Monday, September 08, 2008

"Don't piss off the mean lady again"

this was labeled "he had cramps" on flickr. about the same seriousness as the kid I yelled at

Mom: Hello

Me: Hey Mom, just called to tell you a funny story. I'm officially old and I've officially become you.

Mom: uh oh. What happened?

Me: Well I was at Target tonight and there was this teenager on one of those disabled scooter-cart things. I ignored him at first but after the second time he crashed into a display I yelled "Where is your mother?" The kid said "Hu?", "I said, where is your mother?"

Just then this giant white trash woman wearing a polyester shirt waddled around the corner and said "what's wrong?" I said "is he suppose to be in one of those things?" She said [defensively] "well, he just sprained his ankle." I said "well, whatever, he's already crashed into two displays"- and I walked away. She yelled at her son and moved on.

So I went along my way, finished my shopping and when I'm ready to leave I'm heading out the door and the littlest of the three fat kids she had with her [about 7] was standing in the middle of the exit. So I stopped, he moved and Just then I could hear the mom behind me say "Johnny, get out of the mean lady's way. She'll yell at you too." Loud enough for me to hear. I ignored it and then she said "She's obviously had a bad day" so I turned around and gave her the dirtiest look I could throw.

Mom: Oh god, you can give a dirty look.

Me: Yes, I am very good at that and proud of it.

Mom: Yup, you've officially become me.


roget' said...

I have seen that look and it is no fun.....

karey m. said...

giant. white trash. woman. polyester. waddled.

the littlest of the three fat kids.

wow. all growns up!

by the way, those are all the very best words in the dictionary. mine, at least.

{and i'm so dumb! i thought your weekend was this past one! was so looking forward to recap and pics!}

Richie Designs said...

ah yes, you did see a few dirty looks from me, roget'