Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm kind of in love with the idea of fireworks over me while I dine. Seen here

Monday, January 30, 2012

I think I'm going to take this up

via this awesome person

metallic clutch

somehow in the past couple years I've become a clutch girl instead of a purse girl. probably that whole "working from home" thing I've got going on. Since my Celine pink and orange bag was sold on Ebay [I wasn't going to buy anyway] went looking for others and spotted this sweet deal over at Zara.

[originally $99 now $39] if that ain't a deal kids I don't know what is.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

arts & science

I discovered this line Arts & Science today wandering through A'Maree's in Newport Beach {I'm having a love affair with a store, I'm not kidding} and if I can just say omgosh? fantastic, everything was stunning {and I might add, not in my GAP budget}.

the satin on that navy blue dress I'll dream about tonight. and those quirky little shoes. {love}

Garance and Scott

they might be the cutest couple on the planet and both disgustingly talented as well. {not fair}

in case you've been under a rock. Garance Doré can be seen here and Scott Schuman can be found here

sites I adore

you're all so cool you've probably been following her for years. I found her 8 or 9 months ago? one of my favorite tumblrs. I wish I was drawn to earthy, chill images...{sigh} I keep picking out sparkles, glitter and large poofy dresses.

humm? wonder if I have a repressed 6 yr old inside of me?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The series "shit people say" may have jumped the shark [or is approaching overload as we speak] but I can't help but laugh my ass off at this. I'm pretty sure I've said at least half of these.

Martha Stewart for Avery Labels at Staples

Wish I didn't have to subject you to my iphone photos of her fab products, but the Staples images are so low res I can't swipe them to show you the big glossies that common sense would have put up for people like moi to promote.

Two full rows of gumball, yummy colors. Say what you will about MS, the lady [and her team] have great color and product sense.

Most on my radar? The wonderful colored journals [I use one every day] the faux leather binders, and die cut labels which are the cutest things ever.

Monday, January 23, 2012


when I was single I use to make gifts for all my girlfriends. Giant Ring Pops inside boxes painted Tiffany Blue and other wacky little things. It made me feel better when I didn't have a date to celebrate with.

whether or not you have a sweetheart, I'm sure you have a swell group of girlfriends to eat piles of garlic with and complain about the men out there. They deserve treats too don't you think?

and if you do have a sweetheart, you're one lucky girl or guy! there will be yummy treats, FAB GREETINGS {duh} and great people watching. Reports are this is a smaller, more curated {invitees only} show if you were at all overwhelmed in prior exhibits.

Hope you all join me at the newest of the Unique LA shows FEB 11 and 12 here in LA 11am - 5pm both days $10 at the door [but you get a super goodie bag to make up for that]

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Parchment Post

So if I were you I would get in on this AMAZEBALLS project if I were you. Parchment Post is an online subscription [6 months or 1 year] of curated cards sent in the mail.

I say this... not exactly confirming or denying that I may or may not be a part of the next mailing. Just Sayin'

sign up here

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tony Duquette for Coach

had a fun evening last night at Coach seeing the new reproductions of Tony Duquette's archival jewelry collection. I can tell you that I'm kinda mad for the giant gumball cocktail rings but trying to sort out the jeweled bib and spike necklace as something to wear to the grocery.

The event was hosted by The Man Repeller. Of course she's so chic that she had a few of my favorite pieces on and it was working seamlessly.

I tried on the clear crystal gumball ring and immediately thought this would be perfect for ms Karey Mackin. The girl can wear jewels like no one's biz-ness.

I attended the party with Ms. Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic she also tried on a bauble and looked fab in the green [blanking on the stone name] chunky ring. A glass of bubbly, hanging out trying on jewelry isn't a horrible way to spend an evening. [PS it was so nice finally meeting Heather after years of blogging with one another]

If you get Harper's Bazaar, this month's edition with Demi Moore on the cover has a great story about the project with Duquette's design partner Hutton Wilkinson talking about the formation of the collection for Coach. I don't have a full grasp of TD as a designer - interior and beyond, so I won't pretend to talk about his work. The article was a great beginning insight for me to the vast scope of his work. The original jeweled bib pictured here was in the story, worn by Wallis Simpson [W.E. Madonna's movie coming out] he was beloved by many.

now if they would just do this spike necklace in silver I would be a happy girl.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I'm normally not a wallpaper fan [in general] this reclaimed wood has me intrigued.
by Piet Hein Eek

shark poster new in the store

new in the store: remind your teenager [or yourself] that jumping off of roofs with a skateboard might not be the wisest of decisions.
$17.00 available here

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The most amazing character in the alphabet - the ampersand.

strange I realize to talk about something so, well...insignificant. It has the perfect shape to me though. tons of negative space, a curl, a swoosh, a little jazzy bit here and there.

also it means the addition of...whatever you want. I like to think of it in terms of people or shopping or going some place. Of course it can mean something bad but lets skip that part shall we?

my ampersand collection of lovely designers work and other various fun bits can be seen here

Monday, January 16, 2012


I'm so glad information runs in 3's don't you? I mean, instead of like 10's or something. I had the strangest weekend of information, all of it various degrees of bad to worse. I got in the tub last night I buried myself in hot water and prayed about all of the people involved [3 separates stories].

I feel the most helpless when there's not a damn thing you can do to change bad news. I come from a place where if you work hard enough you should be able to fix anything. This of course causes me great stress that I shouldn't be taking on.

on the bright side, it's monday so we all have the opportunity to start fresh and make a new choice. This is what I tell myself every time I want to reach for something horrible to put in my mouth MAKE A NEW CHOICE. Sometimes it works, sometimes I shove that pastry in anyway [it was worth it]. Hope your week is full of new, positive choices.

images are from the amazing Hedi Slimane Diary. Did you know he has an exhibit this month in LA? I just found out about it. MOCA I believe, ends Jan 31 if I remember correctly. I know I should know who this woman is...rocker of some sort, but alas, I am old and out of it. who is she? do tell.

Friday, January 13, 2012


happy friday darlings. hope you have a pink weekend

photos via pinterest

Thursday, January 12, 2012

green with ...

just madly in love with green today. That is all.

>pinterest images

blast from the past

I heard this song this morning and heard it so very differently than when it was first released in my early 20's.

It might just be my group of girlfriends...but it seems like we all found our voices later than we all expected. Once we did it felt like a shadow was lifted from our true selves. We have talked about this at length - just in this past year in fact - as one just found hers. Maybe that's the true passing into adulthood, before that point we're just stumbling faking it till we make it.

Sometimes I worry for young people that they want to be grown ups so fast, I know I did. The illusion that the media gives young people is that when you have all the right stuff that your innerself will feel better, when most of the time it's the opposite. Do you ever think about yourself in your early 20's or even teens? [and I'm assuming you're over at least 34 here] and think about what you would say to yourself? I guess I think more about that than I should.

I would have told myself:
• if you can't trust a man with your ATM card you shouldn't marry him.
• you will change so much from 24-32 that you won't recognize yourself. So, don't get married before the age of 30ish.
• Work really hard and keep growing in your career [the only one that I actually did].
• Somehow it all works out.
• The wait is totally worth it even though everyone around you seemingly has it together faster [they don't they're faking it too]
• Being a grown up is hard work, be young and free for as long as you can get away with it.
• Kiss a lot of cute boys.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

kiss me you fool!

just doing a little prep for Valentine's Day over in Le Shoppe

all available HERE

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

new in the studio: ohh emm gee

sometimes you've just got to say it

available here of course

New in the studio: film business card

so pleased to print this business card for Isabel. Do you remember this video? The bride speaking French? it's still my favorite of all time, I think I've watched it a dozen times.

branding done by Monica Majors, printing by Moi
want a fancy biz card all of your own? email me at richele[at]richiedesigns[dot]com

Monday, January 09, 2012

a yellow love affair

My love affair with yellow has been pretty consistent the past few years. It all started with a fashion show of yellow and grey [and I can't even tell you who it was Celine? I don't know] recently yellow and navy from our wedding invites and that whole nautical look. darn, I still have to show you those don't I? sorry about that. Some eye candy till then?

promise I'll get on track again, though it feels like I've said that a lot lately.

love that you don't have to see the whole thing to know what it is.

been missing my shorter hair lately - how cute is she?

I could live under this tree and sky all of my days

Taylor Swift, she gets it right

yellow velvet and denim - I would have never guessed it could be this good

photos? >pinterest of course

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Random Fun

I'm pretty much in love with Pinterest if you haven't figured it out yet. It's just a giant mood board for me. Every night I lay in bed with my ipad and pin things. It's my end of night treat.

pretty colors

FAB type

dreaming of chopping my hair off [again], but that will mean I would actually have to DO my hair instead of piling it on my head. Not sure I'm ready for that just yet.

where all good things come from > Pinterest