Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sia concert, El Rey Theater Los Angeles

image via flickr.

Sia show last night was a ton of fun. I always forget how much I like to go see good music until I get to a good show. Sia has such a magical voice it's smoky and deep but her personality is almost as if she's a big elf, all happy on stage and acting like she's 5.

I've seen and been part of some odd happenings at shows but last night was definitely one for the books. The El Rey is mostly standing only with the exception of rows of chairs on either side of the building. Because of my recent back problems my friend and I grabbed two chairs in the beginning and I wore my lesbian clogs [not that there's anything wrong with that] just in case we had to stand.

Before the show began the couple next to my friend and I struck up a conversation. I thought she was a little buzzed but didn't think too much about her enthusiasm.

I toddled off to the bathroom and came back to this woman kissing my friends forearms [her way of admiring her tattoos there]. It was a bit startling but crazier things have happened and my friend didn't seem alarmed. Now at this point the place is full and seats are prime real estate, I must also mention that they are bolted to the wall so you can't pick up a chair to turn yourself away from offending neighbors.

So the conversation continues and it begins to be obvious to me that she's obviously high on "X"and is LOVING everything and everyone [for the non-familiar out there "X" /or "E" is suppose to make you lovey-dovey really touchy-feely everything is more beautiful and wonderful/so I've heard ]. Granted, the girl was beautiful so it wasn't too obnoxious.

Fast forward to the show beginning and we all stand up on our chairs and she and I loose our footing and sort of crash into each other I apologize and she starts saying how sorry she is and she hugs me then grabs my face and kisses me straight on the lips!

So I lean over to my friend and tell her that 'she just kissed me straight on the lips!' and we both have sort of a wide-eyed look and then just laugh. I lean back over to my friend and say "you know... it's my lesbian clogs...they are THAT hot". We just exploded with laughter.

Anyway...back to the music....If you would like to listen to a live studio of her new CD due out early next year you can hear it from the Radio show Morning Becomes Electic. Her new CD will be called "Some People Have Real Problems" my fav "you have been loved" is really lovely.

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