Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Robert Reader : Etsy Artist

I'm just mad for this photographer that I found last month and wrote about at AT:LA he sent us a link to his new images today so I jumped on the chance to plug him again. Robert Reader Etsy artist Isofoto.

It's something about the old washed out Poloroids and the mixing of quirky images together. Hello? the orange car, the shoes, the red chair are just stupid good [did I just use the word stupid to describe something good?]. And I have a weird thing for capturing water and pools [don't ask I have no idea why]. Check out his other work, I especially love the fact that he mattes and frames the art in his photo samples so you can see the preportions and framing ideas - Brilliant!

I did a full write up on him for Thursday's AT:LA if you are also a reader of that site and realize it's up there too. That one is full of nice grammar and hopefully good spelling for all those cranky people who care about that stuff. :) sorry you folks get the cheap seats and the 15 year old's slang.


J Lee said...

great find!
i absolutely adore his photos ^^
very vintage feeling, and i love how the large black frames really accent the small boxed images. i want to borrow that look for my photos. hehe.


Anonymous said...

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