Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dreaming about work

Work stress is a funny thing, it shows up in odd places for me, sometimes throwing me into panic attacks. I picked up my refill this week to keep me breathing in case of. This morning though it's in my sleep and dreams.

Nicky Hayden from this month's Men's Vogue

I suspect that none of you will know who this guy is. He's the Michael Phelps of the racing world: cute, fast and rich. They call him the "Kentucky Kid" and yes, the sweet southern drawl is there. Nicky Hayden is the MotoGP Champion of the world which means he races in Europe on his motorcycle and goes obscenely fast. I've never met him officially, but some of the work I do has involved images of him, I once shared a running track with him while at a convention weekend. He didn't notice me, but I can tell you he's short [job requirement for his work]
Nicky using one of the first vintage race bikes for photo op

Work is insane right now. The planning it takes to get some of our photoshoots done is crazy. Some days I really need an assistant to help me but we can't afford one. So here it is Sunday am and I'm reporting that my stress levels have hit an all time high as I woke up this morning in a panic about a dream that I had involving Nicky. I dreamt that it was my job to stop him in the pits as he was racing in the Championship Moto GP race and have him switch leathers mid-race so that we could get a better picture of him. My boss was yelling at me on the walkies to get him switched quickly. Let's just say that you don't take off a one piece leather suit that weighs 25 lbs easily. As you might expect this dream didn't work out so well, and I started emailing people at 7:45am this morning about undone issues that need to get solved. I'm officially panicked.

Puck [or knee] down is S.O.P all in a days work for these racers.

I work with crews of amazing people. Down to every tech and assistant I am always amazed at our finished product. Somehow it all works out. It always does - although I don't know how. By this Friday I will have packed close to 20k worth of wardrobe, gear about the size of someones giant living room, for one of the largest shoots, length wise, we've ever done. Lord help us all get it done. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's having work nightmares right now.

BTW. this shoot doesn't involve him if you're wondering-just cute, famous stress coming out in dreams. But if you're curious to see more of him check out September's Men's Vogue as he has a 6 page spread. They got him a good haircut and cleaned him up reeeeeeeeellly good.

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