Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gummy Vites & confessions of a big kid

You have probably seen these in your local grocery or Target. Gummy Vites are for kids of course, a bribe of sorts to get extra nutrients into their little bodies.

I hate taking pills, as a child I was very sick with asthma and allergies and at the height of my medication I was taking 12 pills a day to keep myself upright. I avoid pills of any sorts as an adult from this [thankfully I got to ween myself off the others]. Over the years I have had great intentions with vitamins buying them, taking them for a few weeks then letting them sit until they stick together with age.

A few years ago when my best friend was pregnant and overwhelmed with morning sickness her midwife told her about gummy vites. If she took 4 of them a day they would equal her prenatal vitamins and she could trick her body into getting the suckers down.

Score!!! you know I was out the next day buying them for myself and I faithfully remember to take them each morning now too. Since then I have also added Calcium Vites into the mix as well. So yesterday when I was at Costco picking some things up for the office and saw "Omega-3 Gummy Vites" I was thinking right on!! I'll get everything covered off in gummy's I bought the jumbo container to add to my gummy stock.

I cracked the jumbo container open this morning and excitedly popped the first of my "four" this morning and despite the other two tasting yummy this little nugget tasted like ASS wrapped in FISH.

I continued chewing a couple more seconds because I thought it would get better, but it just got more gummy-fish like with every chew. After spitting it out in the sink I had to wash it down with water and a tbsp. of peanut butter. These things are either being passed off to a real kid who can deal with them or they're going in the trash. This was just a bad idea all the way around.

I think I'll stick to my others and a tuna fish sandwich thank you very much. The others I can recommend highly and yes, I have noticed my nails are nice and strong!

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