Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let's play who needs an evening gown...

I subscribe on email to all sorts of wacky crap. I need to be in the know [or so my rational is] so I get daily emails, well, just about from everyone fashion or style related these days. One of the regulars that I never seem to be interested in is a group called HauteLook that does on-line sales of higher end clothes. Sort of a fashion version of ebay if you would.

So today they're selling from Decades Two, one of the super chic high end boutiques that deals in vintage wares. Rachael Zoe is a regular as you may have seen from her show. So I click over to see what's up and all these lovely ball gowns like this little Christian Dior [below] which sold for [what I thought] was very reasonable $1100 [originally $3500].

So here are my top three in case you're going to a cocktail party, or the emmy's this weekend you darling girls.

or maybe this lovely Marchesa who I've been loving lately. originally $4500 now $2200 [uh, steal!]

Reem Acra originally $2640 now $1000.00

You have to register at HauteLook to see them go sign up quickly most of the sales expire in 24 hours from this posting.


Jaclyn said...

Is everyone else dying over these dresses as much as I am? They're so amazing - I could totally see myself getting one just to hang in my closet to stare at it all day -- I'd almost be afraid to actually wear one, they're so pretty - but of course it would be perfect for those special occasions where i want to be the center of attention!

Anonymous said...

I've been so excited about this sale. The Decades collection is gorgeous. always has great sales and I can't wait to get my order. Now I just need a place to wear the dress! Lol.