Friday, February 29, 2008

Madly in love with this concept

My buddie Gregory posted a house tour over at AT:LA today that is a lovely little slice of heaven. This photo though made me happy as a friggin' clam. I have a wall in my place that has been bare for years. It's an odd size I don't know what to do with it.

A MONTAGE OF ALBUM COVERS!!! 15$ at Urban Outfitters. Now I just have to print out some cool photos. Can you imagine...I can totally switch stuff out when I get bored which is frequent these days.

What a great way to start a weekend.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm getting the jewelry itch again

The year I turned 30, actually the day I turned 30 my divorce was final. It was a long, rough year. At the end of it all, the thing I missed most about my marriage [which is so sad] was my little antique ring set. I felt so naked without it. As a treat to myself and and my "marrying myself" motto which I firmly believe in still, I bought myself a little tiny white gold band with super micro-diamond chips in it. At the time I was broke and it was all I could afford.

About two-three years later my grandmother passed away and left me a bit of money. I would have gladly handed it all over for her wedding band which meant everything to me but someone else in the family has it, so in a way of remembering her I bought my first real piece of jewelry by Cathy Waterman. It's a pretty, little stackable platinum band to go with my other.

Two years after that, amidst another big relationship break up and facing 35 [? I think I have my timeline correct] as potentially a single person once again I built my first ring with my now Jeweler in Seal Beach, California. We took a couple of images of earrings and rings that I liked and used some stones from a couple of yellow gold rings I no longer wore and put it all together. Still today, I have people stop me to ask about the ring. A modified version of the setting is now available in her permanent line up.

At 37 [are you getting the two year-ish thing yet?] I built another ring with my gal, based off an incredible bubble gum sized aquamarine ring that Vera Wang did [mine is substantially smaller]. It's ok...I don't wear it as often as the other but it's lovely piece of jewelry.

This year [though I'm suppose to be saving for Paris] I'm really wanting a sweet pair of diamond earrings. I have two pair of diamond earrings currently. One [I also purchased myself] somewhere smashed into that later timeline, and a very pretty dangly pair that my guy bought me for Christmas one year. I'm not a dangly earring person so I wear them on fancy days. My studs that I do wear daily are sad little things so I'm considering having "my jeweler" I guess you would call her pump them up a bit. I saw these two pair tonight that may just work around my existing stones.

It's a funny thing... jewelry...As women, we're taught that it should come from the men in our lives but I can tell you [with the exception of the one I'm with now] It's always been a disappointment [for a multitude of reasons]. I didn't know when I started on this project of investing in myself with jewels that it would be empowering but it is!! to pick out exactly what you want, when you want it. I highly suggest buying yourself out a little bauble for your next birthday or promotion. I was a believer of the "celebration ring or right hand ring" before it made it to advertising so "Rock" on girls!

Super Diva SGM

Fixed: here it is folks!!

Blogger is being a bitch this morning and won't load pictures. So go over to Scented Glossy Magazines this morning and check out the new header I helped her with.

Now if I can only get my shit together to fix my own site. The cobbler's kids have no shoes

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

News: Time Magazine's Design 100 is out

Cutie pie Agyness fronts This Year's Time Magazine cover [special issue] Style&Design.

Congrats to The Satorialist [for his second year listing], as well as my old stomping grounds Apartment Therapy for their second shout out as well.
Newbie Style Court also got a nod from them this year. Congrats to our stylish peeps!

Speaking of the Satorialist...

Did you happen to catch this photo? From the Victor and Rolf Show. So amazingly cute I can barely stand it! I use to have my hair this always looks so chic on others... it makes me consider giving up my Katie Holmes 'do'.

Thanks to everyone who participated

A big thanks to everyone who contributed a story last week about feeling confident as a teenager. I came up with a handful of projects for the workshop and currently the therapists are discussing which ones will fit and work best with their work.

Thanks Again!


image via Hammerpress Stationery

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reader Help

I realize I only have about 5 readers to this thing - or a lot of silent lurkers I'm not sure which but I need some real input to this one. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

I have been asked to consult for a therapy group that I belong to. They have been doing workshops on "loving your body" and self esteem for women. So many of the women came back from the experience asking about one for their teenage daughters that they are currently developing it. I am working with them in coming up with creative ideas on getting through to girls 12-18. As I have been pondering all sorts of things for the workshop the one item that continues to come up for me is this:

When I was a teenager was there a time that I ever felt confident or pretty? They were few and far between but there were a couple of "incidents". The one that stands out for me above the others, was the first time someone took a semi-pro photo of me in my early 20's. I had never seen myself in that light [literally] I wasn't notably skinnier/ect it just came down to some fun wardrobe, good lighting and this person capturing me in something other than a horrible school photo/ or instant camera shot. I still have those photos and still marvel at them occasionally -was that really me?

So here is my question for you today: Describe a moment when you felt self confident or good about yourself as a teen or 20-ish person - please explain [if necessary] how you got to that point ie: Learning to apply makeup? a favorite outfit? Journaling? sports? dance class? I'm not a therapist so I don't know what happens for other people. You could possibly help a little girl have a few more moments of feeling good about herself should I come up with an interesting creative project tied into it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another one for the books

I am now truly convinced you can find ANYTHING on the web...I mean anything...and 5000 variations of said thing should you need it. People, before I begin this silly story I just searched Flickr for the word "Tampon" and no less than 7 pages of photos came up. I have never thought to photograph anything remotely close to anything related to personal hygiene. 7 pages...I don't know whether this is brilliant or sick, I'll have to get back to you on that one.

So with "Tampon Man" being my lead into this little tale, this will just complete the picture of Moi who falls on her face regularly, trips, ignores old high school crushes when needed and I'm sure I've walked around with my skirt tucked into something- at some point. It's just the way my life goes. "Cute but requires a crash helmet" is one term that has been used to describe me.

I went to coffee the other morning like I always do and the sweet boy of 20 who waits on me regularly asks my order and I'm fumbling with my wallet. I pull, said wallet out, lay it on the counter and look down a few minutes later and what is wedge in it but a lovely "girl plug". I don't know how long I had been holding my wallet, I don't know if it was waving hello!! to my 20 yr old friend or not. If it was, he ignored it well. This is not the first time this is happened. I have flung these little buggers across the counter at my coffee kids. I think it's official that I need to zip these suckers up and avoid future issues.

Why am I telling you this? Because I'm sure you need a good laugh...I just thought I would humor you with more tales of embarrassment.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lagging on my fashion reporting

Sorry, I'm lagging on the fashion shows... I did just see a nice little line from Paul Smith from the London shows that was worth noting. Plus it's just damn fun to post a video. He does nice classics with just a hint of edge.

This is very lovely

I couldn't wear one single shred of clothing shown with Rodarte's line but it is really, really beautiful. You can just tell that they are putting great thought and heart into their wares, which I love.

I'm a superstar with 11 year olds

When you were turning 11 what kind of party did you have? I think mine was ice cream cake and a hand full of girlfriends. I'm sure we were clad in terry cloth and satin jackets HELLO...Michael Jackson's Off The Wall anyone? My friend's daughter is turning 11 and she is having a "disco" themed party [I guess mine was too come to think about it - just the ORIGINAL version!] Apparently it will be co-ed and disco balls and Queen will be on tap for the evening.

I was asked to design her invites last week. I decided to do a little 'club like' flyer that was long and skinny and named it "Club Alix" which is her name. I have had tons of fun doing her invites in the past, you name it we've done every uber-cool kid thing.

I wasn't too sure how the club poster was going to go over [would she get it? Did it look too much like a Rave? Am I over thinking it?]. I know 11 yr olds can be a picky bunch [I was!] but word came back today that Alix is the a very happy camper and the invites were the bomb with the other little girls.

My boyfriend accused me of living vicariously through the most popular little girl in her class. Hey, if you can't be the bomb the first time around at least I can insure someone else gets to the top of the heap! She doesn't need my help though she's incredibly outgoing, smart and probably one of the prettiest little girls I've ever seen. Happy Birthday Alix!

If all my clients could be so happy designing would be so easy.

I *heart* Kate Spade Advertising

Kate Spade's group [Is her husband Andy still creative director?] manages to get their advertising perfect every season. I want to be this woman, I want everything on her body [and her camera] which is the ultimate success of an ad campaign.

I wish they sold the clothes that they used in their print ads.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Yoga pt. 2

It donned on me after my silly naked yoga story the other day that I don't believe that I have ever sung the praises of yoga here to all my friends. I'm sure you've all heard it before but yoga is amazing and if you are willing to put the time and energy into a practice it can heal you. Aside from my underdressed classmate it is an amazing practice.

It sounds like a big promise... healing but it does. I can't explain how it does what it just works. Healing means a lot of things and so I'll further explain it as physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

How I came to yoga is a multi-part story. I was in the process of divorcing my [now] ex-husband and was having chronic panic attacks. I couldn't breathe. Actually, I hadn't been breathing for some time but it had just got worse at this point in my life [I began carrying notes/taping them to my desk reminding me to breathe]. Without going into the messy details, my ex husband was a very sick man [diabetes] and I became the worrier, the caregiver, the beggar, the nagging wife. I sacrificed my mental and physical health in attempts to getting him well. As any person attempting to get a drug addict to behave, you will know that this won't work. Diabetes and his personality disorder were the equivaliant of dealing with a drug addict. I nearly killed myself trying to make him better. When I walked away I was broken down on all levels and very close to exhaustion and hospitalization. My accupunturist at the time said if she had not seen me in person the symptoms my body were giving were those of someone who was and elderly person. She and I were both worried.

I began yoga after spending months in bed resting. It took me that long to get myself back just functioning other than my office job. I went because I wanted Madonna's arms and I was bored. What happened there in that room, with my teacher amazed me. First, He taught me to breathe. Second, you can't do much in class but hold your pose and breathe which takes your brain and shuts it off-just for a little bit. In that 90 minutes I got to escape. I didn't have to think about my failure, how my life was a full disaster and how I didn't know how to date or be a woman in the world all at the age of 30. It was 90 min of emotional freedom.

Years into my practice I continue to have amazing transformations. I often have told people that your cells change, you change even if you get into it just for physical excercise. God [however you see Him] sets into your cells when you're not looking and transforms you. I'm not joking here and people who have been skeptical of this when I have said it, have come back later to me and confirmed this when they developed a practice. I don't go to church but I have felt closer to God in yoga than anywhere.

There are bigger, crazier stories of spiritual epiphanies that have transpired while I've been in classes but I won't go there. Even while recounting them to myself I sound crazy. I will say though that I have had sessions that have shaken me to the core emotionally. They don't happen often, but when I have asked for guidance and assistance during particularly difficult times it has come to me in those times of quiet. I'm convinced God and Spirit can only work in times of quiet and calm [dammit!]

I'm getting back to my practice after some time of being away [year+]. I stopped because I thought I didn't need it anymore that I was healed, I was busy, I chose the gym instead of what I know works. It's like a mentally ill person stopping their meds. "but I feel good, I don't need them anymore" yah you dumb-ass you feel good because of your meds. Hey, I'm a slow learner. It's taken me a while to figure this one out.

So there it is - my praise of yoga classes if you have been pondering taking some. If for some reason you want more information just comment and I'm happy to answer any questions about me and my experiences or just general yoga information.

[the light in me sees and acknowledges the light in you]


Friday, February 15, 2008

There is always one

There is always one person that f*ck's up the zen for the rest of us.

So I have practiced yoga now for over 9 years. I've done a variety of types Bikram [heated room 102 deg], Ashtanga [hard], general, power blah blah blah. Let me clarify that I'm not very good at it. It sounds like in 9 years I should be Madonna but mostly I'm super-stiff girl just trying to get through class.

I've settled into my practice of moderately paced classes with the instructor I have practiced with all of those 9 years, he is the most fitting to me and my body. His classes are pretty normal to say the least we work up a dew but it's not a sweaty class. Class room temp is in the 70's.

This other class member [guy] started coming to class a year or so ago and refuses to dress properly for class. If this was a Bikram class it would be fine to wear a European style bathing suit [little], no shirt. But it's not Bikram, it's 70 degrees.

So this guy inevitably ends up sitting next to me. I do my best to stay away from him when I can but he must know that his half dressed-ness bothers me. This is what I end up looking at or attempting not to look at while I move:

• Moderately chubby guy in super-short shorts. I hope to gawd they have lining but I have not had to witness any issues. I have though had to acknowledge that I can see his package [it's nothing to write home about]
• Hairy back
• Keeps his socks on [why would you be half dressed and keep your socks on ???]
• Again did I mention the super-short shorts?

I have tried to rationalize to myself why he might do this to all of us here's what I've pondered: 1. He use to practice Bikram and didn't know that class was not heated [quickly realized it didn't matter] 2. He's actually European [would be acceptable then]/ he is not. 3. He's a super-sweaty guy: He dresses normally coming in, sweaters, jackets etc. 4. He thinks he's hot [looking]-I can't verify. 5. He thinks he's in good shape, again can't verify.

Why is there always one girl with her underwear hanging out or the half dressed guy in class? It's really f*cking up my Zen people! I so wish there was an anonymous tip line for people like this...hey you! the guy in the short-shorts...yah're grossing everyone out put a gawd-damn shirt on and a pair of shorts so that we can't see what religion you are!

Happy Friday folks
keep yourself covered and keep your underwear inside your clothes where we can't see them.

[flickr image/naked yoga]

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

This pretty much says it all. Now go kiss your fool

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Conversation Sunday Evening: Music Boyfriend no.1

Watching the Grammy's with boyfriend [who believes any music not Stevie Ray Vaughn or Def Leppard is crap] he complains all the way through each nominee. Most especially rap music. I made him endure the program to watch Alicia Keys because my super-cougar-crush John Mayer was going to perform with her. This is how our conversation went:

Me: You know that I have a huge crush on him right?
him: That guy? Isn't he the whiney guy that sings "your body is a wonderland?" he says, in a mocking whiney tone.
me: Yes, and my body is a wonderland you ass!
him: Of course it is honey but he's horrible.
me: Well at the moment he's at the top of my "5 freebies". I'm sorry to tell you that I would have to cheat on you if he gave me the opportunity.
him: really? [realizing the severity of my crush] well OK, then.
me: I'll put a call into Penelope Cruz for you should that day arrive.
him: Cool, I'm down with that.

me walking into the bathroom to brush my teeth...

him: what does he got that I haven't got anyway?
me: He's young and rich.
him: laughing...all right I'll give you that one.

P.S. Miss SGM...I know you're a fan. How hot is his new hair cut? Pluuuezze already. so friggin cute.

My Shoe Boyfriend is moving in

My friends and I started this thing in college when we all had a crush on the same guy. None of us ever talked to him or wanted to really he was just nice to look at. Our secret boyfriends as we've named them are fantastic. You can have one in every category. These are the men that you love regardless if they know you or love you. They can be gay or straight, musicians, make up artists, designers. And you can have as many of them as you want and break up with them when they disappoint. I advise you to have as many as possible, a girl can never have too many good men in her corner.

Women's Wear Daily is reporting that my shoe boyfriend Christian is moving into the O.C. Like all good men he's realized the error of his ways in not being in Orange County with the hordes of rich, blonde women [which I am neither] who covet him.

Louboutin told Women’s Wear Daily that he plans to open a location at the upscale Costa Mesa shopping center. In the article today by WWD, a trade publication, Louboutin is looking to open the local boutique this year.

If the French designer signs the lease, it would be his first boutique in Orange County. Louboutin currently only has three U.S. boutiques, two in New York and one in Beverly Hills. A fourth one is scheduled to open this month in Las Vegas. Louboutin couldn’t be reached for comment.

Last October, Louboutin’s first visit to Orange County lured nearly 500 fawning fans to Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, according to an article by Register reporter Katherine Nguyen. Heather Hufnagel, 31, of Costa Mesa, was among the fans who waited in line to meet Louboutin, pictured left, who’s known for his signature red soles.
“Oh my God. That was honestly the highlight of the year for me. Since the day I got married, that was the best day of my life. It might even be better than my wedding day.”

side note: Poor dear, Katherine Nguyen....if meeting him was better than your wedding day you've taken this secret boyfriend thing too far. I'm pretty sure he bats for the other team, dear.

Now If you need, me I'll just be over here selling my blood and digging soda cans from the local recycling bins for my next pair of shoes.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

They Are Finally Here!

I finally got my samples on Saturday from my partnership with Madison Park Greetings! I give you my first published greeting cards...

You are...[click to enlarge photo] inside says "you are my side of ranch to everything"

High Heels...[click to enlarge photo] inside says "May there be a short walk to your barstool on your birthday"

Cute Girl Discount...[click to enlarge] inside says "Expires never! Flaunt your cute-girlness forever" Happy Birthday

Bad Food Friday ...[click to enlarge] inside says "Ok, we're going to share the onion rings with a side of ranch, cheese fries, potato skins, a hot fudge sundae, and the 7 layer chocolate cake, oh...and four diet sodas with that please.- go ahead, it's friday somewhere" [this came from a drunken night out with the girls!]

Some signs you're in your 30's...[click to enlarge] inside reads..."With age comes beauty and wisdom"

and the best part of all...richie designs and my name are featured on the back with the Madison Park Logo

My friends over at Jack Cards have said they will be carrying some of my work soon, but I haven't heard which pieces yet. I was hoping that the "You Are" card would be here in time for everyone's Valentines Day but it doesn't look like it will happen. If you really want me there or to be able to purchase online, send em' an email! info[at]

Friday, February 08, 2008

An angel in the post office

I encourage you to read this. It's stories like this that give me hope for mankind.
Have a hankie near by.

An Angel in the Post Office

From the "Best of Craig's List"

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Return of the Best Drag Queen Ever

I know you've all been waiting for this. Wait no more. Announced this morning...Cher, the best drag queen ever to walk the planet is back from retirement and will be performing in Vegas beginning in May at Ceasars Palace. Mr. Blackwell's "cockroach" has crawled out to entertain us again with costume changes, diva-ness, and keep my gay buddies happy little clams. Currently she is scheduled to appear only four weeks [we suspect it will carry over longer], 4 nights a week. Bob Mackie has also been called out to do her up good.

Bag on her all you want, I have to admit I love her. She is the O.G of Diva's, tells it like it is and hell, the woman is 60+ and despite some surgical help looks damn good. I have seen her live [yes, admitting that out loud] twice, both times with gay fans and it was quite campy fun. In Vegas now it's Bette Midler vs Cher? I gotta give it up for Cher.

Speaking of drag queen-ness on her interview this morning, if anyone else saw it...did she have a bit of a 5 O'clock shadow going on? The makeup over wisker/'stash look was a little disconcerting.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Falling on my face and other ways I embarrass myself

Why is it that you guys only love me & comment when I write about PMS and mortification? FINE! I guess I'll give you more of what you want and forget about all this fluff and the 'hard journalism' I keep attempting. Here's another story of mortification to keep you motivated to come back and visit me you stinkers.

If you asked my closest friends and boyfriend to pick a scene from a movie that illustrates who I am, they would choose two. The scene from Miss Congeniality when she trips, looking all cute and does a major face plant, and the second would be the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding when she forgets she has her headset on [in the travel agency] and stands up ripping her head backwards and sends her to the ground.

I lack grace sometimes. Usually at the most important times of my life. I have the ability to fall over invisible things, trip over my feet and fly through the air like I'm playing some comedy scene from a movie. In the first month that I dated my boyfriend I think I face planted 3 times. I often end up in a gutter without alcohol. Here's another great moment in the "richie chronicles" in ways to embarrass myself:

So I know Jesse, the guy married to Sandra Bullock. I've known him for years, even when he went by his real name which is Greg [Jesse is the middle, and yes, he's related somehow] and married to his first wife. At one point just before he hit really big with his Discovery Channel show and then onto Monster Garage, my office helped produce his first real brochure for West Coast Choppers. It was great fun working with him. He's so good at what he does, and has the best stories to tell.

Anyway, even though I've known him for some time prior to his fame, he's a big presence, can be intimidating but somehow he was always very nice to me probably because he knew I don't have thick enough skin to handle it. This particular day, I was in need of some answers to details involving the brochure and he was filming the first movie with the Discovery Channel people. He had to take one of his bikes down the way to shoot something with them so he was on it, the motor was on and I had to lean in to yell over the chopper roar to ask my question.

My inopportune loss of grace happened at that lovely moment.

I leaned in and lost my footing on a pebble or something then proceeded to just fall for really no good reason, in the middle of the street, in front of Jesse, in front of the film crew. Like a friggin cartoon, papers went flying- I went flying. I think he said something to me like "what the f*ck just happened?" and "are you ok?" Oh yes, I'm fine...mortified...but fine. In a "crash helmet" sort of way.

I know you all will wonder. No, I haven't met Sandy, but I've heard she's really THAT nice. I've never heard a bad word said about her. Our work with Jesse stopped after that project and then he got big, famous and really busy so I haven't talked to him for years. One of my girlfriends works for him now and as expected he's kicking butt and taking names. So there you have it... rockin' in the LBC crash helmet and all.

PMS the last frontier....

Some people would argue the fact that Star Trek is the last frontier but when else can you simultaneously want to vomit from pain, consider plowing an 80 yr old person crossing the street too slowly and want to call your boyfriend to tell him he's a douche bag just because he was too quiet on the phone the night before?

I swear, the older I get the more violent my thoughts become during PMS time. My girlfriend and I had a conversation about this recently. I told her that I have significantly more violent thoughts with PMS than I did in my youth. She agreed that she had them too. I mean, seriously, plotting someone's death because they looked at you in-line at the post office, has to be wrong, yes?

Anyone care to chime in?

Monday, February 04, 2008

Skin Care 102: The makeup and speciality edition

Welcome to the makeup and speciality edition. Here are some of my fav's. I don't have low cost fill in's for these guys. They are what they are. I'll give them all a 1-4 star rating so that you can know how much I love them. If you have to choose one over another trust the stars girls. It might seem as if I wear all of these things everyday but I don't, I sort of mix and match based on my day. Use it as a guide if you're looking for something not as a step by step template.

I know I shouldn't blow my wad on the first product but I'm starting out with a **** 4 star product. It deserves a bit of explanation though because I didn't even know something like this exsisted, I guess, until it did. I've tried a few others on the market but this is by far the best. This product is smoothed on after you SPF and prep your A.M. Skin for makeup. It is designated for the under eye area, but trust me you can use it all over your face.

Instant Smooth eye prep by Clarins $28 [**** 4 star rating]
Smooth a little bit of this below your eye are prior to putting on your concealer. The product acts like a makeup floater so that it doesn't crease or get cakey. I have found if you let it settle on your face a few minutes it acts better than freshly applied. I do lotions/ eyecream /SPF ect then blow dry my hair to let everything settle.

This cream also has this very odd side benefit, as it makes pores vanish and fine lines disappear. I don't know how the stuff works, it's fairly clear, is light weight but has the heft of a superhero! The product if used just in the eye area lasts about 3 months. A friend and I agreed that we wanted to dip our entire bodies in the stuff because it was so amazing.

Yet another Primer recommend

Smashbox Photo Finish with SPF 15 and Dermaxyl Complex $42.00 [ *** 3 star rating]

If you are someone who needs an all in one product this might be your ticket. Smash Box's Photo Finish with SPF 15 and Dermaxyl Complex. This has the same "floating" properties as the Clarin's eye cream but is meant for the face. The SPF and the Dermaxyl Complex are great. From their site: "The revolutionary formula contains SPF 15 to guard skin against harmful UVA/UVB rays, vitamins A & E, grape seed extract and green tea for antioxidant protection and Dermaxyl™ Complex, an advanced peptide treatment clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time. Wear under foundation to increase its longevity, or alone for a velvety-smooth finish."

It truly does triple duty if you just can't hang with multiple products. Makeup looks fantastic over it as well. My only negative on the product is that you can't use it near the eyes, as you can with the other. Trust me I've tried and it burns like a Mo-Fo. For this reason only I give it 3 stars.

Speciality product Illuminator
Estee Lauder's Spotlight. $32.00 [***3 stars]

Perhaps the most unnecessary product on my list. If you want a little pizzazzz for a wedding or a night out with your sweetheart [actually your girlfriends will notice first]. This is a product that Illuminates, adds just a hint of iridescent to your skin, helps reflect light and makes you look as if you've got that "lovin' feeling".

If you're following the full regime, apply after SPF etc..., eye smooth cream/ it's part of the "prep stage" just before makeup. It has a fairly rich feel to it so if you tend to be oily this might not be your best product. I have tried cheaper versions of this [Revlon etc] and they don't work. The iridescent quality to this product has very tiny particles which makes it look glowy-natural. The others look like you have glitter on your face. If you have to go to a wedding where you're ex will be with his new girlfriend, this is your product your skin will look amazing.

Facial Masks

SKII Facial Masks
SK II Facial Treatment Mask (New Substrate)--6 sheets $80.00 [***** 5 stars] off the chart good.

Again, unnecessary as all hell but f*ing fantastic. This is the "Manolo Blahnik" of skin care. If you want to have super duper skin for a date, or want to have a total chick night and give yourself a facial this is the ticket. I'm not going to lie to you this shit is EXPENSIVE!! I haven't been able to afford a kit of this for some time. When I do though, it's the most amazing product I've ever used [everything looks better, is plumped up and super smooth]. I might actually like it more than Clarins. Available only at Saks 5th Avenue [at least that's the only place I've seen it thus far] it is available on line with a resource I'll mention later

A paper thin mask that you apply and lay around looking like super mummy girl for 15-20 minutes. Use the extra goo in the packet for your neck and hands- don't let any of it go to waste.

From their site: A Japanese scientist who visited a sake brewery in Japan was surprised to discover that the brewery workers had extraordinary soft and youthful hands. Even an elderly man with pronounced wrinkles on his face possessed the silky smooth hands of a young boy. He shared his findings with a group of scientists, who became equally excited by the potential of his observation. This observation encouraged them to conduct a series of experiments for over five years, eventually discovering a clear, nutrient-rich liquid that could be extracted during the yeast fermentation process. In this unique, natural ingredient, lay the secret to radiant, glowing complexion. They called it Pitera.

Like any great shoe purchase, the "high" only lasts a few days or so but damn! you look so good good while it lasts. [Cate Blanchett an avid user of the product just signed to be the face of SKII]

Other bonus products:

Benefit's Eye Bright $18.00 under concealer this puts dark circles in their place [*** 3 stars]

Tarte Cheek Stain $28.00 [lasts forever I've had mine for a year+] [***3 stars] gives a really fresh look! Takes some getting use to/ how to use it.

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss $19.00 thick and great colors. My only annoyance with the product is getting the expensive goop out when it's down to the last bit. [***3 times]

Check out for online specials with cosmetics in general. Be careful when ordering though they don't allow returns on skincare products [ A NY state regulation] so make sure it's what you want. Approx 10-20% savings.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Skin Care 101

I've mentioned before that I'm a skin care junkie, I also have mentioned that I worked as a GM of a fairly large salon for a number of years which fueled the skin-care junkie me, I also spent a very small amount of time as a make up artist [loved it]. Between these three pit stops I've acquired some excellent tips. Since winter skin is really a challenge for most women I thought I'd share the love. Remember to use your best judgement with your skin care type and if you happen to have a particular question I'll open up the "Ask Richie" portion of this post to whatever you can lay down on me. If I don't know the answer I should be able to find it. I've included High$ and Low$ choices for you when possible.

1. You must exfoliate once a week.
I can't stress this enough especially during the winter. Your mositurizer stops working the way it's suppose to when you've got a layer of dead skin blocking it.

HIGH $: Clarins Doux Peeling [gentle facial peeling] $30
This tube will last you approx 4-6 months
. It's no secret that I love Clarins products but for good reason. I've used them for almost 20 years now and I can say even though it sounds conceited...I have terrific skin. This peel is very gentle and does the job with amazing accuracy. You will feel like a baby's bum after. It's very different in that it's a flat cream, goes on like a paste, then when partially dry, you sort of roll it off your skin. Ask for a lesson at the counter on this one. It takes some getting use to.

LOW $: Sugar
Seriously, you think I'm joking here but if you want to be natural or are prohibited by cost, plain old refined sugar is an excellent exfoliant. You can even steal a pack or two from your local coffee shop and it's free. The reason sugar is so good is that it has a naturally round shape to it's crystal formation [it won't damage the skin layer by scratching]. It also will partially disolve as you roll it around your face making it even more gentle. Add about a tablespoon to a quarter size of cleansing cream mix well and apply to face. Use as a normal scrub, wash off. Which leads us to our next section...

2.Facial Cleansers
Clean your face before you go to sleep at night - you need to do this for many reasons but mostly you can't put on the REALLY GOOD LAYER OF GOO until you take the old stuff off at night.

HIGH $ Clarins cleanser $28.50 will last about 6-8 weeks.
They have one for every skin type I have dry to sensitive and really love their "extra comfort cream" but don't care for the tub it comes in so I use the green which is for dry skin. I also really like a skin care line called Rene Guinot [available only in salons] it runs about the same price but I like the fact that I can get Clarins at most major department stores.

Both of these product lines have done a great job in the past few years with bringing good skin care to the masses. I'm not sure if it's true but I was told by one of my skin care employees that Loreal is owned by the same company that ownes Estee Lauder, and many times they bring their big products [cheapened down however they do that] to their Loreal line. It sounds good to me so I tend to believe it.

Neutrogena's Extra gentle Cleanser is a good one and in a pinch I'll use this if I run out of my other. I got the dude using it too. Not sure on the price but probably under $8

3. DAY CREAM: I use a two step process during the winter but remember I'm also very dry so use your best judgement.
Step one cream:

HIGH: Clarins Extra Firming day cream $77 will last about 8 weeks. Yes, I have actually see gravity slightly change on my face with this...and I really did not want to like it at that price.

LOW: Neutrogena [this is my second step during the winter and solo step in the summer] Anti-wrinkle Intensive SPF 20

You must wear sunscreen everyday. Before you drive johnny to school, before you step out of your house, even if it's overcast, even if you sit in a cube with no sunlight...because you will see sun at somepoint during your day. This is great on a number of reasons but it as the product says "nfused with concentrated Retinol, helps accelerate surface cell turnover, pushing new, younger cells to the surface. Meanwhile, Hyaluronic Acid replenishes skin with line-plumping moisture, as patented Helioplex-stabilized sunscreen" It's about $8-10 and will last you about 3 months. Don't forget your hands and neck.


I could go on for days in this section because there have been times where I have slathered on up to 3 products a night. I'm only going to sing the praises of my oldest and beloved today. I can wear this summer and winter and use it after my mini facials I give myself. I swear it is the reason that I don't have a wrinkle on my face at [almost] 39. This product will also press every button you have ever known about skin care because it's OIL. I am telling you to smear oil all over your face. It works, I don't know how...just do it. If I could make you buy only one product from this line it would be this. Make sure to get the one that follows your skin type.

HIGH$ Clarins Huile Santal Face Treatment Oil [dry skin] $46 will last you 3.5-4 months. Apply nightly

LOW: ROC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream approx $25
I have heard good things about this product from a few people but have not tried it myself. When Decorno said she swapped out her LA Mer [$100+] out for one of their products and LIKED IT BETTER. It made me pay attention. They have a night cream with Retinol that seems like a good call. Available at major drug stores.

That's it for our first installment of Skin 101.

next up...speciality products for eyes, masks, and the most amazing product I have ever used under my makeup

Friday, February 01, 2008

Next week I'll get my sexy back

I'm in a lull at the moment. Nothing fab to talk about or write. I should be back next week with something hilarious to report -It's almost PMS time which means some good fight with myself or someone else.

Until then... check out this post about "The Vagina Chair" that my friend Gregory wrote about a few days ago. GAWD...I LOVE the best of Craig's list...just for this reason.