Thursday, September 18, 2008


We have a running joke in my house, well it's mostly my joke about my boyfriend. He has come to grips with it but initially he wasn't so keen to learn he sucks at multi-tasking. He's an all or nothing sort of guy. I can mostly appreciate it, he is good at whatever he's working at in the moment. Surfing, great - diligent gets up at 5am to drive to Timbuktu. Golf, he buys a book learns to swing. School, he works his ass off in pre-med and gets a 4.0. You get the point. So one day, this was a year or two ago, I was aggravated with him probably that he wasn't paying enough attention to me [the school thing most likely] and I announced at the dinner table that I understood [ok, kind of lying] about whatever I was asking about because he wasn't good at multi-tasking.

What? he said, I am too good at multi-tasking! honey, I'm sorry to say that, that is one thing you can't do. He sort of moped about it for a few days and whenever I would ask him to do something he would come back with "well, I can't right now because I can't multi-task". He finally agreed a few weeks later after thinking about it that I'm right [duhh, women are always right]. He even announced it to a co-worker one day who was chatting with him while he was entering patient information and she asked him something and he didn't respond. He said "well, according to my girlfriend I can't multitask" she laughed and went on her way.

The other night I got a call from him:

Him: Hi honey,
Me: Hi what are you doing?
Him: Well, if you must know I'm multitasking.
Me: really? what are you doing?
Him: Well, I'm talking to you and putting a load of laundry in.
Me: Well now, isn't that impressive.
Him: Yes, sirrie doing both at the same time.
Me: Now, if we can get you to go to school and propose to me - now that would be impressive.
Him: Whoo, now baby steps, I don't think I'm up to that level yet.

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karey m. said...

{gasp!} a wedding! never thought of that!

keep trying to work on the multi-tasking, we'll all wait patiently for richie design to turn into holy shit, richie-bridezilla!