Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Merry from the Land of Misfit Toys

I don't know why I keep these little guys around [notice the reindeer is missing an arm]...they're still pretty cute. Merry Merry to you and your family.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Proenza Schouler at Target

I love long jackets and this one appearing soon at Target is calling my name!!! It's just a great way of adding a little style to jeans/jean skirt and a tee... my normal staple outfit. I guess it will be available with stripes of some sort too, I couldn't see it on the Target info page. Yum Proenza!

There is also a acid yellow little jacket in the line up that's pretty cute if it would fit me [again complaint that the GO! line is built for Junior sizing]

Prediction: Acid Yellow and Acid Green big for spring [see the shoes!]...just my thing right now I could be dead wrong...but all I'll say is "I'm not sayin' I'm just sayin' " as my favorite personal quote.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Mark & Diane

My friends Diand & Mark got married this past weekend in the beautiful but cold Palos Verdes. I was stunned to see Diane looking like a super glamour girl [she's generally a little to no makeup gal] she was the most beautiful bride - Mark was looking dapper as ever. I only got a couple of images between being wedged behind the parents of the bride, and still not having the appropiate flash to shoot at night... I gave up shortly after I took this one.

I was happy to go to this wedding [and generally I dislike them]. M&D have such a great, fun story [Mark has had a crush on her for years but they've never been single at the same time] and I love that Diane is 40[ish] and this is her first marriage. It takes a strong and brave woman [or man] not to cave to society's pressure. They make a great couple and are up for any great adventure... they'll be climbing some ice mountain together soon I'm sure.

fighting myself

I read this over at Self Taught Girland thought how true that is.
I feel like I need to fight myself on a constant basis about what I should be doing and what feels right. Currently, it's about every 30 minutes or so reminding myself of what it felt like when I was back there [won't explain that one sorry]...and why I stepped out. I hate the inner battle. Attempting to live what's right instead of what I should do.

"Everyone speaks of living the unconscious, of the Self, of God, of inner wisdom, of following yourself and all that stuff. But when it comes down to it, we just don't trust ourselves or our perceptions enough, and we do not really follow our own processes. We do not value what we see, hear, feel, how we move, relate or experience the world. No wonder so many people always feel criticized and unloved! They hate their own perceptions, and thus do not follow themselves. They cannot follow their own individual processes, but instead program themselves until they can't stand it anymore."

--"Riding the Horse Backwards: Process Work in Theory and Practice" by Arnold and Amy Mindell

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fa La

Attempting to get into the holiday spirit

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Darwinism at it's finest

If you didn't believe in the survival of the fabulous, you should now.

I don't know how a child can be any prettier. Angelina and Brad's little Shilo new Hello! magazine photos

Monday, December 11, 2006

Stop This Train

I'm not sure if other people get like this but sometimes I don't like being a grown up. I wanna call it all in and go away from it all. John Mayer does a great job explaining it in this song. A little cloudy from UTube.

I love JMayer I know he's cheesy pop music but he has a way of writing that tells my tale [sad he's in his 20's and I'm nearly 40] that I can identify with him. Either he's an old soul or I'm lost -- I'm not sure which it is.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pretty December Day

The leaves will be letting go soon I wanted to capture them before the beauty was all gone. Such a pretty day and perfect blue sky how can you argue with So Cal on a day like this?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Goin' a little Oprah on your arse

I just read about this and I'm jazzed. Well as much as a cold/stuffy head person can be jazzed about anything. Oprah has a deal in her magazine "what I know to be true" This I know is true...when you focus intent on anything it can be achieved. What if we all believed just for one day....

What is the International Day of Possibility?
A day where one million people around the world commit to believing that the things they want for themselves, others, their communities, and their world are actually possible.

How can I participate?
On June 21, 2007 commit to ignoring any "thoughts of impossibility,"
go here for more information

What are "thoughts of impossibility?"
The emotional muck that runs through our heads most of the time: "I can't", "Who would care, anyway?", "Why bother?", "I'm too fat/old/broke/inexperienced", "I'm not _____ enough", and on and on. "Thoughts of impossibility" are the negative messages that keep us locked in fear and convinced that we cannot create better lives for ourselves or a better world for each other.

Why would I do this?
Because we create our own reality. If we believe it can happen, it will. If we do not believe it can happen, it won't.

Figuring out what it is that you want is the hardest part. What do you want for your life? Start thinking about it will activate the intention.

be careful what you ask for.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Something Fine

I read a post by a fashion blogger last week asking the question if the so-called "right hand ring" was an advertising gimmick to get women to buy diamonds. Is it advertising-of course but is it wrong? I don't think so. I've been buying my own 'right hand rings' since I turned 30 and was divorcing my ex-husband.

The thing that lead me there was that, sadly, the only thing I missed about my marriage were the comfort of my rings, the security they brought me out in the world. So I bought myself a little gold band with tiny diamonds. It was the prize for surviving all of it. Later after I thought about the demise of my marriage [there really wasn't one to begin with] it started with wanting those rings. I decided then that I would buy my own diamonds. I didn't want a piece of jewelry to be what prompted my decisions.

Since then I've built 2 more rings/and purchased another for myself. Surprisingly, they were both at times that I felt like I wanted to be married and I wanted to take the jewelry out of the equation to see if it was really what I wanted. The men I was with I don't think knew why I was building them but I knew that if I took it out of the equation that it would settle the want I was having without going down a path I knew wasn't right. I've often said I've married myself with those rings and I have, because each time it lead me back to the truth rather than where I thought I should be.

My very favorite jeweler just launched their first website recently and featured a version of the first ring I designed and built with them [they later altered and used the design in their collection]. I'm very proud of it and I have people stop me all the time to ask me about the ring. I have to admit I borrowed a few designs from another designer I admire to build it. I was resetting some gems my mom had given me at the time I graduated from high school--it's much more me now.

I'm all in favor of buying your own diamonds especially if you’re single. Each time you look at the pieces you purchased you remember who you were then and where you've grown to be. If I continue on this path, I joked with my jeweler, that I'd be one of those crazy old ladies at the grocery- ring on each finger, wearing her fur in the frozen food isle with her house slippers. I'm not so sure it won't happen that way.

Another reason to buy... if I had held my breath until a man bought me diamonds of any sort, I would be dead by now [even the wedding ring was a family hand-me-down/not an heirloom either]. The first time I received jewelry from a man wasn't until last year at 36. Far too long if you ask me, to wait for a diamond.

Friday, December 01, 2006

You know you're PMSing when:

Although you might have thought these things many times they actually come out of your mouth:

"The fact that you're breathing- annoys me"

"Seriously, don't go there tonight you will lose, or I will cry -- which makes you lose twice"

The next one requires a bit of explanation so that i'm not arrested...
I tend to get a little crabby at the end of the semester as "the dude" is back in school switching careers and I don't see him a whole lot, and when I do he's generally exhausted. So by the time December/May/End of semester rolls around I've had it with sharing him with books and the hospital.

I actually said "I've been plotting your death in my head since monday"....joking of course but I'm tired of NOT having him around which makes me think EVIL, HATEFUL things about him. He has finals next week which I'm so glad for.

Lucky for me he realizes the devil has taken over my mouth and my body and I will return next week as his sweet girlfriend he loves and adores.

stay clear...dangerous girl week.