Friday, March 21, 2008

Things you don't pay attention to if you don't have kids

I just realized that Sunday is Easter. It's obvious at this point that I'm not a church-goer nor do I have children. My boyfriend brought up the same puzzling thought about the holiday last night. Easter use to be BIG. Not like Santa big, but the Bunny was pretty serious when we were little. We have hardly seen a peep [pun intended] about him on commercials and at the malls [maybe because we don't go]. I miss getting an Easter outfit and new sparkily shoes.

We talked about our family's rituals when we were little. New Easter clothes, egg hunting, some sort of brunch or Linner [early dinner], big long church services for his family [Italian Catholics], his family also did something that perhaps is East Coast? the ladies all got Easter corsages and the guys got boutonnieres. I said really? He said it was something silly like a carnation but even when he was little he got one. The girls thankfully got non-carnation flowers.

Hope you get to have a family celebration this weekend full of candy Marshmellow Peeps the most awesome yet disgusting candy in the world.


SGM said...

That choc bunny joke made me laugh so hard.
We gots the peeps over here. You're not missing much.
(however, knowing how much you love sugar--do I have to remind you of the conversation hearts diarrhea incident?--maybe you are!)

flow said...

Happy Good Friday!
As a church goer and Christian, my Easters are full of family gathers, lots of eggs (LOL) and yes of course, a lot of time remembering the sacrifice of Christ for all of us. Hope you had a great Easter weekend!

Richie Designs said...

ummmmm I loooooove sugar. And no I haven't forgot about my little conversational hearts incident. ughhh