Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It went something like this:


Our pool side drink Absoult Los Angeles [yummy fruity flavor], Diet Squirt and St. Germain. I managed to pack all the alcohol but forgot to pack my clothes hummm imagine that! A quicky run to Target solved that pretty well actually.

pool. we were there all day

me and SGM stuck with SPF 70. Decorno and I Could Kill Her stayed with 30

We watched a little tv and waited for the taxi to come get us here. Then we went to the Viceroy and had very chic drinks by the pool. We're old we were back home by 11:30

The kitchen island became a tray of snacks and drinks. So many carbs so little time.

Then we came back and swam again

One night there was a little bubbly. I think that was the down fall of the radio show actually.

Returning from the Viceroy, Decorno told the taxi cab driver when he asked which house "The Gay One!!!" [she didn't remember that part]

Just in case, keep a bed side snack handy.

The photos really tell the story but all of us had such a great time. Our blind date was a huge hit. It was a great mix of people and we're planning another meet up. I'll let the other girls do the recap of conversations and discussions. I don't think anything was left unturned really or too taboo to discuss.

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SGM said...

The bedside snack! SO funny.

You are dangerous bartender, Richie. Dangerous!