Friday, March 21, 2008

Great Rooms

My Canadian buddy Jen Lee posted a story about designer powerhouse Dee Dee. Along with having a firm [design and building] completely staffed with women [that is so cool] she will be appearing soon on HGTV. Read the full story over at Jen's site.

I was most taken with this photo. Not for the style, it's a little stuffy for my taste but the layout with the banquette on the far wall. I know many places that have a small but odd layout forcing the dining area and living room to be pushed together. This is the most brilliant use of space I've ever seen. Plus we all know how crazed I am about banquettes. I also greatly admire the Notes Chandelier, which DWR use to carry but I'm not seeing it now on their site [you can change out the hanging notes although it's sold with little art pieces if I remember correctly] There is an actual light in the middle.

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flow said...

i really love this image and i agree, that banquette across that entire wall is just stunning and brilliant.