Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The fire orange sky of LA

The sky is so hazy and merky in Los Angeles right now. Think good thoughts for all of the effected people. It's hot here 90ish and dry and you can't open any windows because of the powdery film lands on everything [it still seeps into the windows]. I really shouldn't complain I'm healthy and safe.

It's taking a tole on my asthma I'm tired...


Angeleen said...

Have been thinking about you and k a LOT.

Yesterday someone about a half mile away was burning two enormous piles of branches on the side of a hill. As the sun started to set, the smoke made big pink streaks across the sky and a vague haze settled over the valley. It hurt my nose and lungs and made me not want to breathe... I can't even imagine how clostrophobic and anxious your surroundigs are making you feel right now.

Do take care.

Anil P said...

I hope the earth and its people out there recover quickly from the damage.