Monday, January 29, 2007

5 things

I got pinged by my fellow blogger and editor at Apt Therapy, Jonathan over at Happy Mundane to carry on the torch of "5 things you may not know about me". I'm happy to do it, I like these silly things. Trying to narrow it to 5 was difficult so forgive me if I give you a couple more.

1. I have a whole lotta metal in me from scolosis surgery at 21. This is a xray of my spine...note the bra strap and bb ring as landmarks.
Most frequent question on it:
Do you set of metal detectors? No, so if you swallow your gun you'll be just fine.
Did it hurt? like a mother. I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy.

Had I not been all jacked up I would have been 5'9" ish which makes since why I wear the shoe size I do [10-ish]. I like to think I would have been a super model too with that height. Please, let a girl dream!

2. I taught myself how to cut hair while I was managing hair salons in my 20's. When I told a good friend/hairdresser I had done that she checked out my ex who I cut and she was shocked not to find anything wrong with it. I only figured out his one haircut and haven't had a guinea pig since so probably lost those skills. It was fun though.

3. I have worked as a salon mgr, make up artist, producer, wardrobe stylist, account person, a little art direction in my jobs. it's never a dull moment. I'm a jack of all trades - master of none.

4. my secret wish is to have a solo art show someday with my paintings and prints

5. I spent a semester abroad in London when I was 20. It was one of the best experiences of college for me. I wish I hadn't been so homesick and would have traveled more after my school was done. I was there at the same time Nelson Mandela was released from prison [the city exploded], and 3 months after the Berlin wall came down [I have a piece] it was a great time in history to experience Europe.

6. Though I wish I could have been spared the experience, it did shape me in a profound way when I found my ex-husband in a diabetic coma twice. That was an interesting summer, I learned we can all handle much more stress and medical trama than we think we can and that you can sleep with one eye open if you have to. Needless to say, he had a death wish [among many things] and I'm no longer married to him. Despite himself - he's still alive last I heard.

7. I am a research whore. I'm the answer girl. If I don't have the answer, I know where to find it or whom to call to get it. it serves me well.

8. I don't like prints and pattern much, but I do love stripes and polka dots just not together.

9. My favorite color changes: currently it's a pastel-y blue nicknamed Butterfield 8 by the paint guy at Apt Therapy. Liz isn't so bad herself.

10. If I thought I could make it through the science classes I would be an acupuncturist. I believe in that medicine way more than anything else but I can't memorize anything to save my life- there in lies the problem.

I'll post my favorite blogs next...and figure out who to pass this little pet project on to.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

beautiful photography

I recently found this woman's lovely photo blog. She has a beautiful way of capturing the beauty in ordinary things. Also, anyone named Mademoiselle Lou Lou is ok in my book.

see her splendid work here: Mademoisellelouloublog

Once Again The Heels Stalk Me

Net-A-Porter just sent me a lovely email with their new pieces for spring which of course includes the Christian Louboutin sling backs that i've now lusted over for too many years. These are a little funkier, square toe-box a little platform-ish basicly drool worthy at $610.

This heel though...I would love to think I could pull this off but I have issues with walking, seriously. Give me an opportunity to trip over my own huge feet at the most embarrasing moment and I will. I've face planted in front of a famous person, on one of my first dates with my guy and so many more times in front of him that I can't begin to count. I'm not the face of grace is what i'm saying. I would look GOOD going down though.

Friday, January 19, 2007

scarf obsessed

OH I WILL be figuring out how to make this scarf...from a short film by Andy Spade entitled Blondie

Andy and Kate Spade do a nice job of pushing the envelope creatively. They have a section on the site dedicated to new creative endevors [short films, limited edition books, partnerships] from Kate Spade's empire. I'm glad to see that they continue to think outside the box.

I'm Still waiting for Kate to come out with a set of 3/4 length coats [widely available I should say] ...a la Target?? anyone listening?? Target & Kate Spade. Brilliance that you heard here first folks.

I wanna go here

Huvafen at the Maldives Review via The Cool Hunter

Damn, I wanna blog a vacation place like this for free!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

coveting spring 07'

Like I've said before I covet good design, mostly clothing but it spreads to many other things as well. I also have an unnatural ability to remember outfits from years past that I've liked on someone else or a specific look. I will keep them filed in the noggin for years and years. I got my new Anthropologie catalog in the mail the other day and couldn't help but remember an outfit from Sex and the City that Carrie wore. [SATC is another sickness I have and watch my dvd's over and over] The spring time halter type dress was bold with print but the thing I focus on in my mind is the chunky necklace she wore with it [I do own that thank you very much Target!]. Something about the two pieces embedded themselves in the clothing file for me.

Surprisingly enough both dresses are reasonable for Anthro's generally expensive wares [$168 each]. Chances of me purchasing any of these things are slight as 1. I generally can't wear patterns very well. I have black hair and very fair skin and that combo alone is graphic enough 2. I have issues with paying full price for anything 3. If those two things actually work themselves out, the chance that it would fit properly and all the items that go along with it still stand in the way. It's nice to covet though. I'll go try it on just to see if I could pull it off. Jeez it would look so good with the Christian Louboutin'sthat I still dream about [you may recall my August entry entitled Coveting]. His red sole would be brilliant with the dress's red accents.

ok now I'm just being an annoying girl.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Double Aged Sword

Most people want to look younger than their age. I have been a big believer of SPF 15 and higher since my early 20’s and that coupled with good genes I have thus far been winning the battle of the wrinkles [not so much with gravity]. I buy expensive products, use them diligently, read up on the newest latest and greatest. So far I haven’t gone down the botox or other routes of really battling age with both fists but I can appreciate it and am not ruling it out when or if the time comes.

I’m 37.5…I just sort of think I’m 38 really, there’s just a flash before the bday comes around again. I still get carded at bars and buying alcohol on a fairly regular basis which is always a giant hoot to me and I can say it is a lot of fun. Generally people put me somewhere in the range of 24-28 when asked later about it. I think getting carded at 40 would be the greatest thing.

There is a downside to looking young which people don’t speak of though. I find that I’m discounted in conversations, I’m overlooked in business situations when it’s a new person I’m being introduced to. I also have a soft voice, so I’ve been discounted on the phone as well as in person. I have learned the lesson the hard way and dress more professionally/wear a suit type outfit when I know I’ll be introduced to someone new or have to be taken seriously.

In friendships as well though I’ve started to notice things in the past few years that are also equally as interesting. I’m not talking about close friends, I’m talking about parties where you know a group of people or you attend a dinner party, those sorts of things. It amounts to a sort of “pat on the head” when discussions of child rearing/bearing come up. For instance, I once had a woman tell me when I asked her about her twins and whether twins ran in her family that “sometimes older women just have twins” I later found out she did years of fertility treatments. Jeez, I’m not retarded even if you do think I’m 23. Discussions about family and “we’re getting too old to have more children” are often in conversations in our groups these days [they’re generally the same age or a year older than I am].

Inquiries into my work in advertising become eye poppers when I mention I’ve worked for my company for 12 years, you can watch them sort of start doing math in their heads and become quite puzzled.

It’s a double-aged sword. Look great and be discounted. Look your age and want to look younger.

It’s a very interesting thing ….age.