Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No way! I totally get to have another meltdown buddy

a little side note to explain some of this incase you're new to the blog. my long time b-friend is in a medical program to become a physican asst. Currently we're 2.5 years into a 4-5 year program. Most days I'm ok with things as they are but at 38 it's not like I've got years to spare around the kid thing. I average about a meltdown every 3-4 months. He and I both know it now so we just deal with it as it comes up and I soon return to my normal state.

Me: I feel like I'm heading toward another meltdown soon.
Him: Thats ok honey I've gotten use to them.
Him: But wait, you just had a melt down a couple weeks ago!
Me: That didn't count - that was exterior forces which I can't control. [see Oct post things I can recommend]
Him: No way, you used up your meltdown for this semester. We both can't have a melt down- and advanced organic chemistry is sending me to a meltdown.
Me: No way! I totally get to have another meltdown buddy - don't even thing you're getting out of that one.

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