Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello Mr. Spade

I thorougly enjoy the design humor and the wit behind Mr. Spade, as in husband of Kate Spade. You may have heard of her and her BAGS? His agency Partners & Spade does really wonderful work for Kate as well as another lovely brand you may know of J. Crew [he has such small accounts I don't know how he makes it really]

This Thursday they are having the opening of an art installation, humorously named "Going Out Of Business Supply Store"
153 Stanton if you're in town.

If I were there I would stalk him the whole show and secretly slip him a business card since I want to print everything under the sun for him and his peeps. I know, pipe dreams but someone's gotta do it.

Monday, September 27, 2010

we're melting....

It's currently 105 degrees in my office. I'm not joking here. LA heat wave. You know, the whole global warming thing really kicking our auto-inclined asses today. I might mention upstairs in my bedroom a good 115. I think I'm coming down with a I don't like the heat sort of illness, truly... it might be a scratchy throat sort of thing but really it's a I need an ice cream to deal with this heat, or at the very least a slurpee. Those exsist right? Nod yes.

glass house via caribb

I'm getting acclimated to having my guy around 24-7. We're still unpacking boxes. I hate boxes. I hate clutter really, it makes me nervous. Tonight is the night though, I'm just sure he'll unpack those brown things in the hallway. Here's hoping on my slurpee.

A clock work for oracles by Ugo Rondinone photographed by clive lawford

other than these pretties? and melting? not much more to say except send over your blow up pool would you? because this heat is just nuts-o.

Friday, September 24, 2010

You're such a winner

drum roll please!

I'm excited to announce the week's winners

Monday's giveaway the initial notecards goes to: BENSON
Tuesday's giveaway of the diamond necklace goes to: ROLLER SKATING JAM
Wednesday's giveaway of the ORE gift card goes to TWIG
Thursday's set of greetings goes to: MICHELE

thanks everyone for stopping in this week and playing!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday's giveaway

More paper today! it is our anniversary, me and you, whatever the paper year is. Say it's 1,000!

Today you get to choose. Pick your favorite 4 greetings and they're yours. You can keep it all to yourself and tell me when you win or list it below. I won't tell your mom you picked the f*cktard card I promise. Winner is chosen tomorrow.

All of the contests end tomorrow so if you haven't registered for them do so today!

PS. What's all this about you're asking? I'm celebrating 1,000 posts and giving away stuff all this week- check back each day for goodies. Enter as many or all of the contests as you want this week [there are only 10 of you anyway!].

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday's giveaway - ORE´product gift certificate

Oré is a wonderful company located here in Long Beach, CA that focuses on fun + functional home goods. Whether you’re a mom needing to be fashionably organized, a pet-owner looking for a better feeding solution, a college student in need of cool shower curtain to spruce up an apartment bathroom, or you’re just looking for a functional bag to take on vacation Oré Originals is working hard to make great looking and functional products to ease everyday living.

pictured right to left: Mini bib set Ugly Monsters, Good Lunch sack, Mini Hamper Tote™ Dry Cleaning, Woodland Pet Treat Jar

Today's Winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to spend on the Oré website however you see fit. Enter in the comments section below, Winner will be chosen on Friday.

PS. What's all this about you're asking? I'm celebrating 1,000 posts and giving away stuff all this week- check back each day for goodies. Enter as many or all of the contests as you want this week [there are only 10 of you anyway!].

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I have crazy talented friends. Khobe Delucca has been a professional jewelry designer for as long as I've known her 10+ yrs now. She also has a cutie store front here in So Cal, Studio Delucca if you live near, where she sells her wares but also holds jewelry and fabricating classes for the novice through the highly experienced. You can get the low-down on all the fun happenings here.

But regardless...TODAY she's giving away a diamond pendant with an initial along with an 18" sterling chain to match. This is over a $100 value folks! Contest ends this Friday. So tell us... what's your favorite piece of jewelry that you own [or have lost]?

PS. What's all this about you're asking? I'm celebrating 1,000 posts and giving away stuff all this week- check back each day for goodies. Enter as many or all of the contests as you want this week [there are only 10 of you anyway!].

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monday's Give-a-way - set of initial notes

you didn't think you were going to get out of this week without some paper did you? Up for grabs...set of 6, initial wood type notes.

to enter please leave me a message below with some way to contact you should you be the one [email]. winner drawn this friday.

What envelope color do you want?
moss green, sunny yellow, fuchsia, paper bag brown, pool blue? the world is your oyster.

PS I'm celebrating 1,000 posts and giving away stuff all this week- check back each day for goodies

Friday, September 17, 2010

Oddly enough...

This week I hit the 1,000 post landmark on this silly little blog. How I got here I have no idea but 1,000 of anything is worth noting don't you think? Nod your head yes.

Next week I've lined up some giveaways to celebrate all of my 20 readers. Since my readership is so low, the odds are high in your favor that you'll win {wink}. I hope you stop in to comment and win something fun.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New in the studio: Men's Note sets

I've got a couple of sets of note cards going out this week. Really elegant yet still masculine. Men need correspondence notes too! Restaurateur George and Executive Chef Trey are both getting treats {soon} from their newest business partner.

The illustrations were done by a newer design intern of mine Serena Chang. She's really a superstar in the illustration area.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New in the studio:

Congrats to Amy + Dirk who are getting hitched in November

we designed a two color project with pocket folder. Each piece was letterpressed including the closing flap. The coolest part is the thank you card we ended up doing with a little fold over "hello" on the envelope in silver ink. Exterior envelope had matching wrap around label typeset to the guest list.

New in the studio

A stylie bachelorette party invite with a desert theme on super thick card stock complete with wrap around label and Archie sticker. The hostess is taking the circular emblem and turning into tote bags for the girls to have as gifts stuffed with weekend essentials and handy pool-side for the weekend.

Betting on a star

I think Rachel Zoe and Brad will be very happy with The Monique Lhuillier show Some mighty fine looking duds.

Cameron Diaz can have a skinny glittery moment

Kate Hudson can have a grown up moment

and Demi Moore can finally have a "color moment"

Monday, September 13, 2010


Caroline Herrera had a bit of an Asian moment which didn't do much for me, but her construction and clean lines always make my heart go pitter-pat.

It's still pretty early but thumbs up for Carolina and oddly Victoria Beckham who has one fine looking line goin' on.

Tune in this week here for my favs or over on Style.com for the real deal

Thursday, September 09, 2010

for those celebrating the High Holiday
Happy Rosh Hashanah and Mazel!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A couple more excuses

Just a couple more excuses of why I'm not regularly posting but this time I have photos to prove it.

My Grandma [Betty] turned 90. We threw her a big party over this past weekend in Northern California. She was very excited to say the least. She is quite the character. She talked to Chris and I about politics and exactly what she thought about Barbara Boxer {not fond}. Chris describes her as full of piss and vinegar, sometimes my family has other words for her {wink}

I designed a book that was just printed. A local artist here in Los Angeles is having his first sculpture show in 12 years. I put together the book for his opening. Blurb.com [which is a nightmare I might add]

And finally, my love, Chris graduated from his Physician's Assistant program a couple weeks ago and officially finished his last day at the hospital today. My flash wasn't working correctly so the color is a bit wonky.

3 weeks, a number of 18 hr days and I think I've survived. You might even see me regularly post coming very soon. Until then, I need a nap and a pedicure. Catch you later.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Me + Karey hangin' over at T. Ruffles today. Mary's busy so I stepped in to loan a photo. Click over to see all of her sparkily words.