Monday, June 30, 2008

I think I might be "In" with the cool girls

You know when you start to hang out with a group of girls in school and it's a little nerve wracking because you're not sure if they're just being nice to you [and talking behind your back] or they really like you? That's how I feel about my blogging girlfriends. I mean, I think they're SO swell and I really want to be girlfriends have coffee, possibly a slumber party, definitely shoe shopping - that is if we all lived in the same city, state and country. Instead, we chat via blogging or sometimes an email or two.

Today Karey over a Mackin Ink wrote a very lovely post. She included me in a blog post about some of her favs. I'm so flattered. So, I think she really likes me! [I say in my best 13 year old voice] Lets hope she's not faking it and is gonna gang up the other girls and beat me up behind the back-stop at recess. Because, that, THAT would really suck.

Man, I gotta start thinking of some more "holy shit richie" stories. everything seems so boring now.

thanks karey!

photo via Gossip Girl >Fashionista

Sunday, June 29, 2008

New In the Studio

New in the studio.

In case you didn't are AMAZING

available singles 3.50$
or a group if you have a whole lot of amazing people like I do. 5 pieces for $15

contact me at richele[at] for ordering

Friday, June 27, 2008

I felt like the turd in the punchbowl

A woman that resembled "the patron saint of hotness" as Decorno calls her, sat down with her date last night at the table directly across from me and my boyfriend. They were on a date, I suspect it was one of their first but that they had known each other through a group setting [you can tell these things]. She seemed comfortable enough to blab, "I mean, who does she think she is?" all the while her handsome and older date pretended to care and engage her in dialog about said friend, so that he could stare at her longer.

We all cared. Me, my boyfriend who snuck glances [and he never does that], me again, the waitress, the busboy, me again, all trying to figure out if she was actually that beautiful or if it was just the perfectly fluffy, curled hair that made it seem as-if. I still can't tell you if she was, I couldn't get a good stare in without being a stalker. She had the Angelina hair and enough eye make up to support Sephora for a a year [expertly applied I might add] and me having my little A-line "cute" bob felt like the turd in the punchbowl. I was feeling so proud that my hair had grown out enough to fit into a stubby little pony tail and then Miss Glamour Hair, skinny-girl-super-hotness sits down next to me. I would describe myself as "cute" but it would be nice to be "glamourous", I just never have been that girl. I felt like someone had barfed on me the rest of the evening.

The boyfriend is so nice, after telling him later that evening how I felt like the "dog of all dogs". He said in his normal fashion, "Honey, she was too skinny and she looked like a hooker with all that makeup on". He's such a smart man - to say such lovely things about her. I thank his mother and all the women who came before me that educated him on such elequant words in describing such women. Just another reason I love him. [even though we all know it's a lie.]

God Bless the good boyfriend.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A phone message from Tara:

I'm a bit poop'd out at the moment going to take a couple days off to recoup. but before I leave here is a hilarious conversation that happened a few years ago.

This was a real phone message from my friend Tara a few years ago. I replayed it and transcribed it because it was so stinkin' funny. At one point when I had a greeting card company with my friend April, this was one of in our line up -which is why I still have it.

I titled it 30-something phone call

ring , ring, ring [message machine picks up]
“hey, we’re not here so leave a message”

“Heyyyyyyy it’s me, it’s been a long time. what the hell is going on? I hope you’re well. I’m on my way home from getting my hair cut and visiting with my cousin’s new baby--who is so damn cute it makes me want to pop out about seven!

But I guess I need a man [at some point] for that, right? That’s ok, because I’ve been reading up on freezing my eggs so that when I’m 52 and finally meet a man who’s worthy, I can maybe pop out a few puppies.

Anyway, I don’t want to use up all your tape. Talk to you later. miss you, see ya, bye.

oh...before I forget, that guy at the gym who I’ve been”


You know what summer brings don't you?

The county fair! Food on a stick, fried everything and spinning rides to make you barf it all up. AHHHHH summertime!

LA has some of the best commercials ever. This was a series with the same three girls/women.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Repair Pal

So a logo that I worked on for a web start-up last year some time has launched -for Repair Pal. I did the initial logo for their venture capital push. It was then morphed into it's current state. I'm not the best at logo work so this is kinda a big deal for me. Logos are amazingly difficult, usually taking weeks and sometimes months to nail down. Repair Pal contacted me and I only had a matter of days, which at the time seemed like design suicide to me.

Repair Pal is a sort of "kelly blue book" for auto repairs. It should be a big deal - currently they are in Beta testing- check em' out!

My first rendition.

The final version launched last week.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Me and Maya

I was first introduced to Dr. Maya Angelou's work in college. I think through one of my girlfriends who was in the women's studies department. You may or may not know of her work she is an author, a poet, a singer, a dancer, she speaks multiple languages.

This weekend I needed to clean some things out from a book case and I came across an interview that she did with Oprah for her O magazine December 2000. I saved the magazine just for that interview and so in an attempt to consolidate I ripped out the article [or what I thought was all of it]. An hour or so passed and I sat down and began to reread the interview and realized half way thorough that I had thrown part of it out in the trash. I was so possessed with having it that I dug through my apartment dumpster to get it back.

After I retrieved it I thought about doing this write up and how I would describe my love of her words. Why I feel drawn to this woman of color who is 80 years old. What I have to tell you is that, if you don't know her or her work, that she is strength embodied and she owns her power every minute of every day.

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who owns his or her power? Who does it without need of squashing anyone else around them? They can captivate a room, own immediate respect and set their ego aside to tend to the situation. This is what she is for me, and many many people that are her fans. I've been thinking about how to reprint this article in sections, but it is fairly long. I thought I would post a couple of quotes from it instead. If you are interested in reading it whole. I would be happy to photo copy the article and send it to you. A little love via snail mail. Maybe if I get a little something finished in the studio, you might also get a treat. I'm feeling generous today so you should take me up on it! Send me an email if you're interested richele[at]


Oprah: How is it that you came to be this wise? Because you would say you're wise, wouldn't you?

Maya: Well, I'm en route. I am certainly on the road.

Oprah: Is it because you've paid such close attention in your life?

Maya: I do pay attention. I love wisdom. And you can never be great at anything unless you love it. Not be in love with it, but love the thing, admire the thing. And it seems that if you love the thing, and you don't just want to possess it, it will find you. But if you're in love with the thing, it may run like hell away from you.

Oprah: But if you love it, it looks for you as you look for it.

Maya: That's right.

Oprah: Just listening to you now, I'm thinking, What is it about Maya? I think that it's that you know yourself.

Maya: Uh-huh.

Oprah: You know that you are supported by something bigger than yourself. That you are loved. That you have the right to stand up for yourself. And that comes from knowing who you are.

Maya: And I not only have the right to stand up for myself, but I have the responsibility. I can't ask somebody else to stand up for me if I won't stand up for myself. And once you stand up for yourself, you'd be surprised that people say, "Can I be of help?"

On the topic of dying...that she came to grips with in her early 20's

Maya: It was one of the most important crossroads in my life, because once I realized that no matter what, I would do this thing, [die] the next step was to think, if I am going to do the most difficult and frightening thing - dying - is it possible that i could do some difficult and maybe seemingly impossible things that are good?

Oprah: Was this a conscious thought?

Maya: Yes. I thought, just suppose I could choreograph a ballet. And I did it. Suppose I could teach dance at the theater in Cleveland. And I did it. suppose I could sing for a living - that I could stop these two jobs as a waitress and a salesperson.

Oprah: Had you thought about doing that before but didn't have the courage?

Maya: It had never occurred to me. I'm going to die. So why can't I do everything? And what is this idea that I worked all day yesterday, so I'm tired today? I've never believed that.

Oprah That is why everyone marvels at your stamina - your ability to continue to be out there speaking, teaching and giving, giving, giving. We think, how does she do it? I need a nap!

Maya: I think a nap or a rest overnight is great. But who needs three days of rest? Please! The second day, you might die.

mage via Dr. Maya Angelou's sitei

Friday, June 20, 2008

Do You Know This Woman?

You should. She's fabulous and I don't say that lightly.
A cup of Jo

This is just one of the sweet posts I saw over on her site. I thought I might fall over when I saw it. It would be "death-by-cuteness"

and this one which is just lovely

I dream someday that I'll come to work and turn on the box and will fire up and be covered with beautiful things like this instead of stories of hurt and pain.

Thanks to Karey for leading me to her

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Soon to be...New in the studio

I'll be printing these soon.

a simple greeting...because I have so many people I can send this to - mostly my sweetheart Chris who is the most amazing person I know. He has been the inspiration for some of my most favorite cards.

And an announcement or two. I have some little people being born around me this summer.

If you are a fan of Jackie O

If you are a fan of Jackie O and lady like 50's inspired dresses, you should go visit the images that Fashionista posted this morning in regards to Kate Spade's new clothing line. Holy Toledo are they are cute. Very Kate, very Barbara TFank as well.

blogger is being a bitch this morning and not allowing photos to load. go see them for yourself

PS. I bought the silver sandals - more consolation prizes for me - and my friend moving away.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Right now...

• I'm drinking bubbly water and wishing for a back massage and a facial now that I think about it.

• I'm sad that my best friend is moving 2 hours away. I know it could be worse but I'll miss her not being around the corner. She got a fantastic new job in La Jolla, Ca where she's set to make gobs and gobs of money [I might be a little jealous of that part]

• I've just completed my third estimate for a potential new client. Letterpress is expensive no matter how you slice it. The deadline on this project is so tight. I'm a little scared she'll agree to one of the price suggestions.

• I miss my family up north. I'm due for a visit. I just don't know when that's going to happen.

• I feel like eating peanut m&m's until I explode. It's probably due to #2. I've already gone to Target on an aimless shopping spree because I was sad. I got a swell new set of towels out of it though.

• I'm still obsessing about those damn silver sandals below. If only it wasn't a no-return sale. I hate that.

This would be smashing with my silver flats from below

Jcrew on sale for $179
I do have a August wedding to attend...someone talk me into it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why oh why do I love shoes so much?

Kate Spade sent me a little email today about a private sale. Damn Kate, she knows I have a weakness for sales. How am I not suppose to buy at least one pair?

pink Juliette...if only it didn't have "ks" on the buckle $159

stripes $79 and they have a rubber bottom which my back loves very much

silver sling backs my favs $129
size 9 if the shoe fairy is listening or sending them my way.

Monday, June 16, 2008

For the love of banquettes

A reader, Karen here from Eden Prairie, MN, wrote to me today about a story I did while I was working for Apartment Therapy, I thought other readers might find benefit of the question and answer.

Hey, I saw your blog in Apt Therapy about the banquettes. I love love love banquettes and have been wanting to get one for years. I'm moving soon, and I'm gonna do it! I was thinking about using the Herman Miller Goetz sofa, but I think it is too deep. Then I saw your pics - and tried and tried to get more info on these guys, but to no avail. Do you remember or still have easily accessible the info for them?

Hi Karen,

Yes, I too am still obsessing. I always seem to find a use for my dollars somewhere else though.

With all my research I decided [for what I wanted] I was going to have to do a custom piece.

you might be able to find out more info about the gray sofa featured in the AT:LA story from Jen Lee she changed her blog name after that original posting.

There is a guy that I found here locally in Long Beach, Ca that I could recommend that has worked with the hotel industry and set building for custom work, but then you'll have to schelp it to MN. If you're interested still just let me know and I'll get you his name. [It's David Galindo I found it tonight]

As for stock these two pieces seemed like they might work nicely:

Brocade Home tuffed loveseat

Briar Love Seat by CB2

If I recall, many of the major furniture builders are in MN so you might be able to find someone local.

Hope this helps. Send a photo when you're all done - definitely want to see it!


Sunday, June 15, 2008


I've always had a crush [How can you not fall in love with that smile?] but now all of a sudden I've become a golf fan - I don't know why. This commercial made me tear up watching the US Open today.

Kick some bootie at the playoffs [on Monday], Tiger.

Friday, June 13, 2008

If you're interested in photography...

this is quite interesting...

thanks to my friend Sherri for sending it to me.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is funny and true

Now on sale at Vivre 20% off.

Anya Hindmarch "Savour Kindness Pouch" pouch

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dear Tooth Fairy...

Dear Tooth Fairy... oops wrong person....Dear Santa.....ok it's June....Dear Donald Trump...I've been a very, very good girl and I'd really like a Bottega Veneta Bag or two.

Perhaps the black one, it will go with everything, I realize it's kind of expensive at $3540 So, I picked the metallic oversized bag just in case. It's a measly $2,800.

G- Damn these bags are beautiful.


I got invited to a little party in Paris, by Ateliers Ruby makers of coutour motorcycle headwear. I'm sure they invited 10,000 of their closest friends who also have to pay 10 Euros to get in, but who's counting.

In case you're in the neighborhood
Le Jeudi 12 Juin Au Son de La Dream Team Ruby Sur Le Bateau Concorde- atlantique
Face Au 23 Quai Anatole France Paris 7th, de 23H A Laube,
Entree 10 Euros

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Before I was so rudely interrupted

Before I was so rudely interrupted by my kidney, I was going to be Mr. Rogers. Hi kids! welcome to my studio. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood....

hand mixing ink and my garage studio

On Saturday before I went to the ER, I finished another set of wedding invites for my good friends John and Jane. John is one of my favorite people on the planet, he also happens to be a vendor for my office. I would be friends with him even if he didn't work for us. He's just good people..

A few years ago his life-long love passed away from cancer and year of so later he met Jane. And now they're getting married, and he asked me to do his invites. Now this man does have access to EVERY major art director in Los Angeles, he also is a printer by trade. He prints books [brochures] for nearly every major car manufacturer in the U.S. I was beyond honored. I wanted to make his work more than special. He hasn't seen the final piece yet but I suspect he'll be very happy.

You'll have to cut me some slack on the shitty photos. I'm still trying not to pee on myself [read entry below]

click to enlarge any photo.

I'll post some better pics to my paper site soon.

of course if you have a special invite or stationery need I'm always looking to chat. contact me at richele[at] for estimates or more information about letterpress.


I went back to work today, for part of the day anyway, before I began to shake and on the verge of tears wondered why I was there and left. I had a minor surgery Sunday afternoon to correct what they thought at first was kidney stones but then while in discovered that my plumbing so-to-speak had a kink in the hose. I'm all better with the exception of feeling like I have a UTI 24-7 now. I guess if I pee on myself at work now I'll actually have a good excuse. I was answering emails this morning and responded to a girlfriend's 'lets go to lunch this week' email, telling her about my weekend of hell and morphine. She and I have known each other for a long time and she later called to check on me I said "I want "do-overs" my insides are defective - I think I got jipped". She laughed and agreed that indeed I did get jipped. But when I really thought about that I realize I'm fairly lucky. It could be A LOT worse. and in the end my body screams at me when I should be paying attention. I have to pay attention because it just plain STOPS working.

In reality my body is a full time job on it's own, and has been since I was 8 when I began having serious asthma attacks. My mom stayed up with me all night when I couldn't breathe, my dad took me to the emergency room, I had shots, I took 12 pills a day to keep me functioning. As I grew out of that, I was suffering from severe back pain and discovered scolosis at 20. At 21 I had 4 titanium screws placed in my spine. The metal didn't talk to me for a long time but about age 35 they began to scream. I see doctors all the time now to keep me mobile. I see a chiropracter 1-3 times a week, an acupuncturist, and a massage therapist to make the other two thing stick. Then, I have my western doctors to prescribe pain killers when the others don't work. I pay cash for everything but the pain killers. Insurance believes in vicodin but they don't believe in massage - how f*ed up is that?

So back in April when I began having these "episodes" of kidney pain that they thought were stones, it was one more thing to add to my list. Another battle. What did you do Saturday Night? "oh, my boyfriend drove me to the ER then I barfed into a plastic bag because I was in so much pain". It's just another day in my life.

Lucky for me they found what they think is the remedy, adding a little tube to keep the kink in the hose from being a kink again. I've had two people ask me what happens when they take it out, if it doesn't work? Hell if I know, I'm not thinking along those lines at the moment. I'm just trying not to pee on myself when I stand up.

Concidently, Oprah today had the guy from "The Last Lecture" about how living life even in your final days is about moving forward. I'll be honest I was a little grumpy this morning that I had to think about going pee every 15 min. I still kinda am. It's a pain in the ass. But I'm doing pretty good in the long run and so grateful for all the great things and people in my life. My boyfriend reminded me of all of my friends that came forward in a moments notice to help me if I wanted it this weekend. I do have a very rich life. I am blessed.

So here I am making art like I want to, trying not to pee on myself. I'm glad for this day I hope that my body supports me for many more years. I'll listen to it I promise, not that I can avoid the back pain when it strikes, or the kidney pain that makes me barf [who knew pain could make you barf!]. lets hope these two things are the most serious of them all I would be so lucky.

Photo: Just peony's that i bought myself recently because they're one of my favorite flowers.

Monday, June 09, 2008

A little emergency surgery...

had another bout with the kidney thing and this time it required a little bit of surgery. I'm all good just will be down a couple days on the ol' blog while I get caught up. be back soon!


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

When was the last time you listened to this album?

The guy and I don't agree on music ever, but this album we can agree is a classic. I was listening to it this evening while I was working. She had so much anger on this recording but it worked for the music. I'm sure it was a different thing walking in her skin. Hopefully she grew out of this and the Pope rip-up incident.

Possibly one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Not many can pull off a shaved head [I actually prefer it shaved over long. google her to see more pics.]

If for some odd reason you missed her the first time around in the 80's or you want a new listen here's a You Tube clip. This wasn't one of her more popular songs but it's one of my favorites. Very strange video though!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

it's just a little something...

It's a work in progress but I finally decided I needed to have all of my printed matter in one place. So here it is.

Richie Design - Paper

Just a little Blurb

So I wish I could take credit for this incredible find but I saw it over at Ms. SF Girl by the Bay this am. I've been obsessed with the idea of iphoto books for a while. I've even started scanning in old childhood photos in hopes to give them as family gifts, sometime this century.

I haven't seen them in person but there was something off about the iphoto books from what I could see online. Maybe it's the text? I'm not sure. Blurb seems to have fixed that issue and found an inexpensive way to make awesome looking photo books [or publish your very own book with just text] and make it look super pro.

I'm having the attention span of a flea at the moment so you can go check out prices and size information at the site but prices seem to range $10-$30. I think that the publishing world may have to rethink themselves, kind of like record companies did with itunes. This could spawn a whole new crop of writers and artists which makes me so incredibly excited!

My personal favorite from just a few minutes on the site was definitely Robert Mars [center neon photo] because we all know what a sucker I am for vintage neon. His work is actually paintings. This photograph was an excerpt.

book credits: Slate, Robert Mars and Alison Grippo

Monday, June 02, 2008

New Angela Adams Totes

I love Angela Adams patterns they just say "happy happy" to me. I got a note in my inbox from their PR person letting me know about their new totes [how cute are they?] and beach towels which of course, I want one of everything. Totes are made with her lovely Sunbrella Line of fabric and are available in three sizes: Large Island Totes, 21"x18"x8.5" $149.00 Medium Island Totes, 18.5"x11.5"x6" $109.00 Travel Kits, 9"x6.5"x2.5" $39.00.

The best part about all of this is they are made in Maine.

I say this because I deal with product development occasionally in my office and cost is always the bottom line. It never fails that we end up producing our work overseas when the projects are awarded. Each time it bums me out to no end, knowing that all the fuel is being wasted shipping or flying the pieces over, that US factories aren't getting the work because someone in China is willing to work for half. So here you have it, US production at it's finest. I think it's just great.

Don't forget to check out her paper goods which are such a treat. I never see that section of her work talked about very much.