Sunday, October 28, 2007

Things I can highly recommend ...

• I highly recommend not running into two Ex's in the same week [or the same 24 hrs as my occassion occured]. One is plenty enough to put you into an emotional tailspin.

• I can recommend not running into one whom you could have avoided [since you got a phone call warning you of his appearance/but attempting to be an adult, brave and get it over with after 6 yrs of not seeing this person] then force yourself to be kind to this person because you feel like it's your duty. Some things are just way over [what was the SATC line? "we are so over, we need another word for over"]. This one my friends... was legally, officially over and I can say without hesitation that complete apathy and some disgust has set in.

• I can, though, recommend large amounts of medication to get through such an occasion.

• I highly suggest, if, said large amounts of medication are consumed, that you then don't allow your hairdresser to talk you into a new hair-do under said medication and emotional distress, as well as being under the influence of a full moon and on your period. [a "bang" situation has occured from said appointment]

• I can recommend calling the ex that you still think kindly of, to tell him so. We had a nice conversation despite it being emotional.

That my friends are some things to file away in your back pocket to do and not to do, while under the influence of a full moon, your period and drugs.

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Angeleen said...


Talk about your, what would that be, like, QUINTUPLE Whammy!

Full moon and period is a risky combo all on it's own! Add all that other stuff? That's just... ::shiver::

Good luck with the bangs... though, with your beautiful face and shiny hair, I'm sure they look smashing!