Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday pretties

images from here [2 and 5 from JCrew]

Thursday, January 23, 2014

first concerts

Something I like to do with groups of people [photo shoots are a good example] is ask them what was your first concert. It's a perfect ice breaker and always opens up fun conversation.

Captain and Tennille was mine in elementary school - I think Wham was the first concert I paid for.

Sad to hear yesterday of their splitting - who splits after 38 years? Don't you just stick it out at that point? We always have You Tube to remind us of the awesomeness.

so what was your first concert? The cheesier the better!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

autograph me

turn your signature into a necklace or bracelet
I think I like the one hanging by one piece - more graphic!

they also have more masculine versions according to their notes.

Monday, January 20, 2014

mamma needs a new bag

I'm dreaming of a new bag. I have expensive taste. These are two things that don't go well together. Here are a few I'm dreaming about.

The Bird Machine

The Bird Machine just found some prints tucked away from previously sold out posters. Don't waste time get on over there and get yourself something fun.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

New for Valentine's Day

Who's your favorite band? Barry Manilow? Tom Jones? Just kidding. But this
new card I printed this weakend will hopefully get a great giggle from your sweetie
If you were a band, you would be my favorite. 

 Valentine's Day is coming up quick, don't forget to get your order in!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

simple. classic. elegant

I was just pulling samples of invites for a bride and came across this piece I did a couple years ago. It's still one of my favorites. All blind emboss invite [this has a touch of transparent white added to it to pop the type] 

simple. classic. elegant.

getting married? email me for details [richele[at]richiedesigns.com]. Spots are filling fast for summer so reserve your spot soon. I only take a handful of clients on for the season.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

My favorite piece of cookware: Le Creuset

Had you told me a couple years ago that a piece of cookware would inspire me to cook more I would have laughed. Had you told me my husband would be as eager to use it… well you know.

We received a 5qt Le Creuset french oven for a wedding gift and we love it. I really mean WE, as Chris talks about his love of this thing as much as I do.

The secret must be the cast iron and enamel combo? I'm sure there are heat conductor specialists out there who can tell me the dealio but here it is in simple terms:

It cooks faster and better than anything I've ever used
It cleans up without scrubbing – no matter how burnt on the food is
It's one pot cooking at it's finest
it can go from stove top to oven and back 

my two negatives: it's heavy and hard to handle sometimes [that's where Chris comes in] 
if you're buying your own [ours was a gift] they're pricey. [keep an eye out at Marshalls though I've been seeing more of them lately at discounted prices]

My favorite to cook in it right now is pot roast with mini potatoes and mini carrots but this Coq au Vin recipe looks like it might be happening very soon

P.S We do own a couple other baking dishes from Le Creuset now which are nice but if I had to say pick one...the dutch oven is the way to go hands down.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Skincare for the 40-ish

Not sure I've mentioned it [I'm trying to forget it myself] but I'll be 45 this year. Each January I get a little sad that it's another year down, one more step toward wrinkles and not looking my 30 year old self. This January feels a bit different though. I'm not concentrating on the inevitable but rather just doing the best with what I've got. I've started posting recommends on Instagram when I think about it [It's often Saturday FYI] Here were my last 3.

left to right 

Loréal Colour Riche® Balm Lipstick - great drugstore find. It's sort of like lip conditioner type product with just enough color so that you don't feel like a sloth when you run out of the house on a Saturday am without any make up on. Great over lip liner as well for a deeper color.
Bargain $8 

I've talked about this product before. I like the plain mask Facial Treatment Mask over the whitening mask BTW. I have both and I see better results with the original. Exfoliate first [the Guinot product] and then apply the mask for 20-40 min while you watch TV. It's kinda freaky looking so wait till the hubby and kids go to bed. Use it 2 days in a row if you're really wanting to shave off 5 years [sadly it only lasts a couple days].

you could do this once a week, I end up doing it about once every few months. They're not cheap, and it takes some time to sit with the crazy thing on.
Not a bargain - set of 6 [individually wrapped] $90

The strangest exfoliator you'll ever use. Smear on the cream and let it set for 8-10 min [careful not to leave it on too long it can feel like a sunburn] and it liquefies the dead skin cells on your face. No scrubbing, tearing, causing any damage that you hear about. Quick and easy once or twice a week. 
Decently priced considering it lasts so long. $40 range

Down side you have to buy it from a spa that uses the product. There looks to be a few online retailers as well if you don't live near one.

follow me on Instagram for more ideas.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

a winter of chic

 hope you're all staying warm. I normally like to poke when California is warm and there's a snow storm back east but this week's chill is obscene and not in a good way. 

If it makes you feel better we'll be out of water by next summer. We've had no rain and no snow in the mountains. It's kinda bad on the opposite side of the fence

I'm still dreaming of a funky winter here though so here are a few jacket  combos I've been loving.

I seem to want a funky jacket and a chill out tshirt these days

all the photos from here.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

New to the shop: You Are My Everything

New to the Shop today

For the guy or girl who makes your heart full. You Are My Everything, is a one color letterpress card hand printed in Long Beach, Ca. It will ship with a kraft envelope. A perfect card for Valentines, Anniversary or an everyday card to tell someone that they're special. Ink is a pretty navy blue with purple overtones.
Available here