Monday, October 22, 2007

I have link love to share

That lovely post last week titled "right now" needs a proper shout out as I found her again today. Alyson from Unruly Things. This must be a regular post she does, but changes the variables...She had a new one up to inspire me and hopefully you as well.

Where are you right now? do you need to check in with yourself?

Right Now:
I feel really behind schedule with some work I need to do. I'm procrastinating here instead.

I'm Hoping:
That I don't hate the new logo I've developed for myself in 6 months, like I always do.

I'm Anticipating:
Not a good anticipation unfortuntely...A bunch of work at the office in the next few days.

I'm Frustrated:
with said logo I'm working on.

I'm Tasting:
just finished an egg beater omlet for dinner with turkey pastrami and a little cheese. easy & fast.

I'm Wearing:
my rattiest 501's with a hole in the knee a thermal tshirt my hair tied back in a bandana. I'm either completely dressed to the nines or a total slob, I haven't quite mastered the inbetween.

I'm Really Loving:
My new "sensible" heels that I've forced myself into wearing. I'm calling them my smart heels they look very "smart and chic" to me even though I had to pack them full of stuff so my foot won't fall out [narrow] and the website Decorno: if decor is your porn [which is such a fab name]

I'm Wishing: for two things....
that the winds go away in So Cal because the fires are so incredibly out of control - as well, that everyone makes it safely out of their homes if they need to. I hope they don't have to leave...or that any more do.

a really nice vacation after all this freelance is done. I'm starting to overload again.

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alyson. said...

thanks for the "link love". :)

I think your outfit sounds great. thermals rock and you can't go wrong with Levis.