coming my way unless you count the dreams I've had about punching a certain person courtesy of SGM's story a few days ago! Thanks SGM.. after I vented guess who plopped down next to me in yoga class? Somehow I felt really bad about it [especially being in yoga] yet oddly still wanted to hit her!

So here's the real deal...I don't know about you but the new year always kicks my ass. Some people look at the new year as a fresh start/ new possibilities, I see it as total panic and fear of what the year entails, what I haven't done yet and how little time I have to actually do it. I do it to myself every year and yet I always seem to get out of bed every morning and get shit done. I don't know how, seeing as how I want to pull my television out of the wall install it in my closet, build a fort complete with mini fridge and never come out. [Ok, maybe to pee and shower occasionally but I'm not getting out of my flannel jammies and I will not put down the bag of peanut M&M's.]

I've spent a lot of time on "the couch" in my 38 1/2 years so I know the things that make you happy, call friends and all that crap... I'm a good student I know the actions it takes to keep going. My coffee habit started this way. Going to get a cup of coffee in the morning is a total treat, something that I know is a complete waste of money but for some reason is very glamorous to me. I started telling myself each morning during a particularly difficult project at work that if I went to work that day I could go get a coffee that morning. It got me out of bed and into the office, it was the only thing that kept my sanity and born from it is my $1.80-ish daily good-for-nothing coffee habit. Suzy Orman would scold me but I don't care, it makes me happy so I go.

I've been making a mental list of other things to keep me going so here they are in no particular order. If you're in the funk like me at the moment try it out and let me know how it goes [or save it for a rainy day later]

• Fashion Magazines - I love them all
• A new pair of shoes - I've found a few pair recently [Marshall's super sale!] I might have already maxed this one out.
• Morning coffee - as noted
• Seeing girlfriends - I have a couple of lunch dates planned
• Chick Flicks - 27 dresses anyone?
• Cleaning - I'm a control freak and cleaning makes me feel in control of my environment
• New Lipgloss or some new tube of goo to make me feel like I'm making myself look better in someway
• Vodka & Vicodin though not together. [This is the humor part folks]
• Art and photography - signed up for a new class in a couple of weeks, looking for inspiration for some new photography.
• My favorite snarky blogging girls [SGM, Franki, know who you are]. You have no idea how much I look forward to your daily inspiration and trash.
• Yoga, but I have to force myself to get there then deal with HER.

that's it for now, if you need me I'll be watching Access Hollywood and reruns of The Girls Next door or some other trash on TV in bed with diet soda and popcorn my favorite single girl dinner.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Just a thought I saw today that I thought I would pass on...

"Society often forgives the criminal, it never forgives the dreamer." -Oscar Wilde

Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm down with Team Fierce

In the beginning I can say it was definitely Rami [so over the draping thing!] but I have to give it to the annoying kid Christian, he's got some mad skills. If you didn't see last weeks episode "couture" where he teamed up with drag maven Their creation was spectacular.

The jacket ensemble by the women's team was to die for as well, but there was just something over the moon about Team Fierce.

I looked up Christian's bio and the kid has a pedigree : and upon graduation he took an international leap toward his future at The American Intercontinental University, London. Quickly adapting to the fashionable European lifestyle, he showed a small collection during London Fashion Week in Fall 2005. Christian was given the opportunity to work for the queen of punk herself, Vivienne Westwood, where he gained valuable experience, leading him into a position at Alexander McQueen his senior year.

Now his look and his work all makes sense. The kid is going to go far!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Super FAB art sale!!

So, last week I let go of writing for Apartment Therapy LA. I miss fine art printing and I couldn't dedicate enough quality time to AT like they deserved so I stepped out.

So in honor of my art dreams this year I signed up for a new digital letterpress class beginning in Feb. I'm excited on many levels for this class because I have some new ideas I'd like to try out.

One minor issue with all of this is that I just gave up a paying gig to spend GOBS of money on making art. If you are an artist you know what I mean, if you're not, it comes down to hundreds of dollars spent on class registration and hundreds more on supplies. The term "starving artist" is around for a reason.

In hopes of covering my upcoming costs I'm having a SUPER-DUPER ART BLOW OUT SALE. Some of the pieces you may have seen here in previous posts, some has not seen the light of day for a few years. I'm excited to clear some of this out and find new and great homes for people to enjoy it. Most of the pieces are 50-75% off for this special art sale. If you aren't in need of anything, but know of a friend who might I would be oh so grateful if you passed this on.

Hope you see something you like!

contact me richele[at]richiedesigns for purchasing
. We'll have to do it the old fashioned check and snail mail way. I'm low-Tech here.
*shipping/packing is additional to the purchase price.

1. Large format Monoprints [one off's -there are no duplicates of these guys!]
These three pieces have never been offered before. There is only one of each piece, so don't delay if you're interested.
printed in 2001

Sale Special $48 each plus shipping and handling.
Each of the three are printed on fine art paper approx 29" x 20"

"Water" green and blue's I have my own artist print framed in my bedroom [not for sale] but you can see how it looks hung.
based on a car ride down PCH on a pretty summer day.

click on images to enlarge

Dark Sea #1 and #2
#1 darker of the two
#2 lighter of the two

Sale Special $48 each plus shipping and handling.
Each are printed on fine art paper approx 29" x 20"

printed with idea that they would be framed side by side but both can be hung separately.

click on images to enlarge

Art Blow out #2 Valentines Day art for your sweetie!

If you're in need of a Valentine for your Valentine and want to give him or her something different, I have a mess of stuff to look at.

Love, Love, Love

Monoprint [1 of 1 print]
Love, Love, Love [above photo]
my own artist print
unframed [$35], framed [$75]
plus shipping

Printed on Bk Reeves heavy weight paper. background color is a reddish-orange
click to enlarge photos

"5 loves"
Monoprint [1 of 1 print]
[$15] plus shipping approx 20" x 15"

"Be Mine"
This piece is unnumbered but was part of a print series of approx 25 prints. Most were given to friends for Valentines Day.
piece reads "Be Mine, most importantly Be Yours, Celebrate yourself"

perfect for a single girlfriend!
$10 + shipping
BK Reeves heavyweight print paper size approx 22" x 7.5"
one available!

"long Love"
A fun alternative to a normal greeting card! 2 color letterpress. background was hand rolled.
approx size 22" x 7.5"
4 pieces available
$10 each + shipping

Art blow out #3


one available
approx 14" x 4.5"
$8 plus shipping

printed on heavy weight printmakers paper

Strawberry series
4 pieces in the series
Linoleum cuts, hand pressed on strawberry cover stock
[keep out of sun for fade reasons]

each print size is 4"x 6" for easy, over-the-counter framing
full sheet is 8.5 x 11"

All 4 prints for $20!!!
only 7 sets available

click photos to enlarge

Pink Flowers Series [2 flowers available]

4"x6" linoleum print
one color on heavyweight printers paper
$10 each + shipping

3 pieces left of horizontal flower
6 pieces left of vertical flower

"Water Rising"
2 color linoleum reduction- printed on heavyweight printer's paper
image size 5" x 7"
sheet size 11" x 15"

$12 each
2 pieces available

"free tv" 2006
7 color linoleum reduction - various paper Sommerset/BK Rives
image size 12" x "14"
framed size 28" x "23"

3 pieces available
$20 each + shipping

about the print: Linoleum reduction is a painstakenly long process of using one piece of linoleum and working lightest to darkest printing each color separately. after one color is finished, I carve the next remaining color out and print again. If you make a mistake you're S.O.L. once the print is finished you can never use the block again making this the ultimate in fine art printing. each piece was hand printed at the Otis print lab early in 2006.

Friday, January 18, 2008

friday post: right now

I'm Excited:
• to get my samples from Madison Park Greetings [hopefully soon]
• for my new class to begin at Otis in digital letterpress. expect some cool ass posters in the next couple months
• that my sweetheart has this weekend off from the hospital so we can sleep in and go to breakfast

I think I would like
• another cup of coffee before I start my day
• I'd like to do another invite project soon, similar to the funky and cool pieces I did for Annie and Michele above and below.
[If you're interested in something different contact me at richele[at]
• a mani pedi this weekend
• a few days off from work to organize my house.

I can't wait for
• Chris to get his acceptance letter to P.A. School -due this month
• The new Rachael Yamagata CD to release
• My friend Chelsea's new shop to open in Silverlake called Mercado [story to come]
• New creative endeavors with my blogging buddy Franki

I'm loving
• STILL... acid yellow
• cherry red
JCrew just rocks all together
• my new silver ballet flats I got from Marshalls for $20 on super sale

These women rock my world
scented glossy magazines
and if you haven't read these women yet. RUN RIGHT NOW they are so amazingly funny it makes me want to quit writing.
Girl Gone Child

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Muuuussst havvvve this jacket

Since Katie Holmes cut her sweet little bangs [I had mine first] I've been sort of a stalker. Mostly because seeing photos of her is like seeing the perfect, cute, skinny, tall version of myself. It's a little odd actually. I would post a pic of myself but I have an aversion to posting my own image to the web. You'll have to trust me that the basics are there hair, skin, perky nose, 20 more pounds 5" less of leg... but I will never claim to be THAT cute.

Anyhow, I digress. This particular jacket is the most perfect red. I think I would look smashing in it as well! Let me know if my local Target is going to be carrying it soon because I'll be right out there picking one up.

While you're at it can you arrange to have this tiny weenie bag sent over? I'm sure Suri is locked in side of this one [hello? I didn't even know Hermes made a bag that size- that's not standard right? A custom order?]. She's pretty cute too so I'll take the kid if she comes as a package deal.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Just looking at the cover of this book gives me the heebie jeebies. Mortified is "an anthology of people's actual childhood writings, ripped from the pages of their lives and shared with total strangers. The result is a uniquely honest collection that is equal parts comedic and cathartic. Inspired by the long-running grassroots stage phenomenon that is Mortified, the book offers a hilariously poignant peek into the mind of youth gone bad, sad or just plain pathetic. From melodramatic diaries to pretentious poetry... from awkward attempts at fiction to angry letters at summer camp. This is a book for the underdog in all of us."

Imagine you're most embarrassing letters and diary journals and this might equal the stuff in this book. When I think about myself and the dorkness that was so ever present during school [ah hell I think it might still be with me] I get embarrassed just thinking about it. I did remember a story though I could share with all of you that will make you laugh out loud.


In high school I had a huge crush on a boy we'll call Craig. I was friends with Craig's best friend Mike and I continually badgered Mike about Craig, what he did, his swim meet schedules etc. I'm sure Mike wanted to beat me over the head on a number of occasions.

Craig was an All-American boy, seemed nice enough, was cute and was a year younger than me - and if you remember high school that is the equivalent of Brittany Crazy. You never date younger than yourself but I was reading Cosmo and Seventeen and I was open to the idea that love was a grade beneath me, I thought it was very big of me to even consider it, actually.

After reading one of those retarded Cosmo articles "be bold, ask him out!" sort of things I did what any highschooler did at the time and write him a note which is the modern day equivalent of texting I suppose. I told him to come by my work [The most popular frozen yogurt shop at the time] after his game on whatever night blah blah blah and gave it to Mike to give to him. So fast forward that night after said game and in walks Craig with his mom, my heart hit the floor twice I think. What I didn't know was that Mike had never given him the letter. Yes, ladies and gents I proceeded to introduce myself as said crush-girl and he looked at me like I was from Mars. I won't go into details but lets just say it didn't go well and in the end he wasn't interested. I continued to pine after him and embarrass myself for some time after that, I'm sure of it.

oh but wait it gets better....

Fast forward 18 years and I am doing some work that requires a certain metal fabrication. My boss hands me a business card and says go see this guy he's my daughters soccer coach and he does metal fabrication. I live within 15 miles of my high school currently so I should have thought about this a bit more. I notice the name on the card Craig such and such and thought about it for a second - NAAA, no way. I make an appointment, drive over to his office and you guess it folks, out walks

Mr. Craig.

Now men change A LOT from high school, they fill out etc, so at first I couldn't be certain it was him, it had been 18 years after all. We sit down and chat and he keep looking at me and I play it completely cool - I don't let on AT ALL that I recognize him. He starts talking about his family, his wife, who's name he keeps dropping like I would recognize it [I didn't, she was a grade below me --psst I only discovered him I didn't fraternize with those people]. I start remembering all the embarrassing letters and me throwing myself at him and WANT TO DIE or excuse myself and never come back but I don't I keep playing it cool.

I'm still trying to really verify it's him and I remembered there was one odd thing about him a vision problem that required special paper and glass color for him to write on, just as I remember out comes the tablet and glasses. Bingo! we have complete and utter mortification present..

Here is my greatest revenge though...I look GOOOOOOD. I'm talking: I still get carded, look better, am skinnier and definitely have better style than I did in high school. He looks like a 40+ soccer dad which isn't a bad thing, except he was about 33 at the time.

He continues to stare, trying to get me to realize who he is but I somehow play it cool. I think I even didn't manage to turn red, which for me, is worthy of a gawd-damn Oscar. I leave and go back to my office and recount the horrific story to my boss who is laughing and says well "I would have never guessed you went to school with him, and definitely not that he was younger" so...Cheers to me!

I had to communicate with him via email a few times and on one of the last emails I decided to pony up just a little bit...
"you know, I think we might have gone to high school together" and that's all I said.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dear Holidays...

Dear Holidays,

Thank gawd you are over, I mean you're fun and all but I really can't take any more of you. The traveling is one thing and it's entire own monster but the food! The past two years I knew you were coming and I know you're a sneaky bastard so I started counting my Weight Watcher points in October to fend you off. Like always I became obsessed with the 2 points in a friggin' apple or beat myself up each week when I lost .257 lbs but I held you in a tight headlock for 3 months.

This year though you kicked my ass. Actually, you smeared yourself all over my ass and my hips, not to mention my stomach which has taken on a life of it's own lately. It started at Thanksgiving and slid into my photoshoot which should be called a "carb shoot" because all you do is eat little muffins and donuts and shove sugar in every second you're not running. Then a dinner party or two which involved wine pairings and french food with mounds of lovely butter, than on to Mom's house and homemade fudge and See's Candy which seems to pour out of every house and crevice, then without rest a bottle of champagne on New Year's Eve and if that wasn't enough you bastard, you followed me again across country to Boston where you showed up as homemade pasta sauce, multiple choices of cheese and bread, homemade mac and cheese and risotto that I could have rolled around and bathed in, not to mention the glass or two of wine seemingly at every course.

I am done with you and the skin that itches as it stretches outward! You think you've won but I've pulled out the trusty book. You know the one, the three week cleanse that we usually do in April? Well, you get two doses of it this year my friend! Three weeks of so many fruits and veggies and organic broth that you'll be beaten to a frenzied pulp by the time I'm done with you. The most exciting part of your day will be your carrot juice you 10lb bastard!

So take that you gawd- darn tasty, butter-ladden-carb-monster! See how you like yourself after that little tryst.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sorry to party and run...

Off to Boston for the 2nd leg or is it the 3rd? leg of the holidays
with the b-friend's family. Be back next week.

Do something I wouldn't why I'm gone!