Sunday, March 30, 2008

What did you do this weekend?

What did you do this weekend because I think I might be trying to kill myself with work. I hope you all had fun for me because I did not stop running from Friday at 5:30 till right now at 5:15 sunday night. It was all good, creative fun but man... I am too old to push my body like this.

First off the invitations I completed in letterpress Saturday. I spent 8.5 hours standing on concrete, not eating or drinking [dumb, but by the time I needed something the little snack shack was shut down] I had to admit at 4pm to my teacher that I was truly running on vicodin [not in a fun way either] to keep myself upright with my back issues. He thought I was joking but I wasn't. Had it not been for my dear friends deciding to get married [after 11 yrs] in less than 10 weeks, I would not have done this to myself but what came of it was really beautiful. I'm so loving designing invitations right now and my letterpress class has opened so many new options for me. I'm very excited to try new things. [I'm available for hire! richele[at]]

There is a sweet story behind it as well. Ian, Khobe's son who is now 14 recently asked my good friend and his "dad" to adopt him. He wants to attend high school with Dave's last name. After discussing it between the three of them, Dave said he would love to and prompted the marriage in May [It was long overdue anyhow]. So in the end it really is the marriage of their family more than anything which is amazing.

Khobe asked for twigs, brown and green [click any image to enlarge]. After a little illustration time I came up with this and then it went from there. Lucky for me she's an easy client. We got the layout and changes done in less than two weeks. I told her I couldn't promise letterpress but I was able to pull it off yesterday. It turned out even more beautiful than I had thought.

Then I got up this morning to attend a bridal shower for someone else and became the photographer for the event as well. I didn't sit down for 3 hours. As I'm weeding through my images right now apparently my exhaustion is showing because most of my images have movement in them. I'm so bummed that I F*cked up so many shots. I hope I at least have a handful to give to them in the end. ugh.

I did stop to eat this. Warm cake with berry topping and vanilla bean ice cream. Yum! I asked for a second scoop of vanilla.

Now I should be doing chores but I'm so tired. Can't the laundry fairy come to visit tonight? I would be oh so grateful.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gummy Vites & confessions of a big kid

You have probably seen these in your local grocery or Target. Gummy Vites are for kids of course, a bribe of sorts to get extra nutrients into their little bodies.

I hate taking pills, as a child I was very sick with asthma and allergies and at the height of my medication I was taking 12 pills a day to keep myself upright. I avoid pills of any sorts as an adult from this [thankfully I got to ween myself off the others]. Over the years I have had great intentions with vitamins buying them, taking them for a few weeks then letting them sit until they stick together with age.

A few years ago when my best friend was pregnant and overwhelmed with morning sickness her midwife told her about gummy vites. If she took 4 of them a day they would equal her prenatal vitamins and she could trick her body into getting the suckers down.

Score!!! you know I was out the next day buying them for myself and I faithfully remember to take them each morning now too. Since then I have also added Calcium Vites into the mix as well. So yesterday when I was at Costco picking some things up for the office and saw "Omega-3 Gummy Vites" I was thinking right on!! I'll get everything covered off in gummy's I bought the jumbo container to add to my gummy stock.

I cracked the jumbo container open this morning and excitedly popped the first of my "four" this morning and despite the other two tasting yummy this little nugget tasted like ASS wrapped in FISH.

I continued chewing a couple more seconds because I thought it would get better, but it just got more gummy-fish like with every chew. After spitting it out in the sink I had to wash it down with water and a tbsp. of peanut butter. These things are either being passed off to a real kid who can deal with them or they're going in the trash. This was just a bad idea all the way around.

I think I'll stick to my others and a tuna fish sandwich thank you very much. The others I can recommend highly and yes, I have noticed my nails are nice and strong!

Art Opening: Scott Yeskel April 3rd Laguna Beach

One of my favorite painters Scott Yeskel is getting ready for the First Thursday Opening in Laguna Beach. More of his yummy Los Angeles Scapes will be hung at Sue Greenwood Fine Art. Opening reception is Thursday April 3rd from 6-9pm.

I've been following Scott's work for about the last five years or so after I saw him at an art walk downtown. The thing I love most about Scott's work is this dreamy, yet desolate feeling of suburbia. Somehow he's able to capture the spaces in between -the LA homes you see on TV and in mags and the reality of what our stucco-suburbia really looks like. You can almost see the leased Mercedes outside the Hollywood studio apartment.

[If you're not from LA let me explain that "your ride" is everything and it is not uncommon driving around the inners of Hollywood and LA to see a place that looks like a 70's box-o-shite studio apartment with a sparkily 40k car in it's carport. To live in this city and party with the big dogs you gotta look the part...obviously my 11yr old Honda CRV isn't getting me A-listed at Teddy's any time soon.]

Sigh...Once again I'm so sad I didn't buy one of his pieces before he was rep'd by a big time gallery. I should jump on what I love when I see it first because 5 years from now it will triple in price.

Ode to Amelie

Ali over at Ali loves Curtis has a very sweet ode to Amelie going this week. It's been so long since I've seen this movie I need to dig it up again, even if it's just for her sweet little face. Makes me want to keep my bangs - that I'm now growing out.

If you haven't seen the movie expect a little fairy tale along with your movie. The set design and cinematography is nothing short of stunning and only reinforces my desire to get to Paris.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Candy Pratts Price - Accessory Report

She has the most ridiculous name I've ever seen in print but she does get to travel around the globe hunting down the newest, latest, greatest. I'm loving me a little croc as I'm seeing it all over for Fall. The real deal is horribly expensive so it will only be coming home with me if it's faux.

see the rest of her Fall 08' Accessory report at

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You know those days when...

You know those feel all cute, you're outfit is so working, you're having a good hair day and then at some point in the afternoon you catch a glimpse of your ass in a mirror and wonder how you gained 100lbs in a matter of hours?

I'm having one of those days- only about my art. I thought everyone would be so excited about the shoes I illustrated and letterpressed. I guess I'm the only one though.

It's funny the web is great for getting instant contact and exposure. It's also quick to tell you the truth about stuff that sucks.

I dunno...maybe it's the photographs because they are pretty darn snazzy in person. I know...just let me feel sorry for myself for 5 seconds and I'll get over it.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New prints available

Here are some of the color and technique variations of the split-fountain color. They're kinda cool but not what I had intended. sometimes accidents make the best art.

Kate Spad...

I've got some new prints available! I ended up doing 3 variations of this print. Black with pink, Green with pink, and a split fountain [yellow/green combo]. Each of them are slightly different because of all the hand work that was required by the very large carving.

Don't forget to click on the images for enlarged detail!

hand illustrated, hand carved, soy ink hand brayered, hand pulled on a large press. Each are offered in limited editions of 4-10 pieces only. Available from $50-$85. Shipping additional.

print size approx 24" x 18"
sheet size approx 25" x 24"

email me richele[at] for ordering

Just Pretty

I don't think I posted this. I'm doing a bunch of art organization this weekend and found this image I took in Jan while I was in The Cape visiting the boyfriend's family.

It's just so fuzzy and pretty. enjoy.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Things you don't pay attention to if you don't have kids

I just realized that Sunday is Easter. It's obvious at this point that I'm not a church-goer nor do I have children. My boyfriend brought up the same puzzling thought about the holiday last night. Easter use to be BIG. Not like Santa big, but the Bunny was pretty serious when we were little. We have hardly seen a peep [pun intended] about him on commercials and at the malls [maybe because we don't go]. I miss getting an Easter outfit and new sparkily shoes.

We talked about our family's rituals when we were little. New Easter clothes, egg hunting, some sort of brunch or Linner [early dinner], big long church services for his family [Italian Catholics], his family also did something that perhaps is East Coast? the ladies all got Easter corsages and the guys got boutonnieres. I said really? He said it was something silly like a carnation but even when he was little he got one. The girls thankfully got non-carnation flowers.

Hope you get to have a family celebration this weekend full of candy Marshmellow Peeps the most awesome yet disgusting candy in the world.

Great Rooms

My Canadian buddy Jen Lee posted a story about designer powerhouse Dee Dee. Along with having a firm [design and building] completely staffed with women [that is so cool] she will be appearing soon on HGTV. Read the full story over at Jen's site.

I was most taken with this photo. Not for the style, it's a little stuffy for my taste but the layout with the banquette on the far wall. I know many places that have a small but odd layout forcing the dining area and living room to be pushed together. This is the most brilliant use of space I've ever seen. Plus we all know how crazed I am about banquettes. I also greatly admire the Notes Chandelier, which DWR use to carry but I'm not seeing it now on their site [you can change out the hanging notes although it's sold with little art pieces if I remember correctly] There is an actual light in the middle.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You know when women are running a business

You know women are running a business when they do something as brilliant as this: Shoe of the month club. I just got the accessory catalog from JCrew and if you got one you may have noticed a little announcement about their new "shoe of the month" club.

Twelve months of the designers favorites sent straight to your door. [would be better if they were limited editions or something as well] $1800 for the year and I think it's not available on their site but only by calling. 1.866.739.5944.

At $150 a pair it's not a steal but based on some of their shoe prices that are arm & arm with high end designers it's a deal. Somehow, I don't think the croc slides at $495 will be included in that package though.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Be back Soon!

So Sunday afternoon I had a little ghetto emergency room visit to what the doctor tells me is a kidney stone.

I can tell you it felt more like I was dying than anything but I'm now happily waiting to "pee glass" as someone lovingly described to me today. I just can't wait!!! it sounds like so much fun!!! aren't you so jealous right now? Come on...I know you are.

yeah for me!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Stalking Stars & Creepy Looking Men

I have some confessions to make, I think I'm ahhhemmm ready to talk about them out loud. I really dig on "interesting" looking men & I randomly email famous people if I get the chance. Now these are two separate items, yet come together in a odd way with Vincent Gallo.

But first I should go a little backwards to explain my "interesting men". For instance some of my crazy looking crushes of past have been Rob Zombie, or Benicio Del Toro [who my mom said "who is that guy who looks like an axe murderer?"] Henry Rollins, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden [who is normal-looking for this group]. I can appreciate Brad Pitt and real cutie-pies but there is just something dark and dangerous about men who aren't average looking. I generally admire men with "big features" as one of my friends described it. I guess so.

So back to stalking stars... I have emailed and received emails from some of my crushes [ok, one that I can remember/Henry Rollins]. I don't do it often but if I'm clicking around the web...and there is an email I send a little notes like: "I think you're really handsome-have a nice day!" a sort of email-and-dash sort of deal. I don't expect anything nor do I want anything I think it's fun and funny.

About a month ago I was keeping up with videos of NYC fashion week and Vincent Gallo was all over the place on video, pictures etc. He's the perfect creepy looking guy - looks like an axe murderer, would scare my shit out my mom...perfect! I google him because I have no idea who he is and what he does. Turns out he has a website, he's been in some movies, is a musician of some sort, and NYC boy hooked up with Anna Sui apparently because he seemed to know her and her work quiet well.

So while I'm clicking around his site there is a "email Vincent" link. I mean was calling my name for a cute-n-dash email so I did. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote:

"just a note to say: I just think you're handsome.
Thought I would send you a note to say so. Because at
the end of our day, we all like to know that someone
out in the world has a crush on us and your email was
just THERE."

and a couple hours later he emailed me back...and asked for a photo..."because he likes to see the people who write him". I emailed back and said wasn't about that it was just suppose to be a nice thing for your day....he wrote back again and said it wasn't about that either he just likes to see people's faces...

so I pondered it, but instead I sent him my X-Ray photo of my spine/ with all my surgery metal in it...he replied again "your face please".

I don't know why but I have an aversion to having my face on the web [though I'm warming up to the idea], through wires ect so I didn't email him back. I hope he forgives me. It was a fun and humorous exchange.

Now if I can only get John Mayer to reply I would be so incredibly happy. I would imagine my boyfriend would have issues with that email though since he's at the top of my list of "free pass ass" which SGM is doing a large posting about coming up very soon.

What is art?

This is pretty funny. Must be the folks from Wallace and Grommit?
Approx 7 min long

thanks to Anna kuperberg for the link

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reid Miles & Blue Note Records

If you are a lover of structure and great type, Reid Miles is your man & Blue Note Records. Earlier today stumbled onto a site that has cataloged all of their covers including the backs of records. How much do you miss LP art? I know I do.

I want to design a wedding invite to be a LP cover like a Blue Note. Can you imagine? You could stuff them with random vintage LP's oh god, please someone pay me to do this!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where is your high school crush today?

So has anyone been watching Lipstick Jungle? I thought for sure SGM would be all over this but she hasn't talked about it at all. Well I have and have fallen head over Manolos for Kirby the hottie photographer that has seduced the married 40'ish woman played by Kim Raver.

There is something about him and also the boy [Ben] that use to be on Felicity played by Scott Speedman. That reminds me of the boy I had my biggest crush on all through High School [this is a different one than I've previously embarrassed myself with]- Actually Jr. High too, now that I think about it. "Mike" and I had to sit near each other in many classes through the years because of our last names but that was about as close as he would ever get to me. I wasn't a cheerleader and I wasn't in the right social group to date so I got passed over. And yes, like any good cougar, I've googled him, he lives in Copenhagen now with his beautiful wife and two children, owns a business consulting firm and lectures on world economics or some crap like that, there was even some foundation he started for the needy or something [plueeeze already]. Hey buddy! I'm still here in the LBC, in case you wanna go slummin', you know back at home?

If I really had the balls I would link to him right now so you all could see him [he did pretty damn good with age] but I won't, I'm going to live in my own little fantasy land about what never was. Oh...the good ol' days... lordie... high school was horrid.

So, girls who was your high school crush? and where is he today? Google him now and report back soon.

This is Kirby, telling me how much he adores me while hanging out naked. There were other pictures of him with clothes on but why would I go and do something like that?

I *heart* polka dots

I have a thing for polka dots they are everywhere in my life [bathroom walls, my logo, this blog, a duvet] These dishes from CB2 are so friggin cute! To be honest though I don't think that I would choose dishes that looked like this [they would go out of style too quickly]. I would however like a duvet [another one] or possibly a rug with this pattern please.

Although, for the price, $2.95-$4.95 you really could use them for a year and not feel bad if you sold them at a garage sale. Available at CB2.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Melody Gardot

I heard an interview with this singer last weekend on NPR. After a serious bicycle accident she used music as therapy and stumbled into an amazing career. If you like Ella Fitzgerld singer songwriter types this girl is your ticket. Her best song "Some Lessons" I couldn't find to post for you - in her interview she said she doesn't care to play it much as it was the song about her accident. I can say It's definitely worth the 99 cents on itunes.

There are also two of her songs on the NPR page.

from her interview on NPR:

Since the accident, Gardot has struggled with short-term memory loss, which forces her to write and record compositions before she forgets them. Furthermore, her heightened sensitivity to light and sound — which, despite hearing devices and sunglasses — makes performing somewhat difficult. But she says she still finds it enjoyable.

"To be honest with you, being on stage and performing is the 30, 40, 50 minutes of the most pleasurable experience that I have," Gardot says. "Because it's during that time that I don't really feel any pain. I think it's transcendental, and I also think it's kind of like when you have a headache, and someone punches you in the stomach, you forget all about your head."

She hasn't forgotten about her good fortune, though.

"I'm not one to wake up in the morning and forget that," Gardot says. "I forget a lot of things, but I don't forget that."

A giant cupcake to offer the universe

Call it residual PMS or something I'm not sure but lately I've just felt MEAN. Like, drive-over-people-in-my-car mean. Scream profanities-at-asshole-people mean. Type-before-I-think-about-it mean [the most deadly].

Sunday, I went for a walk and almost ended up in a fist fight with a guy who tried to hit me with his car [after he ran a stop sign]. I have felt evil and thought evil things about others. It doesn't feel good to be this person and I'm resolving myself to step out of the hate and into the "cupcakeness" of life. [ BTW I do have one freebie... if I find that guy again in the car, I will have to pull out the mean card...he was an asshole and actually swerved at me because I was going with the flow of traffic, while he ran the stop sign]

I am so grateful of everything I have and all the creative endevors that have been handed to me in the past 6 months. I need to be nicer. So here ya go universe. A great big yummy cupcake I hope you forgive me. Here is my first offering of kindness in a few weeks.

image via flickr burnt sugar.

I love it when advertising takes risks

Mostly it was the song that caught my attention - but the concept is so fantastic I keep watching it on You Tube. The band is Fu Manchu the song is Mongoose. My old punk-rock "wanna-be" self is coming out right now. Mosh pit anyone?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Someone a little Jelly???

Don't hate me because it's sunny here, I'm fabulous and going to Palm Springs soon. Ok, maybe not so fabulous but just a wee bit FIERCE [ooops sorry about that, I miss Christian].

The real story is that my friend David owns this amazing Mid-Century home in Palm Springs and I'm helping him get the word out about his rental property via the blogging community. There are a few blogging women that are joining me in September for a alcohol filled weekend where we pretend to talk about the state of blogs but we mostly are just going to eat M&M's one after another and keep each other from not barfing from margarita or vodka poisoning.

I will also probably be going out to visit, you know, make sure it's ok for the girls and month. I can't just send my people out there without first giving it a true test now can I? You know, the things I do for you people are so endless but I'm willing to sacrifice myself for you. I'm a GIVER like that.

Here's the brilliant part for everyone else though. David is offering a booking discount/prize [spa maybe?] deal with anyone who books the property through our blogging world. So if you are considering a little VA-K this spring I highly suggest you take him up on this offer.

If you email him he'll give you the full details of your treats and book you in on the weekend or week of your dreams. Email david [at] [put Blogger discount in your heading]. You are welcome to book through his rental agency, but his special price is only available if you contact him directly [really suggest you contact him]. 3beds 2 baths and by the time you split it up between three couples you'll be crying you'll be so happy. You can also visit the full property HERE

bloggers...You are fully welcome to post this special on your own blog should you want to. Please just include David's links ect for people to contact him about the booking special.

Rock on kids - be fierce.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The way Sunday felt around here

Based on the cover of right now I feel sort of guilty posting this but today's weather in Southern California could not have been any prettier 80, clear and sunny. I seem to pick my daily music based on weather and mood. Today my play list was my "Palm Springs Mix" When Bebel's song Samba da Bancao came on it just FIT so perfectly.

If you're stuck in the house with storms and shitty weather I'm so sorry. I hope you can feel the sunshine through this song and someone's sunny car ride that they put to music.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Photographer profile: Gyslain Yarhi

With the work I do, I get exposed to some amazingly talented people so I thought I would start a mini-series using some of the people I get to meet up with and give them some blog love.

I only wish I could claim to have worked with Gyslain, I know him rather through a dear friend of mine. Gyslain pronounced [gee-slan] is based out of Paris but works around the world and has shot for a number of notable magazines and fashion houses including Tom Ford while he was at Gucci.

The thing that always strikes me with his work is his sense of light which I've never seen with another photographer [at least the ones I deal with]. I had the pleasure to hang out with him a couple of times and since digital vs film is the conversation du jour in our office [we prefer film/but the client likes digital] I asked him the same question film or digital? He said it depends on what he's shooting but with people and skin it's always film. Digital just isn't there yet. It seems to be everyones sentiment. Digital is great and hopefully it will get there eventually.

I also asked him about the differences working here vs. Paris/Europe he mentioned that he doesn't care for the models here [the fake boobs are a no-no/they all look the same he says], the makeup artists are too heavy handed [interesting] and through his broken French he essentially said LA isn't always known for their "high fashion" [jeans and flip flops anyone?] I would agree because based on his work, it doesn't look anything- like anything I've seen come out of LA.

I hope some day I get to sit in a studio with him and watch him work. Mostly I'm just plain curious about the lights. I come
from a world of making chrome pretty so I have no idea what it takes to light a great face.

If you want some more eye candy check out some of his other work at Gyslain

We interrupt this blog

For a horrible case of surprise PMS. I say surprise, because it's significantly early [over a week+]. I was wondering why I've eaten my body weight weight in chocolate chip cookie dough the past few days [Trader Joes makes lovely pre-lumped cookie dough in the freezer section should you be needing some].

I also have avoided conversations with most everyone since Sunday because A. The fact that anyone is breathing right now is annoying the f*ck out of me B. I feel like I'm going to burst into tears over things like: I haven't had a chance to paint my toes in 5 days [devastating] It was the last episode of Project Runway and I am already missing Tim Gunn and Team Fierce. C. Even one of my good friends and hairdresser can't make me feel better [left hair appt without the full treatment]

So now that I know that I'm not insane [it's only temporary] that wanting to kill co-workers and boyfriends actually has a reason I'm feeling a little LESS insane than I did 48 hours ago.

A friend and I talked about this recently, how as we get older the PMS has gotten worse. Mainly, it involves violent thoughts of punching people, running them over with our cars, screaming profanities at other people's bratty little kids throwing tantrums at lunch. Road rage has a WHOLE new meaning now. It's funny because if you asked anyone who knows me they would describe me as "apple pie sweet" and kind. So it's always a surprise to me and those in my path when Satan spews out of me like Linda Blair.

As I write this, I take pity to the people in my universe right now. I'm so sorry you have to witness the mental insanity that is ME at the moment. I can tell you that the aliens should be leaving my body in about another 48 hours or so and I'll attempt to stay away from the public as much as possible until that time arrives.

-The devil in Richie's body

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

So in love with this shoe

I am in love with this shoe from the Vivre Catalog. Designed by Bruno Frisoni If you have a grand burning a hole in your pocket right now I would suggest using it for these. They are so diva-licious.

Personally, I would probably kill myself if I attempted to walk in them [see many posts about falling-on-face] but a clutz can dream and dream big [rather tall I should say].

Monday, March 03, 2008

I knew the woman I wanted to become

The night of the Academy Awards this commercial ran. It was so note worthy to me that the next day I searched for it on line and You I guess I didn't search hard enough because today I saw it on another blog. Diane Von Furstenberg for American Express.

In tune with the post I did last week or so about helping teenagers feel more confident...If you feel confident you DO feel beautiful. No matter how skinny or fat you are, confidence wins over every time.

Thanks to So Haute! for the link.

Right Now

• I am still recovering from being in the printing lab for 8 hrs on Saturday. My body hurts, my hands hurt. I will have a new extra large piece to show off soon though - A pair of Kate Spade heels from the last illustration
these are giant though. 18x24" [hey does anyone have a connection to main offices at KS? I'd like to send them one]

• I am wearing my new yellow sweater from JCrew. I feel so sunny.

• I went sort of crazy at the mall yesterday. I'm trying not to feel bad for spending that much money. Paper Source,
JCrew [so many, many cute things]. SKII whitening masks [Unbelievably good]

• I really could use a week or a couple days off to get myself caught up with projects around the house.

• I dreaming of Palm Springs again.

• Did I mention I'm exhausted?