Thursday, September 11, 2008

Looking forward to...

Two of my favorite singer songwriters have new cd's out next month, and are touring for them. I splurged and got tickets to both.

Rachael Yamagata releases October 7th This song Elephants is from her new release. Someone must have got ahold of the single early and done a little home you tube.

Ray Lamontagne

His first single on itunes is out "you are the best thing" which reminds me of old Marvin Gaye. Looking forward to both.
CD releases October 14. This is song Jolene is from a previous release.


Marni said...

Hi Richie,

Nice to hear that you're a Rachael Yamagata fan.. Thought you might like these:

"Sidedish Friend" Stream:

Album Teaser:



Richie Designs said...

thanks for the links. I've posted the album teaser previously here as well. It's so beautifully done. I've been chomping at the bit for her release since I saw it. It's been so delayed.

thanks for the other link though I haven't heard that song yet.