Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rave: Kaenon Sunglasses

I should first start this post with saying a little bit about my sunglass usage. I should say that I'm not down with the 300$ Gucci glasses, I mean they're attractive and all but I just don't need the double GG's bad enough, plus I like to throw my glasses in my bag without thinking much about it. I mean how different can plastic get really? My 25$ pair from Target are fine, I'm not devistated if I leave them somewhere, scratch them or sit on them.

A few months ago I got some sunglasses for a styling project. A good friend of mine is the Creative Director for Kaenon Sunglasses and he's been talking about their polarized lenses forever. Ok sure, polarized, ok, why would I need those driving around the city...blah blah blah. Anyway, he loaned me a good handful + for the shoot and let me keep a pair to test drive for myself.

I noticed clarity and variations in glass [other cars] right away which wasn't sending me over the moon intially but I gotta tell ya that I tried to wear a pair of my cheapies the other day and I thought I was going to go blind. Seriously, the polarized thing IS TO DIE FOR!

I started researching polarized lenses after that because I wanted to know more, apparently polarized lenses have historically been designated for sports and especially water sports, it helps the deflect glare. They are also recommended to light sensitive people because they help block UV guess what other benefit they for those crow's feet that are marchin' across your face in record time [oh, you know it's true!]. I don't know why fashion mags aren't talking about this along side the $100+ tubs of goo [Hello? Vogue/Elle].

Along side the polarized lens following the sports market, they historically have been uglier-than-ass, as well as making some people a little motion sick because of the way the lens is built. Kaenon has figured out a way to avoid that somehow and this coming from someone who got motion sick from Google Earth last week [really].

So my tip of the day are the frames shown above called Delite which are so SUPER cute. Needless to say I use my little protective baggie on these puppies now and I truly would be devistated if I lost them. The Delite's are more dollars than I would normally spend on a pair of glasses [$199] but now that I've worn these lenses - I get it.

top photo via Kaenon

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