Sunday, September 30, 2007

kids, cows & corn

I went home to sacramento this weekend for a little surprise for my dad's 65th birthday. For those of you who don't know my dad [and grandfather] were both farmers. Dad is retired now but still keeps a few cows in the front yard for good measure. I got to see all the rest of my nieces and nephews as well, all of which have grown a foot since I've seen them last. It's kid heaven out at the ranch; dirt, bugs, swings, toys and they can be as loud and crazy as they want. It was great to see everyone.

I also got a couple of photo assignments out of the trip too, it was great practice for me.


one of my photo assignments this weekend. Heather, 20 is expecting her first child. This was my favorite of the bunch. She's still so tiny even though she's due in December! It would be fun to go back at the end just before she delivers.

I think I'll leave the rest of them for her photo album.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Madly deeply in love

featured in October's Domino magazine it's a custom built banquette with the most fanstastic orange fabric and the most perfect mid-century legs ever. Price tag: $4200 not including the fabric.

Do you know that this is IT? this is what I've been cutting photos out of for the last two years for my kitchen dining area? I'm weeping in pain and agony for this piece of furniture. $4200 is just wrong.

I did a story for AT:LA tomorrow about my obsession as well. This love of beautiful things is an illness. seriously.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

loving these blogs

You know when you have a bunch of stuff to do and it's really important and really time sensitive and you f*ck around anyway?...that's what's happening here. Ok... about 80% of it's done I'm not being THAT bad.

loving these women if you haven't seen them:
habitually chic
check out her SJP spotting -the new sex and the city movie is being filmed in NYC currently

Paris Apartment
I wanna go to Paris so bad! This makes it kind of like I'm there.

also this artist featured over at Fresh Palette
Dusty Griffith
really lovely work

dinner party on a monday night

I was asked to do a set of menus and place cards for a friend's surprise party last night. It was great fun doing something so free and elegant. Since they trusted my judgement I didn't really have to answer to a client and make corrections which is the best kind of job of all. Some snaps from the event which was very chic. It's good to know restaurant people...they throw the best parties of all. I realize now that it's another night of champagne's been quite a summer of champagne pics. I also had to throw in pics of the cutest mom and baby ever. * I would load more photos but Blogger is really slow tonight and I have a deadline.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My first paid photography gig

This wasn't the subject matter of my paying client today but an outtake when we had a couple of down minutes on the Santa Monica Pier. I was really scared, even though I take pics for fun it made it all that more serious because there was money involved. I gave her the "just starting out" price which she was happy for and I got to practice with someone other than my immediate group. It turned out great, I think she's really happy with her shots [at least she said she was] and I got to make a little cash. I'm liking my "jack of all trades" title lately...though I might not be a master of all...I'm getting pretty good at many of them.

Santa Monica Pier rides...and vibrant colors too

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Laura Bennett

I missed the emmy's but have been catching up with the fashion for the evening. I just spotted this little number by Laura Bennett who if you were a fan of Project Runway would recognize her. I guess she and Nick from the show decided to come with the show's slogan "wear it like you mean it" which I personally would opt not to wear given the chance but she did a lovely job with the type/beading treatment.

Though I didn't care for her personality on the show [I never know what's really true because editing can be fierce] but her clothing was truly stunning. I understand why she didn't all of her work was sort of evening inspired rather than dressing a woman for all of the parts of her life, but I loved it all anyway and would definitely buy a piece of her work any time -that is if I could afford it. She could definitely carve a name for herself in NYC with made to order pieces in her spare time of product/architecture and her 5 children. ugh! I don't know how she does that or looks that good after that many puppies.

Sharon Stone

And just one more side bar which I think is from the Emmy's as well? The Fug girls called Sharon Stone out on this dress... but my gawd...hello this woman is 50-something you cannot tell me she is not amazing! Granted the dress is a bit funky with the splash as-is but I'm gonng give her some fashion love here cuz she's working it and those shoes are to die for. Think if you click the image it will enlarge for more fashion love.

both images via go fug yourself

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Hollywood Bowl

What do you get when you mix a bus ride, a picnic, the most varied age group I've ever seen at a concert, Carmen Miranda music and movie songs from the 50's and you'll get a good idea of what Pink Martini is.

My friend April bought me tickets for my b-day [back in May] to see the group Pink Martini at the Hollywood Bowl. We had a great time and for those of you that have never had the honor of attending a show there it's a real experience. HB is nestled in the hills of Hollywood [you can actually see the Hollywood sign when sitting in the audience] There is some parking around the area but if you consider 18,000 people going in the direction of one spot in LA you'll realize the area can't handle that many people. They encourage bus travel from different lots around LA which we happily did. It's part of the fun going to the bowl, mostly because that's the only time in LA I'm ever on public transportation sadly.

Anyhow it's a fun process no matter who you see there. One funny bit from it. I had heard of Pink Martini prior to this adventure but knew nothing of their music, I thought April had the edge on me for once music wise. The other couple that went with us was under the impression this was one of my favorite bands. After we realized the comedy of errors we had a big laugh over it. It was a great show complete with Carol Channing singing "there's no business like show business" I thought the woman was dead but she's alive and kicking.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

2 Days in Paris

I had a lovely day out at the movies by myself today and I can't say enough good things about this film 2 days in Paris. Funny, sweet and fantastic dialog only a woman could write. Delpy and Goldberg, who apparently dated years ago in real life, star in this funny movie about what happens when Goldberg is confronted with the fact that his girlfriend has had a very rich love life back in her country of France and the French men who loved her still covet his girlfriend. Both have a great on screen presence and great chemistry.

Julie Delpy wrote, directed and starred in. Interestingly enough one of the backers to the movie is Netflix...whom I love as well. Glad they are promoting great, small film making. You can watch one of the funny clips on the live link above.

You're the one that I want

I mentioned Rachael Yamagata a couple of posts ago and a reader commented and asked me if I listed to Sia. I love Sia! If you haven't heard her music she has a powerful voice and is quite elf-like in person for lack of a better descriptor. She also has a new CD coming soon and a tour. If you sign up on her site you can be on the presale-ticket list I hope to get into her El Rey show here in LA later this month. I posted her most notable single to view if you want to hear her "Breathe"

I also included this video below from Grease because the first time I saw her perform her in LA she came out on stage for a KCRW show and did a duet with BECK and they sang this song. The also did it a few nights later on Beck's opening act for the Flaming Lips. The two of them doing this song were total brilliance! I have found a bootleg version of it audio but no one seemed to film it for you tube which is a shame.

Here is the original to spark your memory. I dare you not to sing along and bop in your seat to this one. How fun would a remake be of this...Reese Witherspoon would make a great Sandy. Who should play John Travolta's character??? oooh what about Justin Timberlake??? Who would you put in their parts?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More eye candy from NYC fashion week

I found out about this woman from an article in W magazine a few years ago. She's known for her really fabulous coats using vintage fabrics. [Kate Spade is a huge fan of hers and even Kate's Barbie that was made after her had one of BT's coats as her outfit]. Up till now I believe she just made very limited numbers of pieces because of the vintage nature of her work.

I've been keeping an eye out for her hoping I would see her wears again. I believe this might be her first showing at Bryant Park. Barbara Tfank ...remember her name, she will be my one to watch for the next few years. Simple and really pretty.


Michael Kors does color, diva, sportswear right.

Hubba Hubba Oscar de la Renta

Loving the take on the different green and pink, just slightly tweeked from their normal pallet. It totally works. I expect to see more gem colors like this soon.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fashion Week NYC

I've been following the daily uploads of the shows happening this week in NYC. I haven't been very wow'd up till now. Everone is very subduded for spring. I like simple so don't get me wrong...there are some lovely pieces to be seen but none of the shows overall have impressed me so far except for Ralph Lauren who pulled off this very Disney-esque period thing for his 40th year in the biz complete with circus leader uniforms [what are those people called?].

People get all tweeked out about crazy fashion but the truth is most of it gets watered down for consumerism anyhow. You might see this red jacket appear on the streets sometime but it will be with a pair of jeans or something tame. Overall I'm liking his continuation of mens-wear inspired looks and then the complete opposite with the giant hats and lady dresses. Check in with to see all the coverage

Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Additions

My brother and sister-in-law got a phone call almost a year ago now inquiring whether they would be interested in adopting a child from a family member that was having her rights taken away for drug related charges. In early spring they got custody of my niece Kiley who I hadn't had a chance to meet until they came to visit last week and we all went to Disneyland. We had a great time and Kiley who just turned two in June is doing amazingly well and is very spunky for a two year old! She has all of us including her brothers wrapped around her pinky. She definitely is the rock star and we are the roadies.

Makes you wonder what other fabulous children are slipping through the cracks in the foster care and adoption systems. I can't imagine her being in constant transition and not having a home or a future.

Hunter pretending to be a chicken -what else do you do when you're 6?

Bryan 14, reluctantly letting me take his photo.

Rachael Yamagata

I fell in love with Rachael Yamagata's music over 3 years ago on her first tour. I happened to catch her by accident when I went to see her opening act. When Rachael came out on stage and began performing, my mouth just dropped open. She is a very gifted singer and song writer and even more so when you consider that she's still in her early 20's. Her first CD Happenstance is still one of my top 5 cd's in the car 3 years later - perfect girl/driving music to sing along to.

I've been anxiously waiting her second CD which is long over due. When I went to check her site for an update last week there was an amazing "album teaser" which I've never seen a record company do for an artist. It's beautiful in it's own right and makes me want the cd even more. She spent last winter in a remote cabin location writing which ended up being the imagery for the video. Smart A&R guys!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Instructions for life

I should have this tattoo'd on my forehead-more love from the Mouse

coffee or tea?

Greetings from the mouse. Aunt richie needs a cup of coffee about this big to get rolling. 8hrs of walking at Disneyland makes her feel mighty old this morning...rather afternoon.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Beach Outting

It's a two part beach story but I got up at 5:15am on a Saturday to go to the beach with the dude. We had plans to meet some friends at a popular surf spot in south orange county at San Onofre [sp?] Beach. It's a great surf spot and if you don't get there early enough you have to wait in line [only a certain number of parking spots]. I had to entertain myself somehow so I got out the camera. We got there too late and waited for about an hour before calling everyone and telling them not to bother. We ended up a more kid friendly local where we could trek in our multiple bags of stuff.

This weekend in So Cal was miserably hot. even just feet away from the ocean it was close to 100 degrees. Water at 60 something actually felt good. We all got sunburned I think even with 45+ on mulitple times during the day. The kids are so lucky they go to the beach all the time and just think everyone gets to. What a treat.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Yucks

Everyone should pop over to read Andrea from Super Hero Designs if you have a moment first post titled "a formal apology" the second titled "thank you". She has a funny knack for posting themes that I've been battling with. She calls them gremlins I call them the yucks. I know I'm not the only one which is reason I'm sharing it now. Hopefully we all can remember to be kind to ourselves during these slots of time.

This summer has been difficult for me personally. I know everyone goes through this so it feels ridiculous to talk about. I feel like I'm complaining about a very good life I have. I have everything I need and more, yet it's still not good enough which becomes I'm not good enough...see where I'm going with this? I won't go into the gorey details but essentially I feel like the grossest, ugliest, most giant loser that has walked the planet for a few months now. I'm starting to pull myself out of it but it's been a long summer of feeling shitty.

I know the sources and it annoys me even more that I know it and have not been able to change the thought process [ though I am moving out of it slowly] I have battled these bouts of depression most of my adult life. As a young adult I wasn't self aware enough to know what they were, I would just spend a lot of time being really quiet and not talking to friends or family about it. Which of course is the worse thing you can do to clam up about it. I've done years of therapy folks, I know the drill.

As women we have a lot of pressure on us mostly self-inflicted but I think we all fall into areas of this, or maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better by thinking that?

The one difference between myself and Andrea is she wants to say sorry outwardly...and I just direct all the ugly, nasty thoughts upon myself filling myself up with more and more yuck until I explode. "The man" got the full monty last weekend with the devil spewing from my mouth so loud and fast that I'm sure that he thought I was Linda Blair. I'm not that happens so infrequently that when it does it's as much a surprise to me as it is to the person in my path. I formally apologized of course. Then I hated myself even more.

I'm on the path of more rest, more excersize, more me time which is part of the issue at hand. I feel like I'm slowly clawing myself out of the slippery walled pyrex bucket that I've put myself into. It's all of my making...and I've made a whole lot let me tell you.

So dear readers...anyone get the yucks and how do you get yourself out?