Wednesday, March 28, 2007


had my camera at the office yesterday doing a photo for an inhouse project and ended up playing around with our collection of toys most called Homies [which later were banned I guess] while waiting for the boss man. They are pretty cool! Yo Yo Yo is my favorite top photo [rappin' man] click to enlarge the photos.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm liking this kid alot

I'm not quite sure if he fell in love, found himself or broke up with his gal...the lyrics are sort of all over the place but I like his song writing alot [more sappy guitar stuff - be warned]. It would fit nicely in a soundtrack if they ever made a movie with the book below.

you can listen to one of his tunes here...a static You Tube thing...but good sound quality

Monday, March 26, 2007

An amazing book

Maybe it's because I've been divorced, or maybe it's because I have practiced yoga for so long, or maybe it's because I can relate to all of her insanity, feeling trapped in a life I didn't want [past] and the fear and prayer that comes from that but this is one of the best books I've read in quite some time. It takes great bravery to step up and say "this isn't working" and do what needs to be done. Author Elizabeth Gilbert does a good job of adding humor to sometimes a non humorous experience of having one's life fall apart. highly recommend!

available at Amazon or I got mine on my latest Target run.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Ice Cream Man Cometh!

I am NOT making this up. I just got back from a birthday party tonight that the Ice Cream Man truck made an apperance for my girlfriend Khobe. Of course I totally freaked out that there was an ice cream truck there, seeing as how i'm currently obsessed with them [see previous posts hereand here.]

This is not your typical ice cream man, this ICM is all about the love of ice cream from their site:
"Ice Cream Man's mission is to give away FREE Ice Cream.

Ice Cream Man is a grassroots organization that combines the minds, hearts, skills, and resources of a growing team of adventurous individuals who refuse to adhere to the old business paradigm. We were those crazy and confused kids raised in the '80s and '90s with conflicting messages ("Just Say No" vs. "Just Do It"). We believe that right now is the best time in history. With the Internet we are not bound by the constraints of the modern media machine. We can break through all of the hypocrisy and create REAL connections with like-minded people.

We build win-win-win-win-win relationships between everyone we're involved with. We hope to fund this venture through advertising, sponsors, promotions and branding, and merchandising. The more money we can bring in the more ice cream we'll be able to give away. To date the Ice Cream Crew has given away over 35,000 treats. It sounds like a lot but with the goal of giving away half a million ice creams, we've still got a long way to go.

He is sort of the punk rock ice cream man really, traveling to shows, giving away free stuff. If you would like to book him for a show or private event please contact them here! I personally can't wait to book him for an event...what will it be? who knows but the ice cream man rules.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

upcoming store review

I traveled to Orange County yesterday to do a store review on a place called Jux'•ta•po•si'•tion Home. Getting them to let me photograph the place was an ordeal. Apparently they've had people come in take photos and rip them off so they are all crazed about it. The staff gave me total attitude when I even inquired about doing a story. The owner was nice and gave permission via email-but forgot to share with staff I was coming in...more attitude till it was clarified.

While I was waiting for them to call the owner I decided I would have done the story regardless [with or without photos] after all the guff. It was definitely in their best interest to let me in. These photos are the prettiest but most likely won't make it to the story as I'll use the wider angle stuff.

They have really cool funky vintage French industrial stuff along with new. As you might guess they don't have a website... I suspect it's because someone might see photos...Look for my store review later this week on Apartment Therapy

New Project: The It Kit™

I've been working on a new project for an upcoming baby shower for friends who decided to wait to know the sex of their baby. Non-sexed infant clothing is seriously lacking! First off it's hard to come by something modern, 2. if you do find it-it involves some shade of mint green or yellow with creepy looking farm animals. If you're interested in seeing more of The It Kit™ click here. Available for sale of course.

PS I have a store that is going to carry my wares later this spring I'll let you know when it happens!

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Something to get excited about

Quite possibly the best radio show ever, This American Life has moved over to the little screen and debuted their first episode last night. Sadly, I don't have Showtime, but I'm actually considering getting it just for this show. If you are not familiar with TAL. I beg you to go to their site and listen to some shows [you can listen for free on their site]. They have created an oral history of everyday life that touching, humorous and sometimes sad all in the same episode. It's an astounding documentation of our lives.

About the show: Each show has a theme and they generally pick 3 stories around that theme. Sometimes it's interviews, sometimes it's writers talking about the theme...each week is amazing. TAL has partnered with Apple's itunes as well and has a weekly free download if you sign up. You won't be disappointed at all. I have purchased episodes as well for car rides and sometimes give them as gifts.

One of my favorite episodes of all time was purchased by accident, entitled "Valentines Day '98" I purchased because I thought it would be a sweet story to give to people last year as part of a Christmas gift. The theme had a twist though and was "a different look at valentines day" from people who discovered greater love years into their relationships. It's one of the most touching group of stories ever. I prefer story #2 and #3 the most. You won't regret the download [it looks like the price has gone down as well to $.95] get your hankies out.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Did I not JUST say that ice cream trucks were IT?

via the cool hunter

The Cool Hunter Predicts super trend a whole article on how mobile treat trucks are going to be the new craze.

as I like to say...I'm not saying...I'm just saying

Monday, March 05, 2007

Love this building

This building is on La Cienaga near the 10 freeway and I've passed it a couple of times in the past few weeks going into the city.
I'm crazy about type and I love that they really thought outside the box by putting this on the exterior of the space. Apparently it's a Public, Non-Profit Arts Gallery. It's also available for rent/shows currently as I found it here via Curbed LA

Saturday, March 03, 2007

interesting quote

I read this article about Christian Bale in GQ recently, mostly because I have a mini crush on him but he has some interesting things to say. I didn't realize he's been acting since he was a kid. Unlike most actors he stays by the wayside most of the time. This part of the interview struck a cord with me as I love maintenance and routine, but he's right you don't remember maintenance.

"You get times of our life, as I'm sure you know, when you can spend a couple of months and you look back and you don't know what you did. You were busy the whole damn time. You were doing stuff all the time. But it was maintenance. You don't remember maintenance, really. So you've got to try to have these other moments when you really can look back and see that you achieved something very clear. Those are the kind of peaks that you want to reach just to stop yourself from being a numb, boring asshole like unfortunately it's so easy to be."

city landmines

These things are everywhere when I take my walks and I can't tell you how many times I have stepped on one, feet going every which way, like I just stepped on a kids skateboard I didn't see. More evidence of my grace.

Regardless, they are a neat design by nature.