Monday, November 19, 2007

You know how when...

You are PMSing and anyone who looks at you wrong, drives too slow or is just breathing is annoying? And you know how you try and do anything in the cruical 48hrs of peak PMS how it never works?...say like try and code a really detailed story for Apartment Therapy and it's not working? And how on those days you would like to rip your computer out of the wall and throw it off your second story balcony all the while doing the snoopy dance saying "There take that you f*ing bastard"

That's about where I am at the moment.

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J Lee said...

you and me both!!!

its funny how my best friend the laptop always wants to mess around with me during this wonderful time of the month! i'm writing an article for a friend's newsletter and trying to wrap some work on a project i'm currently working on and it seems as if everything that can go wrong is going wrong all at the same time. here's to days of thunder. hang in there!