Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm a big sucker for a holiday parade

I'm the cheesiest of cheese balls when it comes to the holidays. I love parades! This Saturday the local Belmont Shore Parade in Long Beach is happening and I'm looking forward to it. Friends and I meet up at one of our homes for cocktails and then bundle up to walk down.

It's something about the marching bands, floats and the kiddies it always makes me sentimental. I guess it reminds me of being a kid and thermos' of hot chocolate, graham crackers and Santa. All the same great fun but now we've just added a bit of a grown up kick to our beverages. Luckily one of our friends has a child still in a stroller, who knew it made such a great bar on wheels. Kidding! ... well kind of.

image via blamfoto/flickr

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