Tuesday, September 30, 2008

but It looked a little like this

We decided not to post photos of ourselves in Palm Springs but I wanted to give you an idea of what it looked like

SGM sort of looks like Nicole Kidman minus the freaky amounts of botox and the crazy ex-husband.

Decorno was a little vixen! SGM and I decided she had the most game of any woman we have ever met. She was especially hilarious with the taxi cab drivers to and from the bar.

Elaine from I Could Kill reminded me of Debra Messing except with blonde hair. We also decided she has the tushie of the Gerber Baby.

And because I want to be her for just one second The actress playing me today is Anne Hathaway in Marchesa if you must. Actually, since I'm picking my moment...can I have it be in about a year when she gets over her horrible ex-boyfriend, yes I think it can!


But I can't tell a lie it wasn't all glamour all the time...There was a little bit of this..

And maybe a little of this...

And possibly one moment of this, but it was none of our faults...it was the Viceroy's fault. Yah! they served us really yummy drinks and kept coming out to check on us at the pool on the giant bed. It was horrible of them really.

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