Friday, November 09, 2007

It's for Meth users who like Versace - Cavalli launches at H&M

Today in NYC a product was launched. You would think that something driving people to such hysteria would be free food, free gas something IMPORTANT. But no, it's all about the king of cheese-ball leopard print or another appropiate description of "It's for meth users who like Versace."

reporting from the front lines:
"It's totally fucking insane. People are fighting, screaming. People are just grabbing anything. It's all gone already. Roberto is standing on a staircase watching it all... All these gay guys swooped in while we were grabbing at stuff, and one of them yelled at this woman, 'Bitch if you grab that, I'm going to fucking cut you."

Roberto Cavalli launches at H&M via Gawker

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