Monday, March 10, 2008

Someone a little Jelly???

Don't hate me because it's sunny here, I'm fabulous and going to Palm Springs soon. Ok, maybe not so fabulous but just a wee bit FIERCE [ooops sorry about that, I miss Christian].

The real story is that my friend David owns this amazing Mid-Century home in Palm Springs and I'm helping him get the word out about his rental property via the blogging community. There are a few blogging women that are joining me in September for a alcohol filled weekend where we pretend to talk about the state of blogs but we mostly are just going to eat M&M's one after another and keep each other from not barfing from margarita or vodka poisoning.

I will also probably be going out to visit, you know, make sure it's ok for the girls and month. I can't just send my people out there without first giving it a true test now can I? You know, the things I do for you people are so endless but I'm willing to sacrifice myself for you. I'm a GIVER like that.

Here's the brilliant part for everyone else though. David is offering a booking discount/prize [spa maybe?] deal with anyone who books the property through our blogging world. So if you are considering a little VA-K this spring I highly suggest you take him up on this offer.

If you email him he'll give you the full details of your treats and book you in on the weekend or week of your dreams. Email david [at] [put Blogger discount in your heading]. You are welcome to book through his rental agency, but his special price is only available if you contact him directly [really suggest you contact him]. 3beds 2 baths and by the time you split it up between three couples you'll be crying you'll be so happy. You can also visit the full property HERE

bloggers...You are fully welcome to post this special on your own blog should you want to. Please just include David's links ect for people to contact him about the booking special.

Rock on kids - be fierce.

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SGM said...

I am actually looking forward to the barfing part.
Thanks for taking one for the team and checking the place out in advance!