Monday, November 05, 2007

Memories of Redwings

My guy told me late last week that he really wanted these new boots being offered by JCrew made by Redwing Boots. He wanted me to go down and pick them up for him since he had to work over the weekend.

I sort of raised an eyebrow about the boots. I mean they're HEARTY boots meant for outdoors and twigs and dirt and stuff and here we are toodling between freeways. He was very excited about them and I couldn't object too much I mean it is JCrew [they wouldn't stear me wrong]. He ended up having the day off so we went down to pick them up.

A couple of things happened. About 3 different guys came up to ask him about the boots reinforcing the "manlyness" of his purchase which he was very excited about and two, I remembered while he was trying them on that my grandfather wore very similar Redwing boots years ago. With these two things, I set my personal preferences aside [they do look nice on him] and let him have his way.

Chris never got to meet my grandfather but he was a really great man. I have often said that they would have been great friends and fishing buddies if he were still alive, and to be honest I think my grandfather had something to do with me meeting Chris, lets just say Grandpa came to me in a dream and when I asked him if he liked Chris he told me that he picked him for me. His comment to me in my dream was something like "how do you think you ended up in a flyfishing shop in the first place". I can't really argue with the dream because the set of circumstances that lead me to Chris could never be duplicated in a million years and only my grandfather would have picked that location for me to meet my sweetheart.

It donned on me remembering Grandpa's Redwings this weekend and thinking about what a great person he was with his family and work that I've managed to find a man equally as great in heart and spirit as he was. To be honest, I didn't think that was even possible. I didn't think men came built like that anymore.

Thanks Grandpa - but now he wants a flannel shirt to go along with them...How about getting him into some of your wingtips next time?

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Angeleen said...

Love this post.

Sounds like we had some very similar grandparents.

I just love it when they "visit" and it feels totally real!

Nice of him to pick out a fella for ya, too... :)

Oh, and don't sweat the flannel. It comes off... and, in the right setting, can even be, yes... sexy.