Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vintage Neon as Letterpress

I have a love of vintage neon that started years ago in college. Originally I painted this sign and it sits on our Mantle today. This year I revisited it for a birthday card, because I thought... when all else fails this is where we go for the bday present.

This card was hand illustrated and is printed in 3 colors. It was a pretty difficult print job and my first effort was not successful and required new plates. I'm pretty jazzed on the finished project.

Did I tell you I quit my job? and I'm headed to the National Stationery Show? I did. It's happening this May. I'm calling it my mid-life crisis since I turn 46 at the show. It's cheaper than a Porsche but more expensive than a Botox so whatevs!

National Stationery Show is held in New York City at the Javitz Center. It's only open to the industry sadly but if you're a store owner I hope to see you there!