Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Muffin Tops and Cheese

At the end of this month I'm doing something insane. I swear I must be off my rocker. I'm having a full-blown blind date and not just a one nighter, like a whole weekend blind date! My friends and family reading this right now are spitting up their morning coffee and saying WHAT THE HELL? since I've been with my sweetheart now for 4 years. Chill out, it's not really what you think.

See back in March or April or something I did some work for a friend with a house in Palm Springs and as a trade he let me use it for the weekend. I struggled for a long time who I wanted to invite because I know all these amazing women. I sort of keep my friends in their respective groups and don't mingle them together much. I don't know why, I just do. So on one hand I want to invite all my daily girlies the ones that bring me a roll of toilet paper when I've thrown out my back and can't move. You know the kind. But then on the other hand I wanted to invite all these cool ass women that I'm friends with by blogging. I kept thinking about it. I finally asked the guy who owns the house, if I get all these women to help me promote your property will you let me have a second weekend with them? Sure, he said. So I contacted them [or the ones that live in the U.S [sorry girls who I've missed] and said here's the deal blah blah blah. We did our thing, I did a little more work for him helping him promote so he felt like he was getting his weekend's worth. We were set for the end of September.

It's now September and I'm about to have a blind date weekend with a group of amazing women SGM, I Could Kill Her, Maybe Decorno and JJ if they get the work thing figured out. They're all flying in, and I'm being a hostess. A hostess in a bikini. Now maybe I should mention here that between the kidney thing, the back, the neck, the crazy work load at the 9-5, the boyfriend moving, I've spent well....all of 2 min this summer doing any excercise. The scar that runs along the muffin top from the back surgery looks like a loaf of bread not a measly muffin.

we're going here! It's even more amazing than the photos. I can't wait for the damn "tanning shelf" you never have to get out of the pool!

I'm a little frightened about now it's just a couple weeks away, I'm going to be spending 3 days in a bikini and I just noticed I have arm cellulite [seriously, how does THAT happen?] So a couple weeks ago I saw this infomercial for the Malibu Pilates Machinewho's spokeswoman Susan Lucci from All My Children [and someone who has no body fat] and I've been obsessed ever since. I mean they PROMISE that I'll drop a size in 10 days!

I actually have done pilates and it does do amazing things for your body. I had better results with it than yoga and a personal trainer. Of course it helps to have someone over the top of you pushing you to do the excercise correctly too. So I don't know, I have my little pilates tapes upstairs but I really think THIS, THIS is the thing that will make it better.

HA! I just read the fine print that sucker costs $300 when all the payments add up. No way Jose! girls get ready for some cheese and I'm not talking gouda, because that's what's on my ass and probably staying there.


flow said...

that's so awesome. the first post i read when i'm back onto blogging you're having a shing-dig with blogger friends! oh did i miss out! LOL

have a great time and update us on how it goes. i've always wondered what it would be like to meet up with other bloggers.


SGM said...

Oooh, we will be comparing (and enhancing) muffintops and cheese all weekend long!

Can't wait, Richie!

Richie Designs said...

yah for palm springs and cheese haha

Megan said...

Wow, that Hideaway looks fabulous! I'm sure there will be hijinx. Is Jeff Lewis going too?