Monday, August 31, 2009

I clicked here and all I got was this damn post?

I had really high hopes for writing something tonight. I actually had something in mind to tell you but alas it will need to keep for another day or two. I've been up since before the sun and it's 9:57pm as I write this. I haven't showered and I'm bordering on cranky.

But hey you get to look at this really cute stuff instead! This woman's work makes me laugh every time. Her name you ask? Anne Taintor, which I'm sure she's heard every joke in the book about.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I just remembered I had this photo scanned. It's of my friend Kira she was dreaming and giggling in her sleep.

I hope you giggle in your sleep this weekend.

happy Friday

Mark Rothko on my back

I don't have any tattoos. I'm too art damaged to pick just one. What if I change my mind? What if I hate it in 5 years? But I've always said that when they can put a Mark Rothko on my back that I would consider it. Careful what you wish for.

Looks like Amanda over at Daredevil Tattoo in NYC has figured out how to make tattoos look like paint. I'm sure this isn't the first artist to be able to do this but it's the first I've seen of it. Hummm now I'm thinking....and my mom is going to fall out of her chair reading this. Just kidding [maybe]

this really is my favorite. But can you imagine? everyone would say hey you have paint on your arm.

via > A cup of Jo

If you're in the Los Angeles Area...

My good friend Khobe is a jewelery designer. She has the cutest shop on the edge of Long Beach and Lakewood. She has been a designer for 15+ years and has worked with such notables as Dana Kellin, has had work worn by Sandra Bullock, among many other cool people.

She has started the coolest classes if you're interested in learning jewelry making. Classes run from beginner to advanced depending on your skill and are amazingly priced $35 and up.

Here is her fall schedule. She also is on Facebook and is offering workshop giveaways if you become a Facebook Fan If you're not in the area become a fan anyway and you'll receive updates and sales information as she sometimes does special Etsy sales.


SATURDAY August 29th noon until 4pm
FORGED BANGLE BRACELET(s) - intermediate
You will learn essential forging skills & make a bangle bracelet out of HEAVY sterling silver stock, gracefully curved and hammered on opposing planes. Time permitting, we can also make a pearl-adorned hook bangle (see the photos for both bracelets) - Class fee is $80 & includes the SUPER HEAVY sterling rod for the bangle. KIT FEE if you wish to make the pearl hook-bangle (in sterling) is an additional $15 -- if you wish to make this project in COPPER please let me know (it reduces the bangle cost somewhat) -- but I think everyone is ready to craft this in silver & it looks AMAZING! ***TOOLS NOTE - bring your metalsmithing hammers if you have any!****

SUNDAY August 30th 1 til 3pm
PEARL CLUSTER EARRINGS - all levels - $35
You will design & build your own pearl clustered earrings from Khobe's selection of HUNDREDS of pearls! No limits on this one - a fun class that covers the fundamentals of drop-making, alignment & balance. All materials included.

SATURDAY September 5th 11am until 3pm
SAWING & PIERCING - Layered Mandala Pendant - intermediate - $60
You will saw & pierce a mandala pattern in copper & then layer it onto a sheet of sterling silver to create your own mixed metals mandala pendant, Skills: sawing, piercing, filing, soldering, forming. ***TOOLS NOTE - includes materials, bring your sawframe, clamp on benchpin & files - you MUST have a minimum of one dozen 3/0 sawblades for this workshop*** I will have blades available for purchase the day of this class.

SUNDAY September 6th noon until 2.30pm
Pearl Bound Earrings - $45
You will create 2 pairs of wire-bound pearl earrings - all materials included - all skill levels welcome!

SATURDAY September 12th 11am until 3pm
HANDMADE CHAIN BRACELET (or necklace!) $85
You will form links (round OR shaped) of heavy sterling wire to make a gorgeous handmade chain bracelet & clasp. Skills: accurate repetition of form, precision soldering, forming, forging. This is one of those classes that will “open a lot of doors” skills-wise! If you wish to carry this forward to a necklace, materials will be available to you

SATURDAY September 12th 4pm to 6pm
make a two-charm necklace with initials, names or words – all skill levels

SATURDAY September 19th 11am until 2pm
A fun fold-forming project, you will make a graceful hammered leaf pendant one in copper & one in Sterling Silver.

SATURDAY September 19th 3pm to 5pm
PEARL Hook-Bangle BRACELET $45
You will make a GREAT bangle-bracelet of sterling silver adorned with a pearl!

SATURDAY September 26h 11 until 4.30pm
Mega Hoop Earrings – intermediate - $75
We will saw & pierce intricate, large but lightweight brass hoop earrings with a sterling silver hinged closure – soldering, sawing/piercing, filing & forming (if you are not an earring person, you could revise this into a necklace pendant)

SUNDAY September 27th 1 til 3pm
Domed Disc Necklace & Earrings SET - all levels - $75
Texture & form Sterling Silver to make a necklace AND earrings adorned with gemstones!

SATURDAY October 3rd noon until 2.30pm
STERLING NUGGET RING – intermediate - $75
Make a ring with a unique & organic nugget of Sterling Silver

SUNDAY October 4th noon until 4pm
BEZEL SET PEARLS – intermediate - $75
We will set lustrous coin pearls into handmade decorative bezel settings – make a pair of earrings OR necklace!

all classes are make-and-take format & the cost INCLUDES a materials
kit for the project – materials will be Sterling Silver except as noted – remember closed-toe shoes in the workshop!

all classes are make-and-take format & the cost INCLUDES a materials
kit for the project – materials will be Sterling Silver except as noted – remember closed-toe shoes in the workshop!

call to reserve your space -- we accept cash, check & Paypal (credit cards) for workshop fees

khobe delucca

5403 village road
long beach. ca. 90808

562.420.0021 studio

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

cute and functional

made by design hype. Read all about it here at Springwise

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a couple of things of note

in case you've had your eye on something Katie is having a blow out sale. Be careful though, it's final sale. No returns! I sadly gave away a pair of the cutest silver sandals just a couple weeks ago from this same sale - last summer they didn't fit and I was stuck.

Did I mention my hair is getting curlier as I get older? I don't have time to battle it anymore. I just got my hair cut and realized just a second ago that it kinda looks like Andie's hair in four weddings and a funeral. Not a horrible thing just getting use to it.

I generally pick up my skin goods over at Macys, well because I have a card there. But I had a gift certificate over at Nordstrom's this time and guess what? Nordies has a program with Clarins that if you buy 10 products in a year you get anything you want for free. REALLY? what have I been doing all this time? This rocks the house down. I can't find anything about it on their site. I think you have to go in and register for it at the counter. They keep track via a member card and then at the end Clarins ships you your goodie.

This is all. Just thought you would like to know.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Cintra Wilson NY Times Style writer gets hammered by readers, bloggers and her own editor on her review of JC Penny's Moving in to Midtown.

“Why would this dowdy Middle American entity waddle into Midtown in its big old shorts and flip-flops” without even a makeover of its logo, asked the columnist, Cintra Wilson, a virtual sneer seeming to drip from her keyboard. She said Penney’s “has always trafficked in knockoffs that aren’t quite up to Canal Street’s illegal standards”; “a good 96 percent” of the clothing is polyester; the racks are full of sizes 10, 12 and 16, but not Wilson’s 2; the petites department has plenty of clothing “for women nearly as wide as they are tall”; and the store “has the most obese mannequins I have ever seen. They probably need special insulin-based epoxy injections just to make their limbs stay on.”

her rebuttal? a couple of apologies and this statement

Wilson told me she usually writes about “obscure stores that don’t exist outside of Manhattan,” and she thinks of her audience as “1,300 women in Connecticut and urban gay guys in Manhattan.” She said it was “kind of provincial of me” not to realize how big The Times was and how her audience would expand when she reviewed a store like Penney’s. She said she also thought she hit a raw nerve with people already disposed to think of The Times as disconnected and unsympathetic. “It was dumb on my part not to see this coming,” she said.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

shopping frenzy

Saturday, I knew we were in for a full day of shopping. The boyfriend starts his hospital "residency" Monday. He said get ready because he needed enough clothes to get him through 6 days on, 1 day off at the hospital. He's on a tight budget so I was prepared to get my budget shopping on. I'm super good at this but it just takes some time and effort. So we started the day with an eye exam because all that studying is putting a strain on his eyes. Sears of all places...$55

We ended up getting his frames at a high end shop because his face is hard to fit.Salt Optics super cutie Clark Kent style. Man, does he look like a smarty pants! Sadly we had to pay full price for these babies.

Definitely the best deal of the day, and at our last stop I might add. We had a conversation in the car ride over there that what he really needed was a good pair of wing tips. I think my grandpa heard us talking up there, because he and Grandpa are like two peas in a pod...Grandpa was a wingtip man himself. I think he sent us this AWESOME pair just because we asked [there was not one more pair like them, perfect size - too freaky if you ask me] wingtips from the Cole Haan Collection [were $400 we got them for $99!] at Marshall's

I've tried to like Kohls but we never jive. Chris kept coming home with these really nice looking things and found these slim cut pants and dress shirts that fit him like a million bucks. Granted they won't last a lifetime but if someone barfs or bleeds on him it won't be a big deal. I think we got him 4 pair of pants and 5 shirts and a gob of socks for $150 or something ridiculously cheap

Lastly ties. He is a one picky guy about his ties. Goes back to his big corporate days when it was nothin' but the best. He said you can spot a cheap tie a mile away. I trust him on this. I mean, cheap looking shoes ruin a girl's day right? Marshalls, we found 5 to go with his ensembles. All really beautiful and super-duper stylie looking. Nothin' over 15.99$ total score.

This is not his tie, but we found something similar at Marshalls on the clearance rack for $10!

and yes, I made him give me a fashion show when we got home. I told him damn, honey you look gooooood and you look like you know what you're doing. Which if you ask me, is half the battle. Well, maybe in this case it's not. He's got the smarts to back it up though.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

pucker up

I saw this picture the other day over at cute overload and I can't stop laughing at it. I'm obsessed with his little lips. The quote via me because.... well why not.

Enter as strangers, leave as friends

Are you traveling to the Nevada Sierras any time soon? Maybe you should.

A Cowboys Dream a luxury bed and breakfast.

I'm not a cowgirl... sort of gal but they have a special place in my heart as I've letterpressed some pieces for the hotel [designed by another group]. Check em out here

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What the *&^( is a Tumblr?

I thought I was pretty hip to the scene, today I saw that the Rodarte girls have a Tumblr. What in the sam-hill is that? I went to the page and I guess it's a scrap book? it's not a blog? is it really done by them or someone who's just a fan? these are the questions that I have this evening. These things are important, like finding a cure for the swine flu. Which, if you haven't been reading is going to kill us all this winter. So swine flu and leather leggings, you know you're always going to find something interesting here.

**apparently it's a blog platform - thanks wikipedia! next up swine!

so lets look at some pretty things. Last September's show I think or Spring who knows.

top image via Glamorous Little Side Project
last three images via Rodarte Tumblr

and just because. Remember my shoe card project I sent them that they hated? This illustration was one I was considering. It didn't get finished but I still kinda like it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I have high hopes for these

Patrick Robinson is promising a lot here with "Americas best fitting premium jeans". I hope he delivers this time. I keep trying to love the Gap again and it just never seems to work out for the two of us. We dinner date, sometimes lunch date and it just never goes anywhere.

Apparently two years in design and cutting changes before these bad boys were rolled out this fall. That says a lot. I hope they remembered we're all not 5'10" and a size 4. In fact, I hope they remembered my muffin top.

Monday, August 17, 2009

What I did on My Summer Vacation

I'm not sure it counts as summer vacation since I just started it 2 weeks ago. Maybe it's more of a Summer/Fall semester sort of thing but I've begun a very large project.

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired if you know the saying. I'm over my body breaking down on a weekly basis. I'm definitely not down for the radical spine surgery they want to do on me and I'm seriously over this whole kidney/tube closure thing that is slowing me down considerably right now. I'm just really tired if you want to know.

So a couple months ago when this all went down the "hey lets cut you open and put more titanium bolts in you" I got pretty down about it and then I thought what am I doing? I have this whole team of eastern medicine doctors on speed dial lets see if there's anything they know that I don't. And so it began... all over body testing that resulted in testing positive for parasites [herb therapy], discussions about how to really move my spine [aggressive acupuncture and not very fun body work] and the worse part of it all figuring out what it all means emotionally and spiritually that I'm here. In this place. Once again.

Two weeks ago I began the seemingly biggest project ever. Two times a week at acupuncture, once a week doing this skeletal manipulation, herbs, thinking, breathing, praying A LOT if you want to know. My full time project that is my body is REALLY now a full time project and a very, very expensive one at that. We will be doing most all of this for the next 8 months.

Not really what you want to do when you're unemployed, but then again I don't really have a choice any more. It's this, chronic pain, or more titanium screws and a lot of drugs for the pain. Part of my prayer is asking to provide the funds. So far it's working ok but it of course makes me nervous none the less. [taking ad sponsors/ or health care fund donations should you be feeling charitable at the moment]

So anyway, that's what's been going on around here. It's making me kinda quiet lately. I'm not up for chatting much with friends – I haven't decided why that is just yet I just don't have a lot of words for it. My first day of body work was today which made my eyes spill with tears which of course I can't really tell you why. I'm not gonna lie it kinda sucks if you really want to know - all of this crap.

So there you have it. My big hairy project unveiled. Wish me luck, Say a prayer, offer to Buddha, pray to a chicken, whatever it is that you do please send a good thought or two my way. I need them all.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rivers Of A Lost Coast

you might blink a few times and wonder what the hell a fishing movie is doing on this art/design/fashion/whatever this is site. Let me first say that I have not fished since I was about 9, dad, me, my little brother we had a kiddie pole, we waited, it was boring and that was the end of that. To be honest I haven't even seen A River Runs Through It, which according to some should revoke my girl-card all together considering Brad Pitt rules all things wonderful in it.

But if you've followed my tale for any time you might remember that I met my sweetheart in a fly fishing shop [now in medical school should you be keeping up]. I was not there of my own accord that day but buying wardrobe for a photoshoot. He was a professional guide and the pro shop manager, instructor etc. The rest of that is history but Chris has loved fly fishing since he was a little boy so when I saw a flyer for this movie, Rivers of A Lost Coast earlier this week I checked into it. It looks kinda neat and I don't even fish. Course, I also love a great documentary too.

If you're in the LA area and are interested or know of anyone interested it's playing at the Grooviest theater in town The Art on 4th street here in Long Beach next weekend Aug 22 and 23 noon both days. Part of the proceeds are going to a group called Trout Unlimited with preservation in mind [I think]

"There is a documentary coming out soon that if you're a fisherman you should see. Probably you should see it even if you're not a fisherman" San Francisco Chronicle

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tom Hulse, photographer

I saw this photographer, Tom Hulse walking through the Sacramento Airport when I was visiting family last week. He digitally manipulates his photos so that they look like paintings [kind of] they were super duper cool.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

via Bell Jar SF

Via Ms Bell Jar SF today. How awesome is Sophia

please, oh please will someone tell me how to do eyeliner like this so I don't look like a hooker?

if this photo could talk it would say "Darrlllling.....I eat men like you for breakfast"

Wouldn't it be fun?

wouldn't it be a hoot to really do this and just GO wherever, for a month straight? hummm...where would I go? who would I see? 4 star hotels waiting for me at each destination of course...we're dreaming right?

NYC, Chicago [I've never been], Bahamas they fly there I think, Maybe Miami or Key West, Austin do they go there? I guess I could get close and drive.

where would you go?

for full rules and regulations if you no-show they get you good!

Kate Spade Clothing

I've always loved the way she dressed, Kate that is. Vintage without being too vintage, quirky, classic and pretty. Even though they sold the company some time ago to Liz Claiborne group [I think] I believe Ms. Spade still consults. It seems very her style, very my style if you should care.

Horribly expensive yet Fantastically cute - go figure.

Madeliene Mona coat with bow $745

Madeleine Trina jacket $425

Bisous Stella chubbie [faux fur btw] $695

Madeleine dot balloon sleeve blow blouse $265 I think I could wear this under a black jacket or something but would be afraid of "clown like" feelings suddenly coming over me.

Bisous Bow Trench $645 I mostly liked the way this was styled. A trench that costs $645 is insane [unless it was burberry or something

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My friend Jeanne is in this movie coming out. I guess I'm one of the 70,000 most definitely making lemonade.

Lemonade Movie

More than 70,000 advertising professionals have lost their jobs in the "great recession". Lemonade is about what happens when people who were once paid to be creative in advertising are forced to be creative in their own lives.

Be Back Soon

Getting back together after a visit home and recouping from surgery. Be back in a day or so.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A tale from the ER

Hey doc my kidney hurts like last year. Here is test 1 and test 2 he said.. but we can't see anything wrong.

But I'm telling you something is wrong and it's getting worse. Can't you do this XYZ test you did before?

Yes, he said but not until next month [Mid August]

Fast forward to Sunday night in the ER doubled over in pain: "Yes, your kidney is swollen, we can see that lets admit you to the hospital," they said. "May I have another shot of duiladed before I go?" Of course, they said. "Thank you so much I said" and then refrained from barfing my brains up. I'd rather barf from the medication then feel like my kidney was going to explode, I know call me crazy.

They took me in for emergency surgery and found that I have some scar tissue in that little tube between my bladder and kidney the same one from last year, they saw it before as well, but for some reason either it had filled it up or just collapsed the good side all together. Another stent, this time for 3 months to keep it open.

The funniest part of all of it was how loaded I was. Texting from the hospital bed to people I had appointments with on Monday, some I could only leave drug induced messages for. Often I passed out mid text and then would wake up to holding my phone in my hand and needing to finish.

I'm mostly better now but I'll be off line this week, home to visit my family and catch up from my little vacation to the emergency room.


Sunday, August 02, 2009

Target Chic

I'm a diamond stud kinda girl, always have been. Dangily earrings hurt, they weigh too much, they confuse me. It's one more thing I have to worry about getting ready. I generally look like a drag queen when wearing them.


This was how things were, but well I'm wearing dangliy earrings now. Since working at home or errr... job searching I mean...I have lost my fashion mojo. It's hard to get up and get decked out for no one, just to walk downstairs and sweat in the non-air conditioned office that is my home. So I made a plan a few weeks ago. Dresses. Super easy comfortable knit dresses. I pulled a couple of maxi dresses out from last summer and I was hooked. I look like I put some big effort into it. I can go out in public if need be and not be embarrassed. But still there was something...well not glamorous enough, so I bought a 5$ silver cuff from H&M [gawd bless H&M!] and a 5$ pair of big silver hoops to go with it and Viola! instant glam.


Now I'm hooked. I need a fancy pair for each of my dresses don't you think? I wish I could show you the cutie pair I found at Target today but alas they are not listed. $5.99 folks. Target and H&M are treasure troves for inexpensive costume jewels. I get people stopping me all the time about one long necklace I wear...Target kids... $8.99 plastic painted silver that provides just a little sometin' sometin'

I can't wear gold it makes my skin look all reddish...but if I could I would do this bracelet $9.99

So here are a couple of cute pairs. You gotta go easy on the cheap stuff though, just one of two and you gotta look at it and decide does it really look like silver painted plastic? if so pass. I might also add that it works best with a single colored dress or black if you can't decide. You can get away with cheap with something black and a simple sandal.

So go and be chic darlings!