Monday, March 03, 2008

Right Now

• I am still recovering from being in the printing lab for 8 hrs on Saturday. My body hurts, my hands hurt. I will have a new extra large piece to show off soon though - A pair of Kate Spade heels from the last illustration
these are giant though. 18x24" [hey does anyone have a connection to main offices at KS? I'd like to send them one]

• I am wearing my new yellow sweater from JCrew. I feel so sunny.

• I went sort of crazy at the mall yesterday. I'm trying not to feel bad for spending that much money. Paper Source,
JCrew [so many, many cute things]. SKII whitening masks [Unbelievably good]

• I really could use a week or a couple days off to get myself caught up with projects around the house.

• I dreaming of Palm Springs again.

• Did I mention I'm exhausted?


franki durbin said...

Right now I'm loving this post. LOL. It's the perfect blend of fashion, life, mood, activity and desire. I love it. I may have to do one of my own ;)

Richie Designs said...

I gotta say I borrowed the idea from Unruly Things.
She does this about once a week and it's just such a nice way to check in with yourself and also to see what someone else is up do or feeling like.