Monday, April 30, 2012

project: aging wood

I have a shoot coming up that I need some aged wood and have been exploring online some things I've seen recently. My buddy from my AT days Jonathan Lo just finished a headboard with a vinegar technique so I asked him a couple questions and ran off to Home Depot to see what I could come up with.

So I got home last night armed with Minwax grey stain and white wash products [awesome], vinegar, steel wool and a spray bottle [$.99 cent store] and lastly Martha Stewart's Paintable Crackle Finish.

Now with the shoot I have some specific things we're trying to do to enhance the product so I think some of these results will work best for that project, but I can't help but let my pea brain swirl around the idea of what else can be achieved with some discoveries.

wood used: Poplar [precut at Home Depot and mostly sanded too] [images top to bottom] top board - steel wool scraped board with vinegar and then pulled apart steel wool and sprayed again with vinegar and left over night to rust. [Notice steel wool pulled and left on top of board] second board - steel wool scraped with vinegar, minor particles of the steel wool fell off to create a light rusting effect third board - split in two sides [left side] white wash first, grey wash over the top applied with rag. [right side] white wash first, second application crackle paint [applied grey stain later see photo below] fourth board - [left side] grey stain first, white wash second both applied with rag. [right side] grey stain on it's own

finished results [left to right] rusted steel wool with vinegar overnight, grey wash solo, white wash with crackle product and grey wash over top, plain poplar board with vinegar scrub down.

Side note: the rusted piece with steel wool will need to be sealed with a product if you wish to use it in a home setting, the rust comes off on your hands very easily. This was achieved overnight [less than 24 hrs]

Saturday, April 28, 2012

the spaces in between

ampersands and lower case G are my two favorite letters in type. It's the swirls and the swoops because I'm prone to swirly things in life and a lot of negative space in a form.

Source: via Richele on Pinterest

I once dated a guy who I told 'I love negative space' and I had to explain it to him [it's the spaces in between] as a tech guy, he found that intriguing or possibly he was just pretending to, so he could sit closer to me... those boys do that sometimes.

I found this technical drawing of a lower case g and just thought it was the bee's knees.

perfect explanation of the form and it's spaces in between. happy weekend darlings - I'm off for a bit of sun

Friday, April 27, 2012

art and humor

nothing gives me greater joy then when art & humor meet. This made me giggle

of course it helps if I add in the title so you understand the joke.... "anatomy of Pac-Man"

Thursday, April 26, 2012

ray lamontagne

still one of my favorite albums, like ever his voice is like buttah'

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a picture says a thousand words

I noticed our shelf last night in the kitchen and thought well that's ... SO US.

me a St. Germain [have you tried it? it's pretty much the best thing ever] girl, him a proper scotch with a splash of water and ice. What can I say he's a classic and I'm a bit sweet.

photo taken with instagram but you know all about that site - all the cool kids are doing it these days. I by cool, I mean you I always seem to forget it's on my phone.

anthro cuteness

Mentha dress - you must have a cocktail in your hand at all times wearing this [preferably a shallow champagne glass] and kitten heels but that goes without saying $148
water dress $148 back has a graphic pattern not to sure on that part but the front is smashing.
primary bloom $168 I'm normally print phobic but this would be swell with a little blue sweater $168

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


among the many jobs I seem to do these days photo styling is one of them. I use to do a bit of it with my 9-5 work way back when - that was mostly action sports related so it was a bit limiting. The past couple years I've been working with a super cute company Oré that I've mentioned here before. The owner of the company has been really open to exploring and trying new things in the realm of photography so I've helped her introduce lifestyle photos for her products and our last couple of shoots really detailed and styled looks.
It's been a fun exploration for me. We both went into it very loose and ready for anything to happen really - we weren't even sure it would actually work for her layouts but surprising to both of us it's been a great experiment and a fun way to add life to her products.

what I find interesting is it's so organic for me. We go into the shoot with a very loose plan and I really don't think a whole lot about it until I'm there when I think to myself "holy crap I have no idea of what I'm doing" and it always works out, cuter than the time before which neither one of us thinks possible.

A couple of the big spreads we've done went into her catalogs and then onto mailers to her wholesale buyers. These are two of the postcards that went out with sections of the overhead shoot. I'm prepping for the next one coming up in a couple of weeks and again am a bit not sure where it's headed but excited for the possibilities.

Monday, April 23, 2012

new in the studio: submodal

I got an email from my new client submodal a little over a week ago. we need some business cards for an event in a little over a week can you help us? yes. one midnight file set up later and one very long day on press and violá. Submodal designed and I helped out a little with the file prep. They are super techie web folks and I'm all dinosaur paper printer - together the two of us figured it out.
they are in Vegas now as I type at their conference with a very pro business card. It's not always possible for a few day turn around on a project, but if the schedule permits it works out wonderfully. what does a production schedule look like for a project like this? sunday - submit files for film and plates. monday - make a mad dash for paper and a late night plate run. tuesday - print all day with client on sight approving color. wednesday - dry time. thursday - dry time. friday - final trim. friday afternoon - card delivery. need a project printed? email me for information richele[at]richiedesigns[dot]com

Thursday, April 19, 2012

wanted: cute duvet

it's from H&M Home but the UK division...I really want it HERE

I've been sleeping with a uncovered duvet for a month now since we upgraded our bed. Of course I can't find anything I like here. btw H&M home in the UK is pretty brilliant [so is Zara home and that's not in the US either - anyone know why?]

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

new in the studio

new greetings come in waves for me...a big tidal wave hit me last week which was very fun.

I'm having a mad love attack for messy, hand drawn type. you might see more of this style sooner than later. Plus? I really needed a birthday card for my 11 yr old nephew and I didn't have a single kid worthy card [I hadn't already sent] problem is his birthday was monday. I had to send him a shitty target card.

and my little brother turns 40 FOR-TEE!! in a few days as well. If he's old, that makes me well....OLDER

My Bad. I've been thinking about this card for over a year. My funky type finally won me over. Everyone has an I'm sorry moment here's a fun way to say it.

all available over here darlings...

new in the shop: NOM NOM NOM

the sound I make while chomping down my birthday cupcake. available here got a few new ones coming later this week. they're on the press as I type.

things that make me happy

I'm a nail polish-art damaged-mess. Most little chop shops do such a poor job with a manicure I do them myself [it takes me two hours but who cares] whoever the person is who did this manicure is my total hero. PERFECT. IT'S JUST PERFECT.

I love polka dots and I love squares and this yellow is pretty fantastic. I would so put this on my wall.

disco ball stairs. I would never be brave enough to do this in my own home, but man is it ever FUN

I am getting ready to blow up my office and completely revamp it. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. This wall color is really pretty and soft I'm hoping for something like this to help save me from sad walls and my mounds of paper that somedays feel like are smothering me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

life doesn't frighten me at all

I watched Exit Through The Gift Shop over the weekend. It's a great documentation of the notable street artists of our time. My assistant and I were talking and I mentioned the OG street guy and told him to rent the movie Basquiat that they pay homage to in Gift Shop. Then I remembered Jean-Michel did a book with Maya Angelou and I found this sweetness.

two of my favorite artists of all time. I don't know why I don't own this book!

I only wish life didn't frighten me at all.

Monday, April 16, 2012

megan + kevin

megan and I met at a bridal show in SF last August. She was having doubts about the invites she had originally picked and were due out mid September. She had a dream of a family crest that I was able to help put together for her. We found a crest shape and the items she wanted in the form and I brought in illustrator Serena Chang to complete the look.

Because of our expedited time frame, we opted to digitally print the invites and while those were in progress we had time to letterpress the envelopes and work on the inner envelope liner that had a special motif to it. The envelopes were then shipped out to the calligrapher. I was definitely a dance of project management and time.

we had a bit more time after the crest was completed for me to letterpress the thank you cards. we ran some extras so that the new couple would have family stationery. I believe the latin term means "better together" which of course they are.

After the invites were completed we then worked on a wedding program [complete with sheet music!], stickers for treat bags with the cute gopher, matching custom hankies, menus, and itineraries for out of towners before the big day.

It's funny, I get so emotionally involved working with brides so closely. I always ask them to send me a photo afterwards. I want to see the big day! they were lovely of course.

invite details:
formal inner-outer envelope
outer envelope letterpressed in navy ink
inner envelope poppy with custom liner
invite, map, rsvp digitally printed
navy rsvp envelope letterpressed with silver ink

thank you card letterpressed with navy ink, grey envelope return address printed with black ink

look familiar? It's also feature over here today on Nole's amazing site Oh So Beautiful Paper

Thursday, April 12, 2012

maru the cat

I would never EVER describe myself as a cat video person. Did I mention EVER? seriously. Maru the cat has made my week. Chris and I have watched every video of this cat. I wish I could say I was joking.

what I can tell you is that Maru likes boxes. He also likes his head to be covered. These two items make for one awesome video.
please also watch this one and this one to get a full grasp of Maru the wonder cat.

happy friday.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sock buns

you all are so cool you probably did this as kids right? I'm talking SOCK BUNS here sistah. I haven't had hair long enough for a number of years to even ponder but now I do. Each day, it's another 'what the bleep to do with this Cousin ITT hair'.

I saw this on Pinterest but didn't fully understand so I watched this tutorial and thought - no way it cannot be that easy. it is. it has changed my life. I might die with a sock bun on my head when I'm 80. Also, it makes really pretty waves when you take it out.

ps I really wish blogger would center my photos it does not. I don't know why and don't know which part of the code to change.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

song of the day: Best Coast The Only Day

gosh heard this, this morning and wiggled in my car till it was done - it just sounds like summer

I thought it was Neko Case but alas it's Best Coast Their new album comes out next month.

Monday, April 09, 2012

sneak peek

I'm so behind on photo'ing my projects. I'm getting it done today! a sneak peek of a recent desert project for Christina + Tristan who were married just a couple weeks ago.


did I tell you I started back to yoga? I did a couple weeks ago. I was trying to remember when I stopped my very regular practice and I think it was about the same time that my ex told me I had a fat ass and I hired a personal trainer to get "skinny". Guess what? I was a size 6-8 at that time and very fit. It's OK he has a bit of turrets, he has since apologized and I forgave.

I started up with that personal trainer and I got all sideways. I got a little skinnier, yes. I think it was the spinning.. but then? then, I injured myself and I stopped yoga to "work out". my back acted up and then I got my anxiety issues back and all the while I kept going after being skinny instead of healthy and focused like I was before I started the whole mess. At the height of my practice I was studying 5-6 days a week. I could do one teeny-tiny thing shown in this video [crane pose where she balances knees on the backs of her arms] to be a yogi of her caliber takes years, and day-in-day-out dedication.

what my yoga looks like now IS.NOTHING.CLOSE.TO.ANYTHING.
LIKE.THIS and that's OK. It's why it's called a practice. Some days look better than others. It will be a while before it looks even pretty again.

Have you ever practiced yoga for an extended period of time? It changes you in ways you never expect. It centers you, it releases emotional garbage you never knew you had. For me, it put me in touch with God really. I know this to my core and still it took me 8 years and many injuries to come back to it. Generally in class, an instructor will ask you to find an intention for class and repeat it as many times as you wish to yourself. I went back to class even though I did not want to be there at 6am. I went back and asked the universe to help me love it again PLEASE. I have been asking every day for that, most importantly at 5:30 when I have to get up for class. I can tell you that I bargain a lot in my head at 5:30 am and I'm pretty angry about all of it: yoga, being awake, myself. Of course I take it out on the instructors barking at them when they come by to adjust me [poor women have no idea] they are kind enough to let me and my ego do what it needs to do.

I don't love it yet, but I'm getting there. I'm at 2 days a week right now till I can get stronger and move into a couple more days. I'm looking forward to loving it again.

side note? there is a woman in the unmade bed behind the yogi. How do I know this? she's an acquaintance of mine and was booked for the commercial. I still don't understand why her part was necessary and was equinox trying to say they were down with lesbian yogis? maybe that's why she was essentially cut from the commercial I'm glad my friend got paid to sleep though.

Friday, April 06, 2012

kid and pet casting - los angeles area

Hola! Los Angeles and OC peeps! I'm casting again for my client's catalog shoot. Interested? know of anyone fitting?
read all about the details here: LB Casting

hope to see you for the fun!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Taco Hut

when I was newly divorced in my year THIRTY I rented a teeny tiny house. I wanted the experience of living by myself and this super-tiny, converted garage was for rent. It had a mini fridge, a two burner stove, a loft like this one, surprisingly... a decent sized closet and the most space efficent bathroom you've ever seen. Let's just say that you could nearly shower and be at the sink without moving much. When a friend and her little boy of about 4 came by one day, her little one said "is this your playhouse?" well, yes...that's pretty much it altogether. Another girlfriend said it looked like a Taco Hut...hence it's name. I happen to know the gal who lives there now, and the name stuck which I love.

it was scary being by myself in those days. it gave me comfort to know that I was asleep in the loft if any boogie men broke in. The staircase folded up into the loft on my place so I felt like I could be protected if I needed. What did I think was going to happen? who knows but it made sense at that point.

I would love to say my place looked as glammy as this photo I found the other day on Pinterest but it wasn't this sweet. No laundry or window above my tiny sink. It was perfectly tiny though and great for what I needed a the time. I got very efficent with my space and folding laundry PERFECTLY to fit into it's designated space.

I lasted about 8 months there before I got buggy for space. I needed to be able to stand up to make my bed [a true luxury]

what was your first place? miss it? Every once in a great while I miss that little loft with it's window that looked out to the mountain.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

What's your scent?

isn't it funny how scent is so personal? I discovered this scent by Rodier at Sephora 10+ years ago and fell in love with it [they since have stopped carrying it].

For a couple of years I couldn't find it in the US anymore [or my one attempt shipped something that was very NOT it / a knock off] I recently found it on Amazon and took the plunge again [not my link above -that company has stopped shipping as well] it was spot on and I'm back to my old scented ways. I was going to even send money to a friend traveling to Paris to pick it up for me before discovering it again.

lacoste Inspiration was my next go-to it's been collecting dust since discovering my favorite again.

which I just discovered was discontinued? great another one gone.

lolita lempicka is nice but just a tad too "bright" for me. I can only wear it in very tiny doses.

I was almost in it for Prada Candy...but too sweet I just couldn't do it for days on end. What I've discovered is that I like powdery scents that are just slightly warm in note. Not sure what that says about me alas, it is what it is.

What's your scent? how long have you been wearing it?

Monday, April 02, 2012

going to the dogs

it's monday. I got my ass out of bed and went to yoga at 6am {it's my new promise to myself since I can't fit it in anywhere else} back home to find the hubby's car won't start and he's taken mine. bath, tow truck ride, coffee and we're at 11am and my day is jacked. So, I thought I would start Monday off with a glammy dog photo.

Because even dogs want to be supermodels.