Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wish Jar

Do you know Keri Smith [author illustrator & guerilla artist?]

she's beyond cool. From her today. sorry it's so little...click photo to enlarge & read

Monday, March 29, 2010

don't mind me just more fun with lead here

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What did you do this weekend?

I had an unintentional weekend of art. Chris was working all weekend in the ER so I just laid low and took it easy [amazing to have free time really]

but the art. Friday Night? The most beautiful documentary on legendary Jazz musician Chet Baker.

I kept thinking this movie, it looks like something else...it was directed by none other than fashion photog Bruce Weber. All I can say is it's silvery, sexy, sad and pretty all in the same movie. [Sundance Channel] this is a [long 10 min] clip from the movie but you might also remember the William Claxton photo [above] that immortalized him best.

Then spring cleaning I found my David Carson design books. Anyone out there old enough to remember Raygun Magazine? I think in a cleaning frenzy a few years ago I threw out my back copies. [stupid me]

If you weren't privy to him back in the early 90's he took every type and design rule and blew them up with Raygun. Taking articles and instead of putting them in neat readable columns he cut them apart, used 5 different fonts and turned things upside down [sometimes literally]. I have to say the first few issues of Raygun were unreadable but very, very beautiful. Later he cooled it down with the articles and concentrated on doing his thing with the intros etc.

As Newsweek proclaimed "he changed the public face of graphic design". It was a love/hate thing with his work. Most established art directors hated him, most readers loved that he was breaking it down. Read more about him here


then on to Valentino The Last Emperor which I've seen before but just couldn't help myself to watching the last half.

and lastly Ovation TV. Do you have it? you should really check...they have the most amazing art, music and dance programs.

I caught a little bit about Warhol's Factory people and then the Julian Schnabel directed movie Basquiat about one of my favorite painters.

What did you do anything fun my lovelies?

Friday, March 26, 2010


and thank you.
set of three small thank you cards $7
new on Etsy this weekend

Thursday, March 25, 2010

new In the studio - cheerful wedding

happy happy. stripes make me happy

new In the studio - playing with lead

we're still playing with lead type and dingbats. more to come

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


like mom always said "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"

I think I'm saying it though with these colors don't you think? bleeeckkk
be back soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

have I ever mentioned that he is one of my favs of all time?

Jean Michel Basquiat a new documentary coming. Filmed two years before he died of his drug overdose
"The Radiant Child"

thanks to the kuro crew for the tip today on FB

Sunday, March 21, 2010

blind love

did I tell you I recently inherited some type? it was generously donated to the richie letterpress studio by my friend Diane when she was cleaning out her garage. not to mention a handful of the cutest dingbats evah.

jeff my friend and sometimes assistant put it to good use on Friday for my friend's birthday gift.

wonder if my friends are tired of my paper presents yet?

available on Etsy should you need a lovely gift for yourself or someone else

btw Megan of A Rollerskating Jam stopped by while we were out printing she was in town visiting family and brought the worlds cutest baby, Frankie, along. It's always a treat to meet the face behind a blog. if you're in Long Beach give a shout out.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


If you're new to the site today and want to see what else I do besides this bit of fun I have a letterpress studio where I make some fun stuff. Come on over

What inspires you is the question that SF Bay Girl asked her readers and the bloggers participating in Blog It Forward

A couple of weeks ago I was asked this same question What inspires you? Everything I said [Some days everything is exhausting I might add] When the person asked me to clarify this I said something to the effect that I don't get to wander through life just looking. I see a shape and it becomes something else. I see a shadow and I look to see what colors of grey or blue are in it. I look at the sunlight and think about the angle of degrees its happening at. All things are something and nothing in the same moment for me.

It might just be me, maybe it's the curse of being creative I'm not sure. I thought I would concentrate today on the people who inspire me and their work. Some of them I know, others I only wish. Thanks for stopping in.


photographer Gyslain Yarhi.
I was introduced to gyslain's work through a dear friend who was dating him. She kept telling me he was a photographer but a lot of people say that these days so I didn't pay much attention to it. When a couple of his images made it to the Tom Ford Book she had laying about, it ehhhm...caught my attention. He Lives and works in Paris. I only wish I could watch him work. His sense of light is like nothing I've ever seen. I'm always enamored with his style.

A photographer that I did have the privilege to work with was Dave Bush. I was told he was self taught although I never asked him. He focuses on the industry I came from [motorcycle] I had the lovely privilege of working for him and with him a handful of times over the years. I always loved his ease on set and his drive to create art even in the midst of a muddy field, his ability to share the limelight with his assistants [that all shot along side him - that never happens in this industry because of ego] and the finished product that was always so amazing.

I wish I could introduce you to all of them but alas not enough time.


street wear such as The Sartorialist documents each day [pictured above] and his sweetheart Garance. Do you know her? Oh her recent videos she's doing are breaking my heart with fashion love [don't miss the MaxMara show]

big fashion as well. J. Mendel pictured here. This is wearable art don't you agree? I might also add Valentino, Barbara TFank which I have an odd obsession with and many others.

Before I leave fashion can I just say Tavi? if you don't know her I beg you to click over. Girlfriend is 13? or something and fashion blogging. I might add she's not just blogging but has the attention of Vogue and high fashion designers who have all flown her in for shows. I only wish even at 40 I had half of the charisma as that little nugget.


So much music so little space to talk about. The opening of this song has me hypnotized at the moment though.


Nothing inspires me more than creative thinkers. When someone thinks a bit off the wall or oddly it fuels me. My recent letterpress client was like that for me over the summer. A little dark, a little wacky just like I like it. Kuro Collective is a design group here in Long Beach, California should the link not be understandable when you click over, they like it like that.

Right now I should say Steve Jobs of Apple. But oddly I'm going to say THIS GUY who has been on my mind the past 48 hrs. He's in a bit of trouble this week, as I'm sure you know about already. I've known him through friends for a number of years and had the opportunity to work with him on one of his first catalogs about 10+ years ago before he got famous. [I must say I have not seen or worked with him for a very long time]

This is what I can say about Jesse - he has a lot of qualities I don't care for, but wow what a creative thinker. I just wish he was a bit more honorable with all of that wonderful talent and imagination he has.

You're not expecting Sylvia Plath here are you? Please, some of my girls....

Karey Mackin - As I approach my computer each morning I get excited to know I'm going to click over to read her and her tales of Uncle Sugar and the girls. she writes with humor and lots of lower case letters just how I like it. I might add a few. very. strategic. periods. like. this. that I've chosen to steal with both hands.

Petunia Face Another writer I look forward to each morning. I think half the time I click over to see her adorable daughter who has the craziest lama lashes I've ever seen.

and I'll leave you with
Scented Glossy Magazines All things reality tv and bravo hilarious beyond belief.

thanks for stopping in.
may I point you to my other cohorts today?

Tiny-Ass Apartment
Mireio Designs
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sugar and meringue
freshly picked
Are you sick of this book yet? I'm sorry I'm just not, nor will ever be...

Julia Roberts as my pick for the leading lady though? no and I love me some Julia. I would have done Kate Winslet. She lets herself look dirty and messy. Julia seems a little too pretty for someone going through a life crisis around the world. Girl needs a pony tail and some messy hair.
sorry for the silence and simple posts. A little busy and not a whole lot to tell. Tomorrow? something fabulous though I promise.

I'm a sucker for a good retro poster.
Limited Editions $100
Heads of State

>via design sponge

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I wear an emerald, as in a stone. That's all ya get kids.

because that's what we all really want right?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kell on Earth

Have you been watching Bravo's Kell On Earth? 5 years ago I would of jumped over people to work for her. Have I told you I'm a specialist in taking care of the crazy? The little girl in the office that stays till 10 every night? hello me...wow it's weird to see yourself in someone else.

Fashion + Bravo insanity had me signed up on the first commercial. Kelly though? I didn't like her much from the beginning. I thought she was a cut throat bitch business person but you know what? she is and I like her for it.

In last night's episode after they were so short handed [after firing and people quitting] she met with her core group and said something like ....let's not let the prosperity of what we've created unravel. total.kelly.fan.

I think I might pick up her book, she might have something to say that I could learn

Monday, March 15, 2010

pretty pictures

I love the NY Times, they just seem to do everything better than our LA version.
Check out this site if you want to see more

all photographs by Paolo Pellegrin

via Max Wanger thanks Max

Thursday, March 11, 2010

the hustle of worthy

I'm a hustler have I told you? no gold watches in my trench coat, no plots of land in Florida just the hustle of approval.

Today I was visiting superhero journal because she's always good for thinking deep and her post today is on worthiness. This is something that stood next to me on my walk this morning. It's been following me for some time now and it may be the size of a Jumbo Uhaul if I really admit the truth. It's something that started very early and that a mental professional so aptly pointed out to me yesterday. Thanks for that. LOVE to know something that I've already been aware of in the most annoyingly, large way.

"If we spend a lifetime trying to distance ourselves from the parts of our lives that don’t fit with who we think we’re supposed to be, we stand outside of our story and have to hustle for our worthiness by constantly performing, perfecting, pleasing, and proving. Our sense of worthiness lives inside of our story. It’s time to walk into our experiences and to start living and loving with our whole hearts.” Brene Brown

anyway if you're into it if you click over to Brene's site she's doing a giveaway on her dvd. I can't even muster up the response needed to win today. hopefully tomorrow will be better. Meanwhile? I'm off to hustle like always.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jimmy eat your crayons!

Edible crayons -beautiful

fairly genius don't you think? check out the whole thing at Luxirare
thanks to The Post Family for turning me on to it

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cat Shower from katie sokoler on Vimeo.

do you know Katie?
she's my new fav. I think Karey told me about her - all my favs come from her of course

she has the sweetest videos up on her site right now. one of Moo her cat and the other of her little brother that made me laugh and cry all together.

Monday, March 08, 2010

elliott smith

I love this song, probably because it comes from one of my favorite movies Good Will Hunting. But Elliott was an amazing songwriter. And he had that dusty voice thing I love so much. I found this fun indie style music video taken of him singing it on you tube today

if you're not familiar Elliott Smith died in 2003 from what was reported as suicide you can read more about him here if you're interested.

Grey Areas

"C" and I had the most interesting string of conversations this weekend about the grey areas of life. Is it gray or grey? tomato or toomatooo. all the same I suppose.

Grey as in in judgement. As in how we use judgement to effect other people, what is right and wrong and how sometimes it's just not our place to inquire and sometimes it is.

San Diego. The horrible news about the family who lost their beautiful daughter last week to the animal now in custody. I said I had been thinking about that man's parents. A neighbor obviously distraught had spray painted a note on the parents garage. "Get Out...you are not welcome here". I wondered about them, the parents of someone who is obviously mentally ill. Parents of someone who is a disgusting human being. I wondered what they felt about these things, if they knew, did they protect him, did they suspect, were they in denial or were they taking him to therapy daily or weekly trying to make him better. Were they tired of taking care of someone who was sick and ignored it? Maybe they thought he was well, and now they are paying the price along side him. Chris and I talked about that grey area. No one will know what they did or didn't do to stop that horrible crime from happening. We do not walk in their shoes. I am so glad not to be walking in their shoes.

And more Grey.
We watched The Reader on Saturday night. I read the book last year so I knew the story. And afterwards Chris commented how depressing the movie was and I commented how it wasn't to me. The grey areas of life again. The small notes of humanity and kindness sliced into the most horrible crimes. Even in the face of historic atrocities there is grey.

It never seems to be black or white unless you want it to be. What's the purpose of this post? I'm not sure. Just an observation of how life is never what it seems.

photos and jewelry by urban design a much more pleasant way to think of grey if you ask me.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


I don't have much to tell today but thought I would share a little Nicolas Ghesquière for you. Balenciaga dears if you're not sure.

photos via style.com

is it me or is that last girl deathly skinny? I mean I like skinny but wow. I just really liked the color combo in the pants and top

After the flood sale

the cutest little shop in the whole world? my friend's jewelry shop here in town where she fabricates, sets gems and teaches classes to us people who don't know a hammer, from a well.... whatever those other tools are.

anyway the cute little shop? involved in that bizarre flash flood we had in so cal a few weeks ago. She's having a after the flood sale right now on Etsy.

I tried both of these on last time I was in and pondered breaking my budget. The pearl? it will make you feel like Grace Kelly no lie. I don't lie about Grace, Audrey or Jackie. Sacrelig to me don't cha know.

If you do purchase? may I suggest going over to her blog site and checking out the super secret special? Something free if you mention something on the etsy sale.

free. seriously

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

meet my new boyfriend

Paolo Nutini
What? he's 19 totally legal

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Men of Monacle

I've been seeing this Monacle logo around a bit lately. I'm a sucker for a good type treatment as you already know so this has popped into my head a few times going hum? wonder what they do..

turns out I'm not the only one as JCrew's new catalog used the Men of Monacle as their models this time around.
So what is Monacle and why do they have such a good looking group of people? and why is their store and logo so cute I want to be there?

It's a heafty magazine for one, and two a podcast focusing on everything from arts to politics from what I can tell. I'm still a little foggy on just what it all is. but I'm curious - they got me hooked.

They're subscription comes wrapped like this? I'm not believing it - it's too good to be true. Where do I sign up?

Monday, March 01, 2010

Super women

I'm doing some work for my friend who owns this super cute company Oré Originals. Lisa Lowe, President and founder is a super woman, not in the the cape wearing way but 'Super' and 'super human' as well. Business owner, mom, creative person, mom, traveler, seller, mom. I mention mom 3 times because it seems like it's equal to three jobs just watching those who do it.

I should tell you about all of her cute products because that's how I'm helping her but first I wanted to tell you about her because I like to know the people behind what I buy don't you? And I think it's just so wonderful that twenty years ago this woman who had her design degree began making recycled-rubber bulletin boards in her garage and selling them. And now? she has an amazing company located here in Long Beach.

So now can I show you my favorites? Her SugarBooger™ line is so stinkin' cute. The snaggle-toothed baby is my favorite. He appears on many pieces throughout but the dish set kills me every time.

Her pet line Oré Pet™ is not helping my thoughts on getting a small dog. I could simultaneously get my French obsession out with my dog obsession Le Bon Chien [The good dog]. Don't worry about the kitty. Old puss-n-boots is covered too

And not that the kids need any more distractions from eating their veggies but a chalkboard placemat? seriously cute. Maybe if the kids draw the veggies while they're eating them they'll go down faster? I know, who am I kidding.

She has so many cute products this doesn't even scratch the surface. I hope you go check them out. You'll be happy you did but also? I'll get four gold stars on the helping her part and you know what a whore I am for a gold star.