Sunday, October 14, 2007

What happens when you don't pay attention

I went to an event a week ago Saturday...8 days ago...and of course I was nervous about being at this event as everyone is uber successful 'scrubbed clean' as one party go-er described them to be. So I brought out my cutest outfit that of course looked like I wasn't trying too hard including a pair of heels similar to the ones above. Now considering my back issues [see lovely xray below] you would think I would opt for something a bit more sane, but no my inner critic comes out and convinces me I would be nothing without a grand heel so I caved. I stood in these heels on concrete for a few hours. heels+ concrete =bad, bad, bad news.

flash forward a few hrs post party, where I knew I was going to be in some pain and I woke up to being sore but nothing out of my ordinary morning- walked to breakfast - then proceeded to work at my desk for a few hours and by the time 4pm rolled around I was barely able to walk.

my week went something like this: chiro appt/ pain killers, massage [and not the fun kind] + chiro appt / pain killers, acupuncture appt/ pain killers, another chiro appt/ pain killers, another acupuncture appt, and tomorrow am another not fun massage appt. I'm only at about 80% better. I am still in constant pain. Did I mention the lesbian clogs I was forced to wear everyday? [not that there's anything wrong with that] my fashion sense had to accomodate this fiasco for a full week.

My downfall was standing. I can wear a heel when I walk into an event or space and immediately sit down. I cannot stand. the metal in my spine screams at me to pay attention -I didn't mention the cocktails that probably dulled this "paying attention part".

I hate when my body screams at me and I have to listen. So now I don't have an option and I won't be duplicating this most expensive week ever - ever again. If you tally it up, since my insurance didn't pay for any of it except the meds of course, those were the most expensive pair of heels ever. My 20$ clearance rack super finds just took on Louboutin status.

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Maryam in Marrakesh said...

That is your back. Eeek! But those shoes are seriously cute. Okay, not worth it, but nonetheless SERIOUSLY cute.