Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where is your high school crush today?

So has anyone been watching Lipstick Jungle? I thought for sure SGM would be all over this but she hasn't talked about it at all. Well I have and have fallen head over Manolos for Kirby the hottie photographer that has seduced the married 40'ish woman played by Kim Raver.

There is something about him and also the boy [Ben] that use to be on Felicity played by Scott Speedman. That reminds me of the boy I had my biggest crush on all through High School [this is a different one than I've previously embarrassed myself with]- Actually Jr. High too, now that I think about it. "Mike" and I had to sit near each other in many classes through the years because of our last names but that was about as close as he would ever get to me. I wasn't a cheerleader and I wasn't in the right social group to date so I got passed over. And yes, like any good cougar, I've googled him, he lives in Copenhagen now with his beautiful wife and two children, owns a business consulting firm and lectures on world economics or some crap like that, there was even some foundation he started for the needy or something [plueeeze already]. Hey buddy! I'm still here in the LBC, in case you wanna go slummin', you know back at home?

If I really had the balls I would link to him right now so you all could see him [he did pretty damn good with age] but I won't, I'm going to live in my own little fantasy land about what never was. Oh...the good ol' days... lordie... high school was horrid.

So, girls who was your high school crush? and where is he today? Google him now and report back soon.

This is Kirby, telling me how much he adores me while hanging out naked. There were other pictures of him with clothes on but why would I go and do something like that?


SGM said...

I love this post! I had major high school crush. I see him about once a year when I visit my parents and I still get toungue-tied around him!

I have caught bits and pieces of Liptick Jungle and loved what I saw (esp. that dude), but for some reason I never know when it's on or maybe I'm putting kids to bed or ???

Richie Designs said...

tivo would definitely be a blog write off for you dear!

flow said...

omg - i caught 1 episode of Lipstick Jungle and thought it was hilarious. too bad i dont have time to watch tv... :P

my high school crush ended up being the love of my life for 4 yrs before he moved to another country. we still keep in touch now and then ... but more then than now, now that i'm married... haha.

elaine said...

I'm all over Lipstick Jungle. Love it! SGM, when are you going to get TIVO? Seriously.

My high school crush was this dude named Mike Woelfel who was in love with my best friend. I was (as always) the chubby sidekick who watched everyone's purses (and bought all the beer)