Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Want Monster

Do you ever have those weeks where you become like an 8 yr old kid and just want everything? New shoes, new clothes, everytime you turn around there is something so amazing that you want it this very second!!!

Obviously, I'm in one of those moods. Currently I want:

A Mini Cooper in cream with a black top.

A temperpedic mattress

A painting from one of my favorite artists, Scott Yeskel that has a solo show going up on Thursday. I found him a few years ago at an art walk and had the opportunity to purchase one of his paintings for a few hundred dollars. Yah, that was a dumb move. Now they are a few thousand.

Still...these shoes....I'm so over obsessing about them I might just buy them this weekend.

This couch and about 10 other items from the new catalog...from Design Within Reach [but not my reach]

while I'm at it I might as well get the Chanel handbag I want, and possibly a few pieces of Missoni or better yet an open AMEX at Net-a-porter.com....

like this lovely Missoni Coat

or this Jimmy Choo bag

or perhaps this little frock from Oscar...that's de La Renta to you folks!

And because I haven't forgot the little people... a couple of pieces from Banana Republic and Gap just to even things out.

Thats it for now. If anyone has a extra couple hundy grand laying around I'll be happy to send you my address. I only accept
small unmarked bills or money order. Thanks!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jake's 2nd bday

Kinda funny to post this adjacent to the other below but part of the weekends festivities was to attend Jake's 2nd bday.
Mom and Dad were busy with Pool party, Nemo Pinata, Water Balloons and 40 people so I designated myself as family photographer. It was sheer glee for the kids. Remember going to pool parties when you were little they were just THE BEST!

Here are some of my favorite snaps.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

2nd try

If you noticed this post a couple weeks ago and then came back to find it gone it's because I chickened out and pulled the post. This morning while getting ready for work, Good Morning America covered a similar topic "Couples happy to be Child-free" I may yank the post again actually, but until then here it is a second round. I haven't got to this "comfortable to be child free" so to any of my family reading...this is just a conversation ...think of it as a college discussion or an episode of "coffee talk"

One of the reasons I've hesitated is that this is suppose to be art, fashion and design items but as the year has progressed it obviously has become a personal vehicle for me as well and it's been so lovely sharing information with other women and bloggers out in the world. One of my favorite blogs and I guess an icon for me as personal journals has gone has been Andrea from Superhero Designs - who, when I stumbled on her site was in the midst of a long battle with infertility and being oh so brave about talking about it. I have long admired her honesty for talking about a subject so difficult in a public forum and allowing other women to share in her struggle either literally or just in spirit along side her. [She now has a lovely little boy named Ben]

This may be a multi-part conversation but I decided to talk about it because I'm sure there are other women out there, I know there are actually, that may be having the same conversation in some form or another. And now since I've built it all up here it is...regarding children.

This is sort of a new conversation I've had with some of my women friends lately. I love children and have always believed that I would be a parent at some point. I love babies, I love little kids, mostly I like teenagers - the whole deal. I discover that as I get older though the innocent thoughts of having a baby have been replaced with real life struggles of parents around me. It started about 2 years ago when one of my best friends had her first child and she really talked openingly about the struggles of being pregnant [ I'm convinced now that moms are a cult that don't talk about what really happens during that time], the stress of being a new mom, the guilt but enjoyment of going back to work, the stress of managing a family and working...all of those things. It's been an eye opener really about the truth of what it takes to be a parent. For the first time in my life, I have definite questions for myself if I want to do such a thing. I can fluxuate from hour to hour on what I want. I can wake up at 7am and say Yes! definitely, then by 2pm be absolutely turned to "No Way".

What I've started to do in the past year is watch parents of young and older kids to really observe them. When they say they are happy...are they really? I can think of less than a handful of parents right now that I would describe as happy parents, excited to be with their children. All the others, all I can see is the misery all over their faces and in their actions.

I think, but I don't know for sure [because it's too scary to talk about and I'm not going to ask], is that they had no idea what they were getting into and regret it now even though they love their children very much. I have watched one girlfriend whittle away to nothing and I'm convinced her eating disorder, though it will never be named as such, is a result of her losing control over her life. Eating, or rather not eating is her way of having some sort of order in her world where her children do not always follow her lead.

At 38, this is a continual conversation for me. Often times it's SO emotionally charged that I can't discuss it with family and friends. I am terrified that I won't be able to be a parent if I choose to because my time will run out, and I'm terrified that I will regret the choice to be a parent if I choose to go there. I do know that I would love my child and that I would be a good parent, but would I be happy? I'm glad to have the opportunity at this point in my life to ask myself these questions.

I've had a few enlightening conversations with friends in the past 6 months or so about this. Women who have decided by age or surgical circumstances, some that are really discussing it with their husbands and some who have always known that they did not want to be a mom. I do know this for certain...society doesn't know what to say or do with women who deliberately choose not to be a parent. I have one girlfriend who was on the fence about it and medical conditions forced her hand and she talks about routinely being asked if she's regretted her hysterectomy [by strangers], or still even knowing her story, when she's having a family. They can't believe that she would honestly choose not to. Or another friend when returning home for holidays is put to bed "in the kids room" with her neices who are 1-6yrs old. My friend is 36 and single, yet her family diminishes her to this sort of child-like or non-adult status routinely because they don't know where to put her in their world.

It begs the question... who are we as women when we are not mothers? [either by circumstance or by choice]

When I have asked that this conversation piece be taken off the table...aka "please don't ask me when I'm getting married or having children" which I've had to do with some people that I love: friends and some family, there have been a few that have a difficult time talking to me after I've taken that conversational crutch away. Because it is such an emotionally charged subject for me, I sense they are afraid they'll make a mistake and slip which I understand, but MANY also truly don't know what to say to me after that dialog goes away [that is THE conversation piece of choice for women]. One of my girlfriends who I had to send an email to after she routinely asked me the SAME set of questions every few weeks, barely speaks to me now - as she really doesn't have other topics at the moment to discuss with me [she has two children]. It's TOTALLY ok, I understand it, but it's also very, very interesting to me just in a sociological point of view about how older unwed or child-free women fit or rather don't fit into the mix.

I encourage you as a parent or a woman still deciding to float this article around or just the topic in general and see how much heat comes up in the conversation. I think you'll be surprised about women labeling [self-chosen] non-mothers as "selfish" instead of "honest with themselves" or suspicion about their choices.

So there's the "Coffee Talk" discussion for the day "Tawwwk amongst yourselves" or leave a hate mail I'm not sure which.

stuffed animals via Flickr

everything you want & nothing you don't: Isetta 300

I have a thing for autos and scooters especially from the 50's. I recently saw one of these cars on Balboa Island and had to stop and stare...I thought it might be a new/old looking bmw electric car, was I wrong!

the Isetta began in 1953. According to Cartype: "The peculiar bubble-shaped city car had only been a minor hit since its introduction in 1953, and its days were numbered. Iso wanted to concentrate on mainstream sports cars, and required funding for the forthcoming Rivolta sports coupe. Thus, Iso decided to sell the rights and machinery to produce the Isetta. Along with manufacturers in France and Brazil, BMW acquired a licence, and was to prove most successful in selling the car.

Post-war rationing had been phased out by the time BMW launched the Isetta in 1955, but the European economy was considerably more austere than that of the USA, and the Isetta's 60mpg thirst went down well. BMW had upped the power to 13hp, shaving the 0-30 time to 11 seconds, and giving the car a top speed of 50mph, for the bravest of drivers. With space for two and their luggage, the Isetta was perfect for Britain's urban and rural roads. The first motorway, the M1, did not open until 1959, and more conventional cars such as the Morris Minor could barely top 60mph.

BMW produced 160,000 of the machines until 1964, by which time the bubble-car craze was in decline. The introduction of the Mini in 1959 - a car expressly designed to sweep the bubble-cars from British roads - was the first blow, and, like the Austin A35 and Fiat 500, it was a proper car for little more than the cost of an Isetta. By the mid-1960s the age of austerity was over, and Europe was ready for medium-sized small cars, such as the Renault R16 and the new Ford Anglia. Nonetheless, BMW was happy. As far as BMW was concerned, the Isetta had performed admirably. The car had shored up the company's finances during the development of a new range which, with the launch of the 1500 in 1961, went on to secure the company's future. Although the Isetta was an unusual side-alley in BMW's development, without it, the company might well no longer exist today.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pink houndstooth!

OMG the pink houndstooth curtains are making me swoon. Is that the right spelling Houndstooth? I think so?
I wish the rest of the room was a little more mellow. I can only handle one visual focus at a time...maybe a charcoal gray floor treatment? yummy!

via Absolutely Beautiful Things

Sunday, July 22, 2007

cupcakes and champagne

Among the 5 million things I did this weekend was I hosted a bridal shower for my girlfriend kira. We had a lot of great food. including some champagne and mimosas and what's an event without cupcakes. Thanks to my girlfriend April and her son Jake who decorated them smashingly.

I also uploaded the complete set of baby onesie photographs over at Richie Baby if you feel so inclined. That was one of my other projects...setting up my own little studio on the kitchen table. They will soon be featured at Zschoche.com

**and much apologies to Catherine who left me a message over on the baby site --who knows how long ago about ordering.
if you are interested in purchasing email me at richele[at]richiedesigns.com

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Can't stop thinking about:

This photo that I saw over at My Marrakesh by Steve McCurry

This couch from 407 Furniture

The perfect nude heel...I've been obsessing about this for about 4 years now -it's OFFICIALLY become an illness especially since I have no need for it...I wear black almost all the time! Did I mention I tried on my first pair of Manolos last weekend? [in nude of course] I put them back.... but damn.... what a fine looking shoe it is.

Happy *heart* day

Happy 3 years to my sweetie C.J. today. He's back east visiting his folks right now [I can't leave work at the moment]. He sort of gives me the raised eyebrow when I make a big deal about it but it's 3 yrs since our first date. Yes, I wrote it on my calendar. Don't all girls do this? He thinks it's kinda nutty but If I just spent a year of my life with someone I want it to be noted --call me crazy!

image is from an old Kate Spade ad if it looks familar. I would note the photographer but I don't know who it is.
No, it's not me...though I wish my legs looked like that in trousers

Monday, July 16, 2007

To reunion or not to reunion that is the question

My 20 yr highschool reunion is in a couple of weeks. I don't know if I want to go...I mean I want to go just to be a fly on the wall but I really don't WANT to go and talk to people. I was suppose to be on location but the shoot has been rescheduled so there the question hangs to go or not to go?

I moved to Southern California during my 6th grade year from Sacramento. I was still playing with dolls and playing hopscotch and I got to SoCal and the girls were talking about BJ's and smoking pot. Lets just say I never fit in from that point on.

I still live fairly close to the community I graduated from and on occassion I see someone from school, a few who have been very nice and glad to catch up with along with the occasional cheerleader who even after giving another chance as an adult, I still don't care for.

When I think about going back all of those old insecurities come back, the chubby girl with bad clothes who hadn't figured out her own style, the torment I felt as some of the girls either laughed as I walked by or didn't give me the time of day. Kids can be so cruel that is for sure.

I do have a few positive memories of H.S one of which was from my advertising art class. The class where all the punk rock kids got placed because they were bad students and had too much energy. Here I was, this little preppy girl with good grades sitting in between boys with punk hair who got pulled over by the police on a regular basis and came to school telling me stories of concerts with men naked on stage except for a sock [Yes, the early years of the Chili Peppers thank you]. Those boys saved my life, they let me into their world and said hi to me in the hallways. They always threatned to come pick me up on a Sat night to take me out on the town with them but considering my step father had me on lock down we all knew it wouldn't happen. It was one of the few places I felt whole and like myself, one of the reasons I ended up in advertising as well. On the inside I was punk rock but I didn't have the courage to look like them.

As I've grown up and figured my shit out I'm still punk rock on the inside but really and truly the preppy girl on the outside. I'm cool with it now it's a great little secret I get to carry around with me. I did get to go out with them in college and later dated one for a bit of time. He is still one of my most cherished friends.

We'll see. I put a email out to my HS girlfriend this am and we're contemplating it. We've both done really well for ourselves and look better now than ever. I suppose that is some really good revenge and one benefit from not having children [for me]. On our 10yr we both went to the bar and had a few drinks then snuck in when someone wasn't looking. Think we're going to go for it again. Hell, I'm definitely not paying to see those people!

why the photo...
in HS I drove a 1969 white bug with red interior. That was one groovie little car and we chased a lot of boys in it. Not that I would have known what to do with them if I ever caught them!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

my first offical project

I don't know whether I've mentioned it or not but I have this whole other creative life aside from my 9-5, and my writing here, and my writing for Apartment Therapy. When I say I have 10 jobs...I almost do.

I started making these little kits a couple years ago for baby gifts. Each paint can has 3 onesies in it [sometimes more for my friends] and because I've had friends with a girl, a boy, and recently one couple who chose to wait -one that fits for either or. Hence my Cutie Pie Kit, Little Man kit, and the It Kit. [TM'd so don't even think about it]

About 6 months ago I had a store approach me to place a small order. Most people would be excited about this but I know myself and I like designing but I don't necessarly enjoy the manufacturing. I tried to source it out and when my vendor flaked out I had to start all over and do it myself. I think it's been about 6 months since they placed the order but I finally did it. I got my business license, my DBA, all my stuff. Essentially I'm in the hole for a heck of a lot of money now for one order. But I'm glad I did it. I'm thinking positively that this will turn into something else. Something that will allow me to be work from home in my old age and a couple of bucks so mamma can buy a new pair of Manolos.

So here they are The Kits...in the back of the car ready to go to market this morning.

If you are interested in one. I ship...They are 50$ [+shipping costs] and make quite the spectacular baby gift if I do say so myself. Available in Organic [couple extra $ for those] or standard. Onesies are by American Apparel who are sweatshop free and made locally in Los Angeles. For more photos click over here to my baby site. Not all of the pieces are posted but you'll get the drift. The boy set is still missing...sorry!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

red, blue and bryan

My nephew is interested in the arts so I arranged to have him fly in on Monday night and come with me today to a photoshoot I was on. I knew it would be the lowest key for a shoot there was so that I could spend some time with him and show him what was going on. He's a very quiet teenager and sometimes I'm not sure if he's having a good time or not. At the end of the day he told me Thanks!! that was a lot of fun!!! I'm pretty sure he had a good time ;)

I usually take my camera with me to take behind the scenes stuff but I was too busy with work and Bryan to take those snaps. I did on the other hand get to shoot this little alley way on the way out that has very vibrant blue walls and red pipes. I was too tired to really put any effort into it and just took the lens cap off and held the camera at my waist and shot up. Sometimes you get the coolest stuff by being messy.

I left the image files large so you could click on the images to enlarge-- and please do some of the crusty detail is really beautiful!!

all rights reserved. richie designs

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Roland Mouret

Net-A-Porter.com launched the new line from Roland Mouret last week on line great funky cuts combined with some classic elements. I love when folks mix those two together it's very me - classic with a funky twist.

I'm especially loving those Christian Louboutin bootie shoes. I'm still obsessed with his shoes. It's insane really, to want something so extravagant. I was having some very devilish thoughts of finally buying myself a pair of his shoes to attend my 20th highschool reunion in a few weeks... that I wasn't going to go to but perhaps with the right pair of shoes I could be persuaded?

First tomato

It's kinda funny but this is my first tomato I've ever grown by myself. I decided to buy some Heirloom container plants this year even though tomato plants are the ugliest, stinkiest things around. I went out to visit them today and they all seem to be on the brink of dying or have some sort of cootie...leaves are turning yellow and have worms but I'm too lazy to buy the stuff to kill em.

So here it is, my first and possibly my last tomato of the season. Hopefully the other little guys will turn red before the plants decide to die. It's only about the diameter of a silver dollar but I'm such a proud wanna be gardner.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sorry for the silence

It's been a dozie of a week. I'll be back at it soon enough with humerous tales of lard, jello shots and other life funnies