Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The difference between men and women

We finally got around to buying a Xmas tree on Monday night and returned home to find out my landlord had thrown away my stand after I left it in the storage area last year. Apparently there is a run on stands this year and 10 phone calls later ... there is not a stand to be found in the Long Beach area. This is the conversation that occured as we were trying to find a solution.

Me: I have a pretty tin bucket in the garage we could fill it with bricks and sand to support the tree.
Chris: It won't be big enough. This one will work [pointing to a ugly white plastic bucket]
Me: No, we can't use that.
Chris: Why not, we can put it in the bucket and lean it against the wall
Me: Lean it against the wall? Might as well call it Happy Ghetto Xmas.... I would rather leave it outside.
Chris: Ok well, we don't really have a choice do we?
Me: That's not going to happen.

[I later was able to borrow one from my neighbor and xmas crisis was avoided]

A plastic bucket? Lean it against the wall? would a woman ever even CONSIDER such a thing?

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omg, this illustrates the difference PERFECTLY. Good one.