Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Laura Bennett dress to sell on QVC

According to a very funny site called Project Rungay [Project Rungay's tag line is They Sew, We Rip] Laura Bennett's line will be featured on QVC early next year.

Recently Laura Bennett from Bravo's Project Runway was featured on Tim Gunn's Guide to Style where she gave away a lovely matte jersey dress. Today I saw a little tid bit about it and it seems as if QVC has picked up her line. Reportedly it will be sometime in Feb 08 when she goes on to sell. Looking at this little number will make me a first time QVC shopper.

According to Laura:

This dress is actually two dresses sewn together. The double fabric allows it to drape beautifully without clinging or riding up. It also helps to hide any lines from undergarments, so the look is always smooth and sleek. The addition of the second layer gives the dress a luxurious weight that hangs just right. Plus, there are no bulky seams. The seams are carefully placed for flattery and comfort and the side seams are slightly toward the back for the slimmest possible silhouette.

Although this dress was thought out and developed by me over many years, it is deceptively simple. You can take this dress from casual to dressy or from the office to a night out, just by changing your accessories. This is truly the perfect little dress."

The pictured photo is Laura's personal dress and the actual neckline is not that low. The real one is bra-friendly. It should be available for just under $100.

really looking forward to it. For more details you can read the full story here


Debra Di Blasi said...

Laura Bennett is by far the best designer for a woman like me -- in great shape and over 40. I fell in love with her exquisite, classic designs on Project Runway and am looking forward to adding her to my wardrobe. I also hope she repeats some of those gorgeous beaded dresses for consumers like me who must attend black-tie events 3-4 times a year.

Congratulations to Laura and much future success!

Anonymous said...

I loved Laura Bennett's designs. When can we start buying her creations? I, also need cocktail dresses at least 6-7 times a year.

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Laura Bennett is a fantastic designer and that dress is beautiful, is simple but elegant! I love!!!..

Frances L. Pastor said...

I additionally trust she rehashes some of those lovely beaded dresses for shoppers like me who must go to dark tie occasions next year. I love the Beautiful dress and design ...........