Friday, September 30, 2011

see you on the other side

off to get married to the most amazing man on the planet. I'm sorry single girls but he's all mine. see you all on the other side of MRS.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

playing paper dolls

Just keeping one eye on the European fashion shows before the big day. Rochas doesn't disappoint. I'm a fan of a long skirt are you? dunno, something about hiding my chubby knees. It's the details that count you know.

so today I played a bit of paper dolls. Please tell me you remember those? I suspect my niece has never heard of such a thing. Anyway, Rochas, Ready To Wear Spring 2012. Big Fan.

photos via go see the whole show

Song of the Day: Lex Land

I went looking for a cover she did on the same show - but it must be rights managed.

If you want to hear her blow it up listen to her cover of Jeff Buckley's "Everybody Wants You" available in their archive section

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

more scenes from the land of crazy

just a few days till D - Day or should I say "M" for Married Day? Because our party of people is so small. I did custom bags for each person.

A cocktail of some sorts [sans the 13 year old who got root beer], a hydrating beverage, a late night snack, some advil, The hankie of course, and a weekend itinerary sheet with map of surrounding businesses [like coffee stores and liquor stores near by- yes it will be an interesting weekend] I can't tell you how happy it made me to find mini versions of St. Germain and Hendricks Gin.

The salted caramels from these lovely people will make you roll over and die with food love. I think I ate a 1/2 lb while making these baggies up. Notice the staple mark? yes, I stapled them shut so I couldn't get back in. They are that good.

still working on photographing the actual invite. stay tuned.

The Cults - Go Outside

sweet little song with a dark video

took me a few seconds to figure out the vintage footage - I'm just on the edge of being too young to remember Jones Town. Interesting use of vintage footage with new.

The Cults - Go Outside.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A monday note

it kinda feels and looks like this today

Countdown begins

This morning I woke up at 3:30am – some awful dream I can't recall. Then it began the ticking notes of wedding countdown...3:30 became 4, 4 became 4:45. I write this puffy-eyed and headachy from lack of sleep.

or maybe it's left over from the giant vat of strawberry infused vodka I drank on saturday night thinking I was someone who DRINKS {I am not}

I still don't have a menu from my chef yet. This is what I'm thinking about this morning. That and the 1200 envelopes that my assistant and I have to print in the next 24 hrs. I'm not even exaggerating about that 1200 number, it will be my largest print project to date for a corporate client. Yeah and oh gawd are the two thoughts that go through my head about that.

This is what I know from my production days ... somehow it works out. And if it doesn't work out...there is something better that will take shape.

This still doesn't stop me from waking up at 3:30 in the morning. Tonight it will be a Advil PM

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Click Your Heels And Say Yeah!

there is a good chance that I might have a fever - feel my head? {humm...really?} because it's very unlike me to like anything this sparkily and funky. I'm sort of obsessed with these shoes though. I've been thinking about them daily.

Maybe next summer when some fashionista hawks them on ebay after the trend is over and I can pick them up for $100 and wear out the welcome of the trend of all that sparkles. They are available on the awesome site Net A Porter if you need them now {a wee bit more at $890}

The also have this basic heel as well, if you're looking for something more subtle. I think it's that wacky, warbily heel that is doing it for me. Now we just need a red pair so that we can click our heels together and pretend we're Dorthy. Available here I know that they are also available in other colors if you're in need.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Plaid Suit

so this is what the dude was trying to locate here in So. Cal for his wedding suit [an olive version] We have to take a vac-a to England or Scotland to make that happen. But I can say that now that I see it on Mr. Stevie I'm down {shhh don't tell him I wasnt' crazy about the idea in the first place}.

dang it - forgot my source on this photo - if it's yours let me know and I'll credit you

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sniffles & Tears

I can tell you that it's a certain kind of hell to be a designer planning my own wedding. It certainly can be fun, don't get me wrong, but then there are these things you dream up. The curse of this is that sometimes what you dream up doesn't exist and you have to figure out how to create it and then there are other times you find awesome people to make it happen.

We are an allergy kind of couple, sniffles galore on a good day. I thought that I would find Chris a personalize hankie for our big day and one for me because I cry just thinking about it. What I found was actually BETTER.

I set up my custom file, sent it to my vendor [I opted for no painted edges old-school] and voilá I got this lovely piece of artwork back. Now originally I just ordered four. One for me, Chris, my mom and his dad [our best people] and then I couldn't take the awesomness of it and ordered one for all of our guests [a whopping 16]. I've already suggested it to my first bride I'm working with as a sweet thing for her and her guy.

It may get shoved to the back of a drawer for our other guests but I know that ours will get used for years to come.

btw this is a sneak peek of the full wedding invite which is AMAZEBALLS if I do say so myself. Hand illustration by the amazing and talented Serena Chang. Click to enlarge.

Friday, September 16, 2011


this is all kinds of awesome.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oscar Love

It's true, don't tell Chris but I'm in Love with Oscar de la Renta. I mean yes, he could be my grandfather but STILL I'm ok with that.

So two things from Oscar today. This dress in the first video, I would wear to the grocery store if permitted to be in the same room with greatness like his clothing.

and this one... because SJP is being serenaded by the man himself during this year's FNO [Fashion Night Out] event at the Oscar store. My girlfriend and I decided it's not fair that she has been able to play Carrie and wear all of those fantastic things and now THIS.

Yes, we are jealous I'm not too proud to say so.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

fixie denim

I don't know about your city but the Fixie craze is still going strong here in So Cal. Now every cool highschooler has a 2k bike cruising around town not knowing what to do with such equipment. BUT for the serious riders this may come in handy. Levis has developed a jean to help you hold onto your U Lock.

the bonus on these jeans based on the reviews from the website: "The anti-stink factor" aka antimicrobial Sanitized® technology and the water-repellent factor. Looks like from reviews you should go up one size to maximum cool factor. Skinny, but not too skinny, if you know what I mean.

about the jeans:
Designed for the commuting cyclist and detailed with multiple high-performance features, our new 511™ Commuter Jean combines form and function. Using our most popular skinny fit in stretch fabric, we have added a utility waistband, 3M™ reflectivity, a hidden cell phone pocket, water-repellent NanoSphere® nanotechnology, antimicrobial Sanitized® technology, and additional reinforcement throughout.

Available here for [reasonable] $78

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

new in the shop: Holla!

just humoring myself again. I mean, don't we all have days we just want to send a shout out to a friend? My assistant and I keep saying "holla" to one another since printing it the other day.

available here

NYFW Spring 2012

I have to admit I'm too busy at the moment to be as rabid about NYFW [New York Fashion Week] as I normally am. I stopped in today thought to browse. My girl Barbara TFank has not disappointed. I really think her name is not out there enough. From her presentation review:

Barbara Tfank started out as a costume designer, so it's no big surprise she fell for Elizabeth Taylor, whose on-screen looks were always so perfectly executed. "It's like geometry," Tfank said during her presentation, explaining the importance of the emphasized shoulder and the nipped-in waist. So, in a winking tribute to Taylor and her magnificent décolletage, Tfank coiffed her models in Liz wigs and padded their bras ("it's hard to find models with a lot going on up top," she confided).

I'm not a pattern person normally but that black floor length piece is making me very happy.

See her full show on
all photos by

Sunday, September 11, 2011

f*ck wine glasses, I want to register for this

The amazing Slim Aarons.

wedding count down btw... like 3 weeks or some crazy shite like that.

Friday, September 09, 2011

In a New York State of Mind

I've been holding New York in my heart these past days thinking about that day.

We love you NY

photo first seen here but photographed by this person

Thursday, September 08, 2011

featured: Oh So Beautiful Paper

very excited to be featured today on Oh So Beautiful Paper with my suite for clients Susie and Bradford

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

having done casting, this is truly shocking that the client would agree to it. This part of the process of making the commercial is more interesting than the actual but thought I would share it regardless.

I've never used the product...have you?

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

little red riding hood

this has my name written all over it. also available in blue, black and olive

thanks to the greedy girl for not being greedy with her find

The Suit

I tried to get him to shop in August for his wedding suit, but he kept telling me it only takes a week for them to tailor it. He wants a super special tweed suit from, like, Scottish Tweed. Guess what? Scottish Tweed doesn't really happen here in LA. I think that he's decided that the three piece khaki from JCrew will have to do.

between you and me? I love it.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Nobody Said It Was Easy

Do you have a Chipotle near you? if you don't it's a great burrito store [or Mexican food] I applaude their integrity toward their food.

"Through our vision of Food with Integrity, Chipotle is seeking better food not only from using fresh ingredients, but ingredients that are sustainably grown and naturally raised with respect for the animals, the land, and the farmers who produce the food."

This recent ad features Willie Nelson redoing a Coldplay song along with great animation. I've always liked their product and I knew a bit about the meat sourcing they did but this definitely puts them in my "best" category of places to eat rotation.

**for some reason the video isn't loading correctly on my page please click here to watch please watch, you won't be sorry.