Monday, November 26, 2007

Gift Mania

I think I've become one of those cranky aunties. I love buying my nieces and nephews treats at the holidays and their birthdays but I just hate giving in to the plastic crap, the video games and all that stuff. I want to give them good toys that have longevity that perhaps might develop a part of their little beans that may have been resting. I think it started last year for my nephew's birthday when I just couldn't give him another toy and bought him books instead. I know mine was the gift thrown to the side when the frenzy began, but I also know he reads it regularly before bed with mom or dad and that he knows "what the moral of the story is".

So I will be cranky auntie again this xmas as well. When I got a catalog last week of gifts from Restoration Hardware it was just my speed. This weekend I picked up the boys 6-10 yrs containers of marbles. When was the last time you saw kids play marbles? They were always like little gems to me when I was little and winning them from each other was so fun. A couple of the older kids will get hypotrochoid art sets [which are so cool I want one too] There are some Slinky's to be had, as well as a set of cards to play crazy 8's, old maid and rummy. I suspect they'll again be thrown to the side but I also suspect that once the crazies of the holidays stop that they will take their Slinky's out and play with them. Hummm....I think a book or two should be had as well -they can't have too much fun!

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J Lee said...

haha.. love it!

i remember i used to carry a bag around during my elementary school yrs full of marbles! who said only boys played with marbles.

i agree, i'm just glad my nephew isn't old enough to know any better. i can spoil him with fun clothes and personalized blankets without him giving me the "oh thanks..." look! ^^