Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hey, how's that "Abstinence Only" program workin for ya?

Hey there, how's that "abstincence only" program working out there for you? Yah, that's what I thought.

I might remind everyone that in the next four years, that our president may have the opportunity to nominate upwards of 4 Supreme Court Judges to The Court.

What if your daughter didn't have the right to choose for herself? Well, you could always force her into marrying the "baby-daddy" at 17 and see how well that works out, because we all know that that will make it ALL better.


karey m. said...

i like being forced into things.

like, my jeans.

obama oh eight.

Wendy said...

Did you watch her speech last night? That baby-daddy looked pretty miserable. Poor kid (all three of them).

Anonymous said...

Abortion is a beautiful thing.