Monday, October 30, 2006

Halo' ween

more spooky beasts to come

Saturday, October 28, 2006

saturday morning sunlight

nothin' to note but pretty sunlight on saturday. Fall is here!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Boogie: NYC Photographer

I saw a write up about this photographer over on Cool Hunting. I have respect for documenting street life. While looking at his images it seemed as if the respect is the knowledge that any of us could end up in this place with one wrong move. I have had numerous friends battle drug problems [prior to my knowing them--I'm not down with that]. I have heard their tales and it all started with just trying it once. One girlfriend who spent years addicted to Heroin said she was always chasing the feeling of the first high she had. She came from a very affluent family and still battled this disease.

Boogie has taken the time to spend time with these people in their daily life. They attempt to raise families, or live on the street all while chasing the next score. His imagery is powerful and worth noting. In his gang photography he documents the many facets of life in the projects, one image a wall of graffiti with R.I.P messages of the many who have died, and another photo of a nearby florist with a banner hanging in the window "we do funerals". Life and death are real in this place. We talk about war across the pond, and we have many wars waging on our soil every day that go unnoticed.

His book "It's All Good" documents Gang Life in the projects of NYC, as well as some of the drug photos I captured from his site. His work is worth going to his site to view. It will definitely give you a new perspective on living a hard life.

so cute

These are so cute. Anthropologie always has great stuff-Expensive! but cute. It seems as if everything in the store starts at $198 and goes up from there. It's about $150 more than I generally spend on an item of clothing. Maybe one day I'll pony up and buy something from a real store instead of my discount bin diving I've restorted to.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

maybe technology ain't so bad

I hit the town today with the new Nikon D80 to see what would happen. I didn't break the camera yet [good sign], and I got some good photographs for future prints. Perhaps I was afraid for nothin' --which I've found is generally the case for me.

A wise woman once told me that "Fear is false evidence appearing real"
I'm full of false evidence.


windows of possiblilities

more fun from saturday

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My little pumpkin'

This maybe the last of the Mohicans. This was taken with my super swell FILM camera last year [Yashica T-4 which is only available on ebay these days]. My little point and shoot camera has been so good to me. I get the most amazing photos ever from it. Last week, I upgraded though and bought a real grown up digital SLR. I'm afraid of it right now. Generally, I am afraid of things I don't know about -- especially things that involve computers -- it's the perfectionist in me not wanting to f*ck it up. My curiosity about photography has seemed to over power my fear on this one though.

Posting may be light for a bit for a couple reasons 1. playing with my new toy [i'll post photos when I figure out how to turn the damn thing on] and two this purchase along with car issues over the summer has stressed me out financially...I'm working more over at Apartment Therapy these days to earn some cash for the kitty. Stay tuned or tune into Apartment Therapy-LA I'm posting a couple times a day.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Campaign for Real Beauty

I work in the world of air brushing and making things look pretty and shiny and I am still tainted by the illusion of what I think I should look like. Dove has done an amazing job lately [rather their agency I should say] of talking about what is truth and what is fiction. Please watch their latest video called "The Transformation" . Even I was a little taken back on the Photoshop work that was done on the end [the enlarge the eyes thing freaks me out].

We all need to remember what real beauty looks like. It's not 5'10" 108lbs. I know that I don't remember that when I read all my magazines. I hope you feel good in your skin today.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Word House

I am writing this home up for a story for Apartment Therapy LA that will post on Friday of this week, but with my writing for AT it needs to be very specific and home related I can't quiet share everything I think about a subject.

Catherine Griffiths is a graphic designer from New Zealand. Though trained in print I applaude the fact that she doesn't limit her work to that medium. I believe it's a true artist who can take their love and apply it in ways you never could imagine.

To say I'm in love with the idea of this home is an understatement. I LOVE letterforms. After taking a class in typography many years ago and forced to focus on all the nuances of a letter, say lower case "a", or lower case "g"; I fell madly in love. I now collect letterforms because of it. So imagine my delight when I saw that these people are encapsulated with letters. YUM! is about all I can say and not embarrass myself. [btw lower case "g" is my fav – in a serif font]

Griffith’s work in general is more than stunning. You can truly realize the power of good design when you look at her work, and cheer that she thinks outside the box every moment – of every day. Makes me want to quit art--sometimes people are so good at what they do you want to throw up your hands and say 'oh jeez... never mind! I give up!'

Story appears in Print Magazine, Sept/Oct 2006
Photo credit: Bruce Connew [1st photo] Jason Busch [2 &3]

Monday, October 09, 2006

why is it?

Why is it that the day before you get your haircut...every single end up having a fabulous hair day?

A pondering of being a girl.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Not sure I want to tell you about this...

Sometimes when I find things that are super cool, I don't want to share them. I want to horde them all to myself and chuckle as I have the best kept secret. I begrudgingly release this information to you. MOO.COM possibly the coolest thing I've seen in a while. These folks have aligned with Flickr to print mini calling cards [or business cards in my case - very soon] of images that you already have in your Flickr server space. I haven't gone through the whole deal but it seems you can have 100 different photos if you wanted [one order is 100 cards]. The reverse side can have a message, phone number, email or other such important info.

They're a bit small [about 1/2 of a normal biz card] but if you're just getting your info to someone and this service is available to you...what the hell?

This is so cool. And so much better than writing your name on a cocktail napkin as well.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Dave Lefner's new exhibit

My linoleum reduction hero Dave Lefner is having an open house this weekend.
October 7- 8 11am-6pm

Brewery Art Walk and Open House
620 Moulton Avenue,
Dave's studio: Studio 212
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Main Street exit @ the 5 Freeway near Downtown LA
FREE admission & secured parking

For more info
Brewery Art Walk